“Take it to gift it to you.”

Wei Lian lowered his eyes. “Hmm.”

You can give me your life.

But I don’t want it.

You can just give me the antidote! Do I have to bring it up myself!!!

Wei Lian almost wanted to grab a certain someone’s shoulder, shaking and yelling. 

Ji Yue, wake up. You know what I want most. 

“Let’s head back.” Wei Lian let go of him. “The medical officer should have finished checking.”

Ji Yue nodded. 

The two returned to Ningyue Tower again, and the other envoys gathered again to wait for the inspection results. 

Princess Chonghua’s body had been moved to her chamber for examination. Not the anteroom, but the atmosphere in the room was still heavy. 

The two female medical officers came out from within with a look of horror on their faces. 

They first saluted Ji Yue. The older officer hesitated, “Your Majesty, could the others be dismissed for this?”

Huyan Kemu began to shout again, “How could the information not be appropriate for our ears?”

Ji Yue said in an indifferent voice, “No harm in speaking forthrightly.”

The female medical officer hesitated for a moment and shared, “There are indeed green marks on Princess Chonghua…”

Kuyan Kemu immediately went ahead of himself, “It is really you southern barbarian’s doing! You even planned to brush this off using underhanded means, truly—”

“But it was not caused by poisoning.” The female medical officer then added the next part, “They were…passion marks.”

The crowd: “!!!”


What’s with this new revelation???

The other female medical officer included afterward, “Princess Chonghua is no longer a virgin.”

The Yan Empire representative’s vision turned dark as he almost fainted. 

He cried out in great sorrow, “What sin did our Princess do to suffer such unexpected disasters? Which debauched lecher dared to lust after and defile our Princess, then silence her afterward!”

When he said this, he seemed to believe that the murderer was a lecherous man. Who saw her beauty, and forced himself on the Princess first and then killed her. 

Everyone’s eyes immediately turned to Huyan Kemu, who had been the most vocal. 

The Princess was extremely beautiful, she captured not a small amount of hearts, most of them harbouring impure intentions but without the criminal courage. They only dared to fantasise it in their heart, and not put it into action. 

Only two people present were the most suspected. Yollıg Dan, Prince of the Lu Empire, and Huyan Kemu, Prince of the Chen Empire, both showed interest in Princess Chonghua. 

Previously, they also fought in the palace to compete for Myrna’s affections. Although she told them she was only ‘playing around and her offer was fake’, it could not erase the fact that they covet after beauty. 

In the event of Princess Chonghua, Yollıg Dan was much more low-key. Except for his long attention to her at the banquet, there was no other superfluous action. However, Huyan Kemu burnt with anxiety as he showed great concern for Princess Chonghua. 

So as soon as the female medical officer finished their finding, Huyan Kemu immediately became the biggest suspect. 

But wasn’t he the one who shouted about catching the killer from the start?

Did he jump the highest from guilt or to divert attention from him?

Huyan Kemu's face stiffened before it turned to anger. “What is everyone looking at me for! I didn’t do it! I have been with everyone an hour before her death at the horse course. How could I have the time to stop by Ningyue Tower!”

The female medical officer ruthlessly pointed out, “Princess Chonghua’s poison indeed acted within an hour, but this subject is afraid that the bedroom activity was two hours before her death.”

By implication, his words did not prove that he was not the murderer. 

Huyan Kemu instantly glared in anger, “What do you mean?”

The female medical officer answered calmly, “This subject is only seeking truth from facts.”

Physician Wang asked, “Are there any other green marks on the princess?”

This was the key to prove when Princess Chonghua was poisoned. 

The female medical officer replied, “It is hard to judge accurately. But as it is now, there aren’t.”

This showed that consuming the poison was still the most likely cause. 

“What did she eat today? Who came to Ningyue Tower two hours ago?” Wei Lian asked. 

The female medical officer answered, “This subject would have to ask the maid who serves Princess Chonghua.”

Ji Yue asked, “Where is the maid?”

Li Fuquan whispered, “She was just killed by you.”

Ji Yue: “...”

Impulsiveness was a devil. 

