“Hurt me.”

Volume Three: [Serenade of Peaceful Joy]

Double Third Festival, the third day of the third month. At this time, all the girls were out of their chambers and homes for an outing by the water. Among the commoners, this was also a grand festival in the year. 

However, for royalty and ministers, the most important activity in this month was not a spring outing, but the annual spring hunt. 

In the early part of the third month every year, his Majesty would lead all civil and military officials to hunt in the hunting grounds on the outskirts of the city. Noblemen would show off two of their six arts of nobleman, scholars would also do the same, and the military leaders were even more valiant. Each of them wanted to make a profit every year. Whoever hunted the most prey would be rewarded by his Majesty.

Even better if they capture His Majesty’s attention, as it was a sign of a very smooth future career. 

Therefore, countless young talents in Yongping began to prepare half a year before the event, practising riding and archery in order to seize this opportunity. 

Spring hunting was a tradition handed down by the Qin Empire’s ancestors. The whole event, including the journey, would take half a month. In the past, every emperor would bring one or two favoured noble consorts to serve in his tent at night. 

In previous years, Ji Yue did not take anyone for obvious reasons. Now, it was different. He has one, Wei Lian. 

* * *

The group set off at the Double Third Festival. Along the way, they passed many groups of outing girls, who looked at them curiously but were blocked by imperial guards from approaching any further. 

The girls gathered together and whispered. 

“Look, this group is from the palace!”

“Why am I not seeing his Majesty? Last year, I saw his Majesty riding on the snow, looking very handsome and valiant. I want to see that image again this year.”

“I wonder who is in that carriage? So imposing looking with all the bodyguards surrounding it in the front and back.”

“I think it should be the legendary Lian Gongzi? My elder brother met him once at the banquet in the palace. After he returned, he spent the whole day talking to me about how he had never seen such an immortal-like being in his life.”

“Why do I not see General Xie this year…”

“You foolish girl. General Xie was sent by his Majesty to attack the Chen Empire!”

* * *

In the spacious and comfortable carriage, Wei Lian leaned against Ji Yue and ate melon seeds, very pleased. 

The whole staff usually rode to the hunting ground. Based on Wei Lian’s ‘wonderful’ horse riding performance last time, he made a decisive move that fitted his persona. 

“Riding horses is so tiring. I am afraid to fall down as well.” Wei Lian, an expert in horse training, said. 

Inside, Ji Yue was muttering about how he would not believe in this outrageous lie, on the outside, he ordered someone to prepare a luxury carriage. 

The prior dynasties all had their noble consorts also travel in carriages. No one wouldl object to Wei Lian taking one as well. 

Before leaving, Ji Yue picked up the curtain and got into the carriage to ride with Wei Lian.

Wei Lian said in surprise, “What are you doing here instead of riding your horse?”

Ji Yue replied, “Staying with you.”

Wei Lian’s eyes lit up. “Then you came just in time.”

The corner of Ji Yue’s lips raised up, treating it as if Wei Lian missed him just as much, where each moment that they were separated was unbearable. 

Wei Lian continued, “Help me peel melon seeds.”

Ji Yue: “...”

Are you treating us like a servant boy?

Ji Yue maintained his straight face. “You can keep yourself fed and clothed.”

Wei Lian blinked. “Just help a little.”

Ji Yue tried to maintain the majesty of the emperor. “We would rather jump off the carriage than do this for you. Don’t even think about it—”

Two soft lips pressed against his own. 

Ji Yue’s words immediately disappeared. 

The young man leaned over with his eyelids lowered. His slender and delicate eyelashes gently tickled Ji Yue’s face, sending tingling to his heart. 

Ji Yue’s eyes darkened and his Adam’s apple bobbed.

Outside the carriage, the scenery along the road changed. The crowd was bustling with activity, discussing spiritedly in a frenzy.  

Inside the carriage, the young man in black clothes turned from passive to active behaviour as he kissed the other man breathlessly by clasping the back of the young man’s head.

Ji Yue did not let Wei Lian go until he was kissed red and weakly leaned in the older man’s arms. 

The satisfied Ji Yue was in a good mood as he began to peel melon seeds for Wei Lian. 

Wei Lian used Ji Yue’s shoulder as a pillow and munched on the seeds that Ji Yue hand fed him from time to time. 

