“Did you hear that? He wants you to give it a try.”

In this public place under numerous people’s eyes, Ji Yue did his utmost to control his urge to rush down there and assist the young man up himself. He dismissed calmly, “Granted.”

But anyone could see that the Qin Emperor sat up straighter.

From the moment the young man entered the hall, he was completely in the arrogant Emperor’s eyes.

Wei Lian nodded, “Thank you, your Majesty.”

He got up and was only a short distance from Princess Chonghua. With the two side by side, the contrast was even more obvious.

In terms of appearance, Princess Chonghua was by no means just a false name. She had a charm that captivated even the birds and beasts as it exceeded even that of the natural world. While Wei Lian was like his courtesy name, a child gifted with splendid future prospects. He possessed graceful beauty. Simply, the two had their own merits.

However, in terms of presence, Wei Lian was far above the other’s league.

One was a cultivated rich and delicate flower, whose every move was deliberately guided by countless teachings, like a piece of exquisitely hand-crafted porcelain. This appearance alone could obtain anyone’s praise, but when it was compared to a naturally formed jade, they would only be overshadowed.

This was their current situation. Taking a glance at Wei Lian’s style, and now back to seeing the shocking Princess Chonghua from before, it was no longer the same.

It was just that there were more men present. Not all of them were attracted to the same gender. The majority of them were enchanted by the Princess's portrait, while seeing Wei Lian only brought surprise and admiration.

Besides, Wei Lian belonged to his Majesty, who would dare to be so delusional?

There were also many people who had seen Wei Lian’s portrait, now seeing the man in person, they only found that the painting was not exaggerated at all.

Actually, even more good-looking than the painting.

No wonder his Majesty was captivated.

Ji Yue voiced, “Sit beside us.”

How dare he let Wei Lian stand? Ji Yue’s soul almost flew off when Wei Lian knelt down!

Without further delay, Wei Lian picked up his feet and went forward and sat down next to Ji Yue.

The huge throne was padded and had enough space to accommodate two people. With his Guijun title, no one found this weird, only that his Majesty is really fond of Lian Gongzi.

“Why would we blame Wei Lang? We are filled with immense joy from you being here.” Ji Yue said this loudly first before lowering his voice, “Why are you here?”

Wei Lian covered his lower face with his sleeve and brought the wine cup close to his lips without drinking it, he replied in a whisper, “If I don’t come, my husband might be seduced by another woman.”

...That was not true.

He naturally believed in Ji Yue staying faithful to him and that he would not be moved by some princess, he just wanted to enjoy watching the bustling scene.

It was rare for the palace to be so lively. It would be a waste and too boring for him to stay in Zhongling Palace alone.

Ji Yue’s heart was tickled by the ‘husband’ address and then immediately set his reputation right. “We are not interested in that woman.”

Wei Lian looked at him, eyes smiling. “That’s why I didn’t gouge out your eyes.”

He said it in a joking manner, but his serious eyes said otherwise.

If the Qin Emperor was really interested in the princess, he would gouge out the other’s eyes even at the cost of his life.

Wei Lian already gave away his body, he already conceded to this man. In the past, he did not care what Ji Yue did, but from now on, he would not allow the other man to like anyone else.

His thinking was that if it was not easy to occupy a person’s heart for a long time, then wouldn’t killing that person be easier?

Wei Lian was never a generous individual.

Seeing that Wei Lian was going to drink the wine, Ji Yue hurriedly held down the younger man’s wrist and ordered, “You’re not allowed to drink.”

Wei Lian stared at him.

Ji Yue said, “We will have someone bring a jar of vinegar, enough to quench your thirst.”

For Wei Lian to push himself to come here, he must have been jealous when he heard that the Yan Empire was going to offer their princess.

Ji Yue’s heart was aching, as well as full of subtle happiness.

It was clear that Wei Lian cared for him.

Wei Lian put down his wine cup and said with a smile, “This subject does not like the taste of vinegar.”

So you’d better get rid of that princess.

Ji Yue pressed his fist against his lips. “We know.”

Princess Chonghua watched the two people on the throne act as though there was nobody else present, talking so intimately that nothing could come between them. The dignified smile on her face almost faltered.

As someone who was the moon that the stars cup themselves around her whole life, she had never been ignored like this!

Who was this man that suddenly appeared out of nowhere?