But he did not regret it. 

She deserved to die for slandering and cursing Wei Lian like that. 

Just thinking of her transgressing in her words, even if the maid from the Yan Empire was alive now, she most likely knew very little of the matter. 

Wei Lian ordered, “Send a message to the imperial kitchen’s internal management, as well as the imperial chef who prepared the meals for Ningyue Tower today.”

The food in the palace was prepared by the imperial kitchen. It was the best place to start to learn what Princess Chonghua ate.

Soon, the imperial kitchen manager and imperial chef were gathered as well as several cooks in charge of the day’s meal for Ningyue Tower. 

The trembling Wang Shou was also present. 

The imperial kitchen manager fearfully reported the meal that was sent to Ningyue Tower. Princess Chonghua had lost her appetite since she was ill and did not eat much in the last two days, so checking it was easy. 

According to the report, there was nothing suspicious. 

Wang Shou suddenly spoke up, “This servant did not report one thing. At noon today, Prince Huyan came to the imperial kitchen and had us send a cup of horse milk wine to Ningyue Tower in exchange for a large sum of money. He even told us not to inform the Princess.”

Accepting bribes was a serious matter. Now that Princess Chonghua was dead, the manager did not dare to share it. 

But Wang Shou understood that it would have to be found out sooner or later even if they did not say it. The Princess found the horse milk wine stank with an animal odour. She only took a mouthful before leaving it on the table. The leftovers were still sitting in the imperial kitchen. 

It was a capital crime not to report it. 

Besides, if this matter was not found out, Wei Gongzi would have to take the blame. Wang Shou regarded Wei Lian as his saviour, and he could not sit idly by while watching and do nothing. 

As soon as Wang Shou shared this, everyone’s sight on Huyan Kemu became more strange. 

Myrna applauded sarcastically. “What an amazing play you have set up. Your performance was spot on, I almost believed you. After this long disturbance, it turned out her death was still by your hands.”

Huyan Kemu’s face was livid. “So what if I sent it?!”

Myrna gasped, “Did you just admit it?”

“I sent the wine, but I did not poison the wine!” Huyan Kemu’s tone became more irritable. “Yes, I have feelings towards the Princess. So what if I gave her a cup of wine? Didn’t I give you one as well!”

But the wine he sent was directly dumped on the ground by Myrna in public. 

Upon hearing this, Aslan’s face turned gloomy. 

“Then why didn’t you send it to her in person? Why did you go out of your way to bribe the imperial kitchen handsomely for them to send your gift as well as not name you?” Myrna sneered, “From what I see, you are obviously guilty!”

“Why didn’t I give it to her in person? Because she wouldn’t accept it. So I came up with this method!”

Princess Chonghua only had eyes for the Qin Emperor. Why would she pay mind to Huyan Kemu who was a simple minded brute? She returned everything he sent. On the surface she was reserved, but underneath that pretty skin, it was all disdain. 

Huyan Kemu was unambiguous in the pursuit of beauty. Even if he knew that the person was presented  to the Qin Emperor, he still wanted to steal her away and tried his best to please Princess Chonghua, but throughout the whole process, he did not gain a single inch of her good grace. 

Myrna mocked, “So hatred was born from your love, and you raped her first before killing her?”

Huyan Kemu bellowed, “You!”

Wei Lian asked, “Is there any horse milk wine left?”

Wang Shou answered, “Yes.”

“Bring it forward and let the physician examine it.”

When the horse milk wine was presented, Physician Wang and Physician Wu tested and confirmed there was a problem with the wine. 

Myrna was eager to prove the Liang Empire’s innocence and went to test the wine. After the test, it showed that there were indeed traces of chi yan in the wine. 

Now everything seemed to be clear. 

Huyan Kemu lusted after Princess Chonghua, and when he failed to get her, he decided to end her, or possibly, make it more like a conspiracy to provoke disputes between several empires. It was killing two birds with one stone. 

He bribed the imperial chef with a large sum of money to give the poisoned wine to Princess Chonghua, as well as secretly sneaked into Ningyue Tower to force himself on her. Princess Chonghua only drank one mouthful of wine. The poison did not activate immediately, but she could not escape death. 

