Warning: Sexual references.

“You behave yourself.”

Wei Lian’s consciousness was underwater as his movement was not as sharp. After touching around for a long time, he couldn’t find the sash, but instead, he pulled Ji Yue’s clothes into a mess.

Ji Yue could only tense up his whole body from being ‘teased’ by the youth. He didn’t expect Wei Lian to touch there…His face immediately turned red and...he had a reaction.

He could not be blamed for this. A living and breathing beauty lying on his body, touching and hugging him, no one could withstand it.

“Eh?” Wei Lian tilted his head, somewhat curious. “Why is this place...”

Ji Yue’s eyes darkened. “Wei Lian, get off of us.”

Wei Lian looked at him with his dazed eyes, like he couldn’t comprehend what he just said.

In Ji Yue’s shocked gaze, Wei Lian accurately sent his wandering hand under the hem of the robe and grasped his hardened shaft, murmuring, “Ah, I found it.”


“Wei, Xiao, Lian!” Ji Yue flew into a rage out of humiliation, and his furious eyes glared at the misbehaving young man. “You insolent...”

“Only you are allowed to bully me but I can’t return the favour?” Wei Lian hmphed. “This is my dream and only what I say counts. You behave yourself, Ji Xiao Yue.”

Ji Yue was horrified. “Wake up!”

Goddamn your dreams, this is our palace, our imperial bed!

As Ji Yue was about to push the youth away, Wei Lian moved his hand slightly and brought a light shiver to Ji Yue. In a split second, his breathing deepened somewhat.

Then this unprecedented feeling overflowed in his body, enough to drown people in comfort.

Ji Yue’s sharp eyes tensed slightly as he used the back of his hands to cover his eyes, suppressing the pants and gasps escaped from his throat as he came quickly and without warning—


Ji Yue looked at the beautiful young man on the bed with a complicated expression.

The fair skinned beauty sat on his knees and studied his right hand in awe.

Wei Lian’s fingers were beautiful and slender, each one was perfectly shaped like treasures. But now they were stained with some translucent remains, which Ji Yue took a glance at before turning his head away.

As Ji Yue was about to call a servant to fetch water, the moment he turned his head back, he saw the youth put his fingers near his mouth.

Like a kitten, he stretched out his pink tongue and licked each fingertip clean.

Ji Yue: “...?!”

This was insane.

This was too insane.

Wei Lian was clearly the one who got drunk to the point of delirium, but Ji Yue felt that he was going to die from a different type of drunkenness.

“Wei Lian.” Ji Yue forced himself to calm down and moved forward to clutch the youth’s wrist. “Don’t eat that.”

The young man raised his head slightly, licked up the small trace of stain on his lips and swallowed it.

Ji Yue: “...”

Give him some room to breathe.

He needed to clear his disoriented head.

For the Qin Emperor, who would blush at the sight of those pictures in the holy book, what Wei Lian performed tonight was overly shocking.

He hadn’t yet figured out how to deal with the relationship between Wei Lian and him.

They were more intimate than a simple partner and had less intense emotions than real lovers.

But there was one thing that was undoubtedly true.

Wei Lian was not the same as others.

Ji Yue lowered his eyes.

He did not like this special presence that appeared in his heart.

Weaknesses and vulnerabilities were something he shouldn’t have.

Ji Yue didn’t know what Wei Lian was thinking, but he raised his eyes lazily and gave the older man a critical hit, “Faster than I was. You are so useless.”

Ji Yue was baffled.

The eight words echoed in his head.

Faster than I was. You are so useless.

You are so useless.

So useless.



Ji Yue smiled and showed a stunning expression that could shake anyone’s core, an unworldly beauty.

Wei Lian was indeed different from others.

He knew more than anyone on how to piss people off.

* * *

Before Wei Lian woke up, Ji Yue had thought of eight hundred ways of ‘how to settle the score with Wei Lian once he woke up’.

And when Wei Lian finally woke up—

The young man's eyes were still shrouded with a hangover haze. He stroked his head, looked around, and his expression slowly cleared up.

Finally, he fixed his gaze on Ji Yue.

The two pairs of eyes met.

Wei Lian said calmly, “Good morning, your Majesty.”

Ji Yue gave a smile that didn’t reach his eyes. “It’s not morning, the sky has already turned dark.”

Wei Lian was startled. “This subject seems to have gotten drunk tonight...”

“Have more self-confidence, not ‘seems’.” Ji Yue corrected calmly, “You were so drunk that we carried you back here. Moreover, you were drunk last night.”

Wei Lian: “...”

A glass of wine actually caused him to sleep for a day and a night.

Wine was really not a good thing.

He searched through his memory and found it to be fragmented after finishing the wine last night, and he had no recollection of what happened after that.

He could vaguely remember he dreamed of something, in which he and someone were talking...but in the end, he completely forgot the person and the content of their conversation.

Something very bad happened.

Wei Lian muttered in his head.

Since entering the palace, he seemed to live at ease, but in fact, each of his every movements were within his control. But this day and night of fragmented memories had reached places that were out of his control.

What did he do during this one day and one night?

It was fine if he was only sleeping peacefully, but what he was afraid of the most was causing some trouble after drinking, or revealing things while sleep talking...then that could really be a disaster.

He tried to search for anything on the Emperor’s face, but the man appeared like his usual flawless self.

Wei Lian asked without batting an eyelid, “Did this subject fail to show proper etiquette before the Imperial Court?”

Ji Yue laughed with a meaning hard to grasp.

Not only did you fail proper etiquette, what you did was borderline rebellious.

Not only did you call us by our taboo name, but also spilled out the regicide word, pressing us down despite our warning, and dare to start calling us useless after committing these crimes.

Dying a thousand times would not be enough for all the crimes listed above.

Ji Yue had long thought that if Wei Lian woke up, he would list all the things the young man had done while he was drunk and he could decide for himself how to be punished.

When Wei Lian was clear-headed, he was calm and collected with a strong mind, as if nothing could defeat him. Ji Yue really wanted to see how he would deal with such a situation.

But against the youth’s gentle and calm expression, Ji Yue flattened his lips and suddenly lost such interest.

He knew how difficult it would be for a person to remain unmoving and powerful.

Last night, during Wei Lian’s drunkenness, he weakly leaned in Ji Yue’s arms, muttering ‘I don’t like pain’ quietly with a child-like vulnerability.

It was enough to soften anyone's heart.

This noble and proud Gongzi was gentle as jade, as if he had fallen into the mud and had been polished thoroughly smooth by the sophistication of the world. But there was still lingering frivolous youthful energy deep into his bones, which were his unsharpened edges around his corners. He too still had this childish innocence, a pure side of him he refused to let go.

Ji Yue appreciated Wei Lian’s pride, so there was no reason for him to break the young man’s dignity and force him to do something so submissive.

“No.” Ji Yue replied after a long time while leaning on one side.

“You've been sleeping until now.”

It was better for Wei Lian to forget about this. Ji Yue thought.

But he would not take back his words that were not a lie.

Authors Corner

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Happy New Year’s Day and keep up the good work in the new year!

It just so happens that our Wei Xiao Lian and Ji Xiao Yue are also going to celebrate with joy!



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