An Empire As A Betrothal Gift

Author: 浮白曲 (Fú Bái Qū)
Total Chapters: (119)

An Empire As A Betrothal Gift

Author: 浮白曲 (Fú Bái Qū)
Total Chapters: (119)
Schedule: Weekly

Translator: Teo

|‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎Editor: Sahloknir

Schedule: Weekly

Translator: Teo

‎‏‏‎Editor: Sahloknir


Immortal love between two demon-like emperors...

Ji Yue, the emperor of Qin Empire, is a tyrant whose name itself can bring fear to anyone in the seven lands, but there was a charming yet frail person with beautiful features, who dared to act like a tyrant before him.

The young Emperor gazed at the young man who had a type of beauty that could excite any man, and at the cold dagger inches from his neck. The tone he used could freeze the Underworld.

“Wei Lian, do you want to rebel?”

Wei Lian smiled and intimately rubbed his finger against the speaker’s lips. “If you treat me well, I’ll be your Shijun. If you treat me badly, then I will commit regicide.”

— We present this empire as a betrothal gift, would His Majesty consider it?


  1. Had to Act Ruthlessly Towards the Other on the Outside Gong vs Black-bellied腹黑 Slang for outwardly kind but inwardly evil. Two-faced. and Unperturbed Beauty Shou.
  2. Sweet work and not tragedy.
  3. Made up world, imaginary, not historically accurateThe author is putting emphasis on 架空 or a story genre for a type of unrealistic world setting created by the author (breaking the words (架空) down, it means building on top of empty space). Might have been directly translated as ‘overhead’ in the translation community. The author repeated it three times because of a popular internet slang (重要的事情说三遍 ) adopted from Japan (from a medicine commercial) that means ‘important things need to be said three times.’. The dynasty was created by this author, no need for additional research. Pretends to be pig to eat the tiger/ power couple gambles with each other/ fighting alongside/ stay constant until death.

Former Novel Title: I Want to be a Widow Every Day After Marrying a Tyrant 





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    Thank you so much for taking up this project Teo and Sahloknir. You guys are awesome!

    • Sahloknir

      You’re very welcome! We’ve just added another lovely Translator and Editor, so you can expect two chapters a week. Next release is this Wednesday (AEST).

      • Maybe

        Thankyou so much for translating this novel…
        Waiting for more updates. Can’t want to read moreeeeeee

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      Thanks very much for allow us to know this great novel, I love it

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    Ahhh thank you for such a good work on the chapters!! Can’t wait to see more! Do you guys have a posting schedule of some sort? Asking out of curiosity.

    • Sahloknir

      I usually upload on Sunday AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time). At the moment we’re focused on uploading more chapters of Arch Rivals, so Empire (and the other novels on here) are only getting a chapter per week. We will most likely increase the number of chapters for Empire when Arch Rivals is completed. 😉

  3. PantheraDragon

    I really like this story and i was wondering, if you are still updating this story, cause it’s been a while since the last update

    • Sahloknir

      I will be updating tomorrow. Apologies, to readers for not updating and not posting anything… my mother has just passed away after being in palliative care and my Dad was diagnosed with cancer this week…I will be back on top of things as soon as possible! Thank you for being patient. <3

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      Thank you for the kind wishes. Dad is going okay with his cancer treatment so far. New updates on their way today! 😉

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    Estaba leyendo esta historia en otra página pero entro en hiatus, realmente la amo. Gracias por traducirla <3

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