To suffer such humiliation before one’s death. 

Maybe Princess Chonghua did pass away suddenly after drinking it, Huyan Kemu could still defile the corpse. 

What else would he not do?

“How will you explain yourself now?” Myrna asked. 

Huyan Kemu challenged, “This is slander!”

“There is both witnesses and physical evidence, and you dare to say slander?! First you slandered Wei Gongzi then my Liang Empire. You are just accusing anyone that moves!” Myrna said, “Your Majesty, please punish him severely!”

Ji Yue ordered calmly, “Take him to jail.”

Huyan Kemu shouted in a frightened voice, “I didn’t! Your Majesty! I didn’t do this!”

The Chen Empire envoys were also surprised and as they were about to speak, Ji Yue said, “Imprison the Chen Empire envoys together to await sentencing.”

The two orders directly declared the destruction of the Chen Empire. 

Ji Yue turned a deaf ear to their cries of injustice and had the guards drag them out. Then he said, “Prepare a coffin. Princess Chonghua’s body will remain in Ningyue Tower for the time being, and be taken back to the Yan Empire for burial after the envoys leave.”

So far, this seemed to be the best solution. 

Detaining the Chen Empire’s envoys could even be used as an explanation to the Yan Empire. The rest of the envoys dispersed as this farce seemed to be over. 

Once the duo were out of Ningyue Tower, Ji Yue ordered the palace workers not to follow them. He walked with Wei Lian to a deserted and remote location. 

Wei Lian said, “It is not necessarily him.”

“Wrong.” Ji Yue glanced at him. “It is not him.”

Once the horse milk wine incident happened, he not only determined that Huyan Kemu was not the murderer, but he was removed as one possible option. 

After the Prince’s display these days, they basically determined that Huyan Kemu was all brawn and had no brain. All his emotions were written on his face and his acting skills were non-existent. 

When it was confirmed that he was the murderer, the shock and anger on his face were not an act. 

Only people being wrongfully accused would show such an expression. 

Wei Lian smirked. “Then why did you still put the person in prison? Discriminating against someone is not the good emperor's way.”

“He has repeatedly caused trouble for you, what was wrong feeding him prison food for a few days?” Ji Yue said, “We have wanted to punish him for a long time now.”

Now that he finally found such a reason—thanks to those people behind the scene for their trouble. 

Wei Lian stopped and said, “You have taken all of the Chen Empire envoys into custody and are already destroying their reputation. Are you not afraid of war?”

Ji Yue samiled. “If there is a war, shouldn’t they be afraid of us?”

The Qin Emperor is an invincible god of war. 

“The real culprit provoked the incident just to make the Qin Empire lose its strength again before things had settled down.” A trace of madness was visible on Ji Yue’s chilling face. “Since he wants to cause chaos from having too much time on his hands, what is wrong with us granting his wish? Even if he is not afraid of bringing mayhem to the world, he still has to go through us, as everything under heaven is for us to take.”

Wei Lian asked casually, “Take it for what reason?”

Ji Yue also answered off-handedly, “Take it to gift it to you.”

Wei Lian glanced at him and suddenly said, “Everything in that sentence is a lie.”

I don’t want the Jiangshan, I just want you to give me the antidote. 

You are still wary of me so far, how should I then trust you completely?

Ji Yue was startled, “...Ah?”

Wei Lian flattened his lips and suddenly became very angry. He turned and left while tucking his hands into his sleeves. 

Ji Yue: “???”

He stood in a daze for a while before pulling out a small porcelain bottle with blue flower patterns.

The white jade porcelain bottle contained the temporary antidote that must be taken once every half a month, while the one with blue flower patterns contains the true antidote.

He wanted to give the other the antidote…

When Wei Lian hugged him and said, ‘I don’t want your life’, Ji Yue really planned to give his life completely to Wei Lian.

…But why did Wei Lian leave?

Oh well, it would be the same to give him this at night.

Thinking of this, he helplessly shook his head before storing the bottle.

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