"Happy twentieth birthday."

The assassins were taken to prison by the bodyguards. 

Wei Lian was pressed into the big bed by Ji Yue. 

* * *

The night was as cool as water, but it could not calm the burning stream in the bedroom. 

“...Ji Yue!” Wei Lian was pulled back to Zhongling Palace by Ji Yue and dumped on the bed. 

Ji Yue controlled his strength, dropping the flustered Wei Lian gingerly into the soft bedding. 

“That can wait until later.” Ji Yue smiled, “Take off your clothes.”

Wei Lian: “...”

Ji Yue reminded him, “Do not forget what you promised just now.”

At the mention of this, the young man blushed with shame again. 

Of course he did not forget. 

When Ji Yue stopped in front of him in Jinluan Hall, Wei Lian was very nervous despite looking very calm on the surface. 

He did not know how to face Ji Yue. 

Is Ji Yue angry?

Ji Yue got closer and asked in a low voice, “How should we punish you?”

Wei Lian flatted his lips and suggested nothing. 

It was reasonable for Ji Yue to be angry and want him punished for keeping this secret for so long. He also believed that Ji Yue would not punish him too harshly. 

Wei Lian found that he really did rely on the other’s affection to commit crime. 

In the past, to hide his strength and bide his time was for three reasons: having a leeway, avoiding Ji Yue’s suspicions, and waiting for his birthday. 

Now he gave Ji Yue his biggest leeway, who also gave him his heart, he was no longer afraid of showing his sharp edges on his birthday. 

He might have to pay a small price at least. 

Ji Yue then said the second part in a lighter voice, “...How about dying on the bed?”


Wei Lian immediately blushed.

Why were they having this discussion?! They were in public! 

However, Ji Yue firmly stood in front of him, with the posture that he would not drop the matter until he received an answer. In full desperation, Wei Lian had to nod and agree. 

…This was no big deal. Worst comes to worst, he will not be able to get out of bed tomorrow. He could not make Ji Yue more angry.

Wei Lian might as well smash the cracked pot to pieces破罐子破摔 Write oneself off as hopeless and act recklessly. Another idiom that matches this one is ‘send the helve after the hatchet’..

Just like that, Wei Lian was led away by Ji Yue in public and returned to Zhongling Palace. 

Because they were celebrating Wei Lian’s birthday, Zhongling Palace was decorated very festively today and gorgeous red filled the room—red silks hanging everywhere and red candles burning by the bed and as far as the eye could see. 

If crimson double happiness雙喜 The combined symmetric character 囍 (similar to 喜喜) as symbol of good luck, esp. Marriage. were pasted on the wall, this house would be no different than a bridal chamber.

They were like two handsome bridegrooms with their red outfits, and tonight was their wedding festivities. 

However, they both know that this was not the case at all. 

Looking at Ji Yue’s gentle and smiling eyes, yet still with a trace of danger, Wei Lian sincerely felt that his time of death was actually on his birthday. 

* * *

Under Ji Yue’s gaze, Wei Lian lowered his head and slowly untied his alluring red clothes. 

The slender and beautiful fingers unfastened the belts at a hair-pulling slow speed. 

This was not the first time being intimate with Ji Yue, his usual style was even bolder. But at this moment, he was feeling shy for no reason as well as visibly blushing. 

Maybe he knew he was in the wrong, losing his usual confidence. He did not know what treatment awaited him. 

Ji Yue, who was calm and unruffled in the midst of the other’s internal struggle, waited and did not urge. As if he was admiring a lovely and colourful porcelain that was slowly peeling off its paint, revealing the bright and smooth jade skin underneath. 

The young man’s reddish cheeks were as bright as the most beautiful peony under the candle lights. Underneath the festive red clothes was the smooth and fair skin that was as pale as pear flowers in the snow. 

Ji Yue’s eyes darkened bit by bit with each article of clothing taken off of the slender body. 

However, he had not removed his own clothes. He pulled out a red silk ribbon, grabbed and raised Wei Lian’s wrists over his head, and tied the man to the headboard. 