In the whole world, probably no second person dared to use the Qin Emperor’s shoulder as a pillow and more so on eating the melon seeds peeled by the Qin Emperor himself. 

No second person had this honour. 

It was a long journey. The excitement from the beginning faded as boredom started to come from sitting in the carriage. Gradually, Wei Lian’s chewing slowed down as he mouth and tongue felt dry.

He lowered his head and sleepiness appeared in his eyes. 

In order to start on time, they got up early today and he was starting to feel a little tired. 

Ji Yue poured him some water. “Sleep if you are sleepy, we will wake you up.”

Wei Lian mumbled out an affirmative response, drank the tea, tilted his head back on Ji Yue’s shoulder, closed his eyes and fell asleep in a moment. 

Seeing the younger man sleeping deeply, Ji Yue softened his breathing a little. 

* * *

The road was bumpy, and the carriage would judder from pebbles from time to time, which caused the people inside to shake. Wei Lian almost fell off Ji Yue’s shoulder several times. Fortunately, Ji Yue was ready and kept Wei Lian in place firmly, so the sleeping man would not bump into the small table with melon seeds and fruit on top. 

He put great care in securing the younger man’s sleep. 

When Wei Lian slid down again, Ji Yue fished the man back up. Feeling like he was at his wits end and the slight soreness on his shoulder, he might as well let the younger man sleep on his lap. At this moment, the hunting party was out of Yongping, bringing silence and coolness from the trees’ shade.. 

Ji Yue pulled out a tiger skin blanket and covered Wei Lian to prevent the sleeping man from catching a cold. 

With Wei Lian on Ji Yue’s lap, marks began to form on one side of his cheek, looking like he had been bullied. His white as snow complexion was dusted with pink, as if peach blossoms landed on his cheek. It was indescribably beautiful. 

Ji Yue was captivated for a long time. Unable to hold back his urge, he leaned down and kissed the young man’s forehead.

Too cute. Must kiss at least once. 

But who knew that as he was sitting back up, a sudden noise outside made Wei Lian’s ear twitch and woke the sleeping man up immediately. 

Those beautiful eyes opened, seeing Ji Yue by his face as soon as he woke up. 

Wei Lian: “...”

Ji Yue: “...”

Wei Lian straightened up, seeing he was covered in a blanket and asking hesitatingly, “Did you just…”

Ji Yue instantly denied, “We did not kiss you.”

Wei Lian: “...”

All right, that man revealed what he intended to hide again. 

“Why are you being all secretive?” Wei Lian kissed him on the cheek without hesitation. “I am up. Is it dawn yet?”

Black lines黑線 Commonly found in anime or manga that show all sorts of negative feelings.
Angy Wei Ying for reference — often the lines replace facial features, but your editor couldn't find one. 🙁
appeared on Ji Yue’s face.

Wei Lian slept to the point of losing time. 

“No.” Ji Yue replied, “It is evening.”

Outside the curtain, Li Fuquan said, “Your Majesty, the journey to the hunting ground is completed.”

“We are here.” Ji Yue took his head and said, “Let’s get off.”

After getting off the carriage, the magnificent and charming Emperor stood side by side with the peerlessly handsome Gongzi, and immediately created gorgeous scenery. 

Several ministers accidentally glanced at the red marks on Wei Lian’s face, quickly moving their eyes away before they took a closer look. 

Thinking about how his Majesty always travelled on horseback, but this year he stayed in the carriage with Lian Gongzi…They must have tangled inside of the carriage, right?

That sounded very stimulating...No, that was supposed to be inappropriate! 

Of course, no one dared to voice it. 

Wei Lian subdued the chestnut horse and slapped the Chen Empire in the face, which attracted a wave of favourable opinions from the Qin Empire. 

However, he was still someone from the Chu Empire at the bottom line, as well as a male pet in the eyes of everyone. The former was hostile and the latter was frivolous. Prejudice would not be eliminated so fast. 

Wei Lian did not care what others thought of him. 

All he cared about was what Ji Yue thought. 

It was late on the first day, so what they did mainly was to set up camp and eat dry rations. Once the hunt officially started tomorrow, they could look forward to roasted game.

There was no need for Ji Yue to set up his tent himself. 