Princess ChonghuaThis Princess likes to speak about herself in third person. uttered a timely sentence and drew the hall’s attention back to herself. “Chonghua is willing to offer a dance for your Majesty, wishing your Majesty great fortune and peace for the Qin Empire and its people.”

Ji Yue wanted to say ‘No need, remove yourself at once, if Wei Xiao Lian is unhappy seeing you, we feel vexed seeing your face.’ Yet, Wei Lian calmly said before him, “Let her dance.”

Ji Yue instantly changed his words, “Granted.”

Princess Chonghua breathed a sigh of relief when she heard the Qin Emperor grant her request.

Looking at the Qin Emperor’s indifferent attitude earlier, she thought the other party would not give her this honour.

She made an eye signal, and suddenly the music stopped. The musicians brought from the Yan Empire entered the stage. Some carried pipas, some guqinsWhat our gorgeous Lan Zhan plays., others held a bamboo flute horizontallyOn the left is Lan Xichen with a 'Xiao flute' on the right we have Wei Wuxian with the flute mentioned - a horizontally played bamboo flute., as well as holding a konghou箜篌 Essentially known as the Chinese harp. Below is musician Wu Lin from the China National Traditional Orchestra with a Konghou., a special instrument native only to the Yan Empire, all of them ready to play music.

Wei Lian’s eyes stopped on the last instrument for a moment, a large instrument with over thirty strings stretched from top to bottom.

Princess Chonghua was ready with her poses.

As the music returned, the woman on the stage began to dance.

Her clothes fluttered with each of her graceful movements.

From time to time, she deliberately circled around Ji Yue and tossed out her water sleeves水袖 Sleeves with white silk extensions to the cuff. See image below:. Her eyes shone lovingly, desiring to welcome yet twirling her sleeve in rejection.

Like a fairy descending from Guanghan Palace廣寒宮 A legendary palace on the moon..

Almost everyone was absorbed in her elegant dance.

Ji Yue turned his head from the start of the show and whispered to the young man beside him.

Why was there a need for him to watch this so-called fairy?

The real immortal figure had already been plucked by him to this world.

“What do you think? Are you interested in her dancing?” Ji Yue’s tone was sour.

Wei Lian replied, “I’m not interested. I am only curious about the Yan Empire’s instrument.”

Wei Lian was proficient in rhythm and a master in a variety of musical instruments, but he was not a master of all. There were bound to be musical tools that he had never used before.

What was the harm of listening to foreign music?

The dance was just complementary.

If Princess Chonghua knew the priority of her dance in Wei Lian’s mind, she would be furious and immediately call it quits.

The best way to fight back was not tooth for tooth, but complete disregard for her existence.

There was no need for people to argue with air.

Ji Yue was speechless.

“Is there any discomfort to your body?” Ji Yue rebuked softly, “We told you to rest, but you just don’t listen to our words.”

Ji Yue was angry, and the consequences were serious.

He had been worrying about Wei Lian’s body all day, while Wei Lian did not care for his health one bit.

Wei Lian replied, “It doesn’t hurt.”

Ji Yue stated unhappily, “You don’t have to put on an act.”

He was afraid that Wei Lian was saying this while enduring the physical discomfort. He asked the imperial physician and read many books. Wei Lian must not be feeling very well at the moment.

Not just Wei Lian, Ji Yue was also hurting at the beginning. Wei Lian was so tight around him that he almost surrendered right away.

Fortunately, it was a close call, otherwise he would not have the face to meet the younger man.

Ji Yue asked again, “Did you apply the ointment?”

Wei Lian: “...”

What use did he have for that? His body was too durable to get hurt from that little thing.

The longer Ji Yue saw his silence, the more unhappy he became. “Wei Xiao Lian, have you learned to forget obedience and dismiss our order in secret? You were unable to get up due to the pain earlier today and to neglect your body at the turn of your head?”

That’s what I’m good at.

Wei Lian was hopeless. “I am really all right...”

“Since you are fine—” Ji Yue flattened his lips and snorted coldly. “Then let’s continue tonight.”

Wei Lian: “?!”

If they really continued, then he really had something to say!

Ji Yue should not be called Qin Emperor, he should be called Beast King.

Wei Lian made a split second decision. Changing his appearance to one that was feeble and muttering, “It still hurts...but I am too shy to touch that place...”

Ji Yue finally understood.

So it turned out the other was too shy.

Ji Yue softened his expression. “Why didn’t you say so? If you are too shy to do the task, then we will help you.”

Wei Lian had a bad feeling.

Help him with what?

Ji Yue saw the question marks written all over the younger man’s face and clarified kindly, “Help you apply the ointment.”


He refused, he did not want it, he couldn’t.

Just at the thought of that, he would be too embarrassed that he wanted to die.

Before Wei Lian could think out a way to refuse, the music in the hall had stopped.

Princess Chonghua’s dance was over.

Many people had not come to their senses yet, still immersed in her dance.

But Ji Yue and Wei Lian did not look at her from beginning to end.

Until Li Fuquan reminded, “Your Majesty, Princess Chonghua has finished her dance.” Ji Yue finally moved his attention back to the court.

However, only just to throw out one simple word, “Dismissed.”

Not even a full sentence.

Let along a compliment on the performance.

Bitterness flashed through Princess Chonghua’s eyes and she knew she had lost face. Fortunately, she remembered that this was a dignified setting and did not shed tears. She just bowed down on her knees with grievances and took her seat quietly.

This scene of a beautiful woman trying to endure grievances and hold back her tears actually caused many people distress.

It immediately moved Huyan Kemu’s heart, with a feeling like love.

Of course, as the most amorous prince in his empire, Princess Chonghua may as well be the hundredth woman that Huyan Kemu fell in love with.

The last one was Myrna, who was sitting by him.

Beautiful ladies should be cherished by others and no one should make them cry. This was the most firm belief for the prince.

Although whenever he ‘fell in love’ with a new girl, the old girl he abandoned always cried miserably.

But he was still a good man.

That was how Huyan Kemu thought of himself.

Right now, his love was towards Princess Chonghua. The moment the princess took off her veil, she had captured his heart, and that dance also made his heart pound rapidly.

Now his beloved girl was bullied by the Qin Emperor, it was unacceptable.

However, even though he cursed the Qin Emperor for his ignorance, He did not dare to confront the man himself directly.

But he could teach the man beside the Qin Emperor a lesson.

It was that male pet who took all of the Qin Emperor’s attention and made the princess get the cold shoulder. He would teach that male pet a lesson for the princess’s sake.

As a iron-steel straight man, even if Wei Lian looked the same as an immortal deity, Huyan Kemu developed no feelings towards him. He only knew that this young man with a pretty face was the Qin Emperor’s male pet, just a plaything.

There was no way that the Qin Emperor would break the relationship with the Chen Empire because of a plaything. Although his empire was the conquered party, they were not without strength.

In fact, Huyan Kemu had been dissatisfied with the Qin Emperor for a long time. This man attacked Chen at the age of sixteen, while at that time, he was only thirteen years old. He always blamed his father’s incompetence for the Chen Empire’s defeat.

Now he had grown up, and was like a newborn calf who was not afraid of the tiger. He had always felt that he was on equal ground with the Qin Emperor and was not afraid to provoke the other at this state banquet.

“We children born on the grassland grew up on horseback, even my seven year old sister, Huyan Yuya, could also ride a pony on the grassland.” Huyan Kemu suddenly cupped his hands and said, “With the Qin Empire’s vast territory with abundant resources and outstanding individuals, I assumed that there would be other heroes. Now, there is a fierce heavenly horse that no one could tame. That was why we paid tribute with this precious chestnut horse, hoping to see someone tame it.”

Ji Yue asked lazily, “How is this difficult?”

He tamed countless fierce horses, what was there for him to fear from this chestnut horse?

“Your Majesty is famous all over the world. It is natural that this horse is nothing too difficult for your Majesty.” Huyan Kemmu was not willing to forgive. “But there are many capable people in the Qin Emperor’s court. Anyone your Majesty randomly picked should be able to tame the horse. Why is there a need for your Majesty to do it himself? In my honest opinion, why don’t we let the man beside your Majesty give it a try?”

Wei Lian stopped what he was doing and smiled at the corner of his lips, interested.

Tsk, I see, he is targeting me.

Ji Yue was quiet for a moment before saying to Li Fuquan, who was serving him from the side, “Did you hear that? He wants you to give it a try.”

Li Fuquan: “???”



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