A’Meng followed the party along the way. Now he was excitedly racing from east to west and back from west to east on the field. 

The dog was so joyful as if he was about to fly into the sky. 

Ji Yue took the mastiff dog with him every spring hunt. Compared with being carefully fed in the palace, the dog preferred to run wildly in the vast mountains and forests and hunt with its owner. 

People still hold freedom in esteem, especially for animals that kept their wild nature.

Xiao Bai and Xiao Hong were also here. Xiao Bai is Ji Yue’s war horse, a valid reason. This would be Xiao Hong’s first time participating. 

But there was little chance that Xiao Hong would be put to use. Wei Lian had just learned horse riding, as well as being blind when it came to archery, so riding and shooting were even more impossible. 

As a horse for Wei Lian, a good-for-nothing, Xiao Hong could only be forced to carry the same label. 

In Ji Yue’s words, the horse was brought along to see the world. 

* * *

The guards were very efficient, setting up tents for the Emperor and other noble members very quickly. Wei Lian, as Guijun, naturally got his own tent. 

However, Ji Yue said Wei Lian did not need it because they would be staying together. 

Everyone showed expressions of tacit mutual understanding. 

For Guijun…They all knew he had to serve the Emperor at night. 

Even Li Fuquan thought so as he secretly stuffed a tube of ointment into Wei Lian’s hand as well as informing him to smooth out the marks on his face. The eunuch even advised him to save some ointment for later use. It was less convenient being out here half a month. He must take care of his body or else this half a month would be hard to endure being tossed and turned fiercely. 

As soon as Wei Lian heard this, he knew the other had misunderstood and explained, “These marks are from me sleeping on his Majesty.”

He did not do that with Ji Yue in the carriage!

He actually really wanted to!

But the person with the surname Ji was not being cooperative!!!

Li Fuquan nodded, ‘There is no need for you to explain, we all understand’ on his face as he said, “Yes, this servant knows the marks were from you sleeping with his Majesty.”

Wei Lian: “...?”

“Remember to save some for later!” Li Fuquan tossed this before being called away. 

Leaving Wei Lian alone in the wind. 

He looked down at the tube of strange ointmenta, lost in thought. 

“What are you looking at?” Ji Yue came over, glanced at Li Fuquan’s hurried back and back at the blushing youth. 

Wei Lian was not being shy. They were from the marks he got from sleeping. 

But it was much fainter than before in the carriage. 

Otherwise, people’s speculation would not be ‘Lian Gongzi was favoured in the carriage’, but ‘Lian Gongzi was forced in the carriage’.

Wei Lian replied, “Wound medicine.”

Ji Yue turned serious and asked, “Where are you hurt?”

Wei Lian said, “It’s for applying later.”

Ji Yue must find out. “Apply it to where?”

Medicine could not be used carelessly. If Wei Lian needed to use it, he must use the best.

Wei Lian glanced at him. “You do not need to know.” Then turned around, walking away.

Ji Yue: “???”

Ji Yue was confused. 

* * *

Nightfall, inside the tent

The outside conditions were not favourable, they could not just create a pool as big as ones in the Tangquan Pavilion out of thin air, but it was obvious that noble treatment was not neglected. Even without a hot pool, they could still boil some hot water.

After washing himself, Wei Lian wore only his inner clothes. His long hair was loose and his facial features were impeccable. The clear moonlight poured into the tent, shining upon the man and making him appear more gentle like a jade. 

With such a beauty at arm reach, there had to be a spring night no matter which emperor. 


Ji Yue had already peacefully entered dreamland on his bed. 

Wei Lian was very resentful, frustrated and speechless laying down next to Ji Yue. 

He naively thought there were hidden meanings behind Ji Yue saying that they would be sleeping in the same tent. 

He was wrong. Ji Yue really just wanted to sleep. 

For some unknown reason, he really wanted to do it. He wondered why. 

He needed to find out the reason. 

He slept so much in the carriage during the day that he was not sleepy at all tonight. 

After turning over and over several times, Wei Lian finally could not stand it. He sat up and pulled Ji Yue. 

Ji Yue opened his eyes cautiously, saw Wei Lian who was in front of him and lazily closed his eyes, uttering, “Hmm?”

“Get up.” Wei Lian said dead serious, “Hurt me.”



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