Wei Lian was caught off guard, “What are you doing.”

Before he attempted to break away from the red silk with his internal energy, Ji Yue’s “You promised.” instantly dissipated all of Wei Lian’s strength. 

Whatever, just this time

Wei Lian awkwardly looked away. Compared to his tied up state, Ji Yue was fully dressed. This was extremely embarrassing. 

He simply closed his eyes and thought he could take anything Ji Yue threw his way. 

Unexpectedly, Ji Yue did nothing after a long time. 

Could the other man just be ignoring him here?

This was crossing the line!

Wei Lian quietly opened his eyes again and found that Ji Yue was opening a box. There were many objects with different lengths and thickness inside the box. 

Wei Lain was stupefied. 

Could Ji Yue plan to toss him from side to side with these playthings?!

Wei Lian was a little flustered. “Ji Yue…You can’t be…”

Ji Yue picked the thickest one and played with it as he casually asked, “Can’t what?”

Wei Lian’s face changed. With a bitter face, he whispered, “I don’t want to use this…”

Although he always brought these up, he had in fact never used any external objects at all and had an instinctive opposition to these cold instruments. 

He paused and pleaded in a lower voice, “I want you.”

This almost melted Ji Yue’s heart but he maintained his stern face and said, “We are punishing you, not giving you pleasure.”

Wei Lian inquired in a terrified whisper, “Then can you change it to a smaller one?”

He was going to die with this large size. 

He was really going to die. 

Ji Yue held back his smile, changed to the thinnest one, sat down in front of the bed and ordered, “Open your legs.”

There was no way for him to have the heart to bully the other, but it was necessary to scare the younger man. 

He could finally openly get back at the other after enduring for so long. 

* * *

Sands flowed through the hourglass bit by bit as time became painfully slow. Wei Lian gently bit his lips as faint fine sweat dripped down, his long eyelashes trembled weakly and faint blushes covered his neck. 

After a while, even his eyes were filled with fog. 

“Ji Yue…” He gasped, “Enough.”

He actually wanted to say ‘not enough’ more. 

He wanted Ji Yue. 

Ji Yue knew his underlying meaning, but he was not satisfied. Instead, he leisurely asked, “You know the art of healing?”

When the imperial physicians treated him, his wounds had been treated so well that it was obviously not done by an amateur. 

Just because Ji Yue did not bring it up did not mean he had forgotten. 

Wei Lian frowned and looked at Ji Yue accusingly.

How could this man mention this right now!

Ji Yue stopped. “We will leave if you do not answer.”

Wei Lian: “...”

To this day, he would still scold this man as dog-of-an Emperor, dog-of-an Emperor, stupid dog-of-an Emperor!


“You also detoxified our poison?”

“Yes. I gave you an antidote.” Wei Lian did not state clearly what he used was the extremely precious huanhun pill. 

Only he should know what kind of price he paid. There was no need to share it. 

“You killed those assassins.” Ji Yue stated with a determined tone. 


“Your horsemanship is very good.” At the mention of this, Ji Yue was clenching his teeth slightly, “Not taught by us.”

Wei Lian had no plan to hide. “Yes.”

“Who taught you?”

“I—” Wei Lian gasped, “Self-taught.”

“Martial arts and medical skills are also self-taught.”


“What do you mean by somewhat?”

“...There was Shifu.”

“Who is this Shifu?”

Wei Lian was on the verge of tears from the torment. “Ji Yue, take it out first…”

Ji Yue chuckled and pulled out the jade piller. 

Wei Lian’s body stiffened then all his nerves tightened, leaving him panting for a good while. 

“So fast?” Ji Yue raised his eyebrows and untied the red silk once Wei Lian came back to his senses. 

As soon as Wei Lian was free, he hurtled himself into Ji Yue’s arms and violently bit the older man hard on his left shoulder. 


Beast, bastard, scumbag!

Ji Yue did not frown one bit, instead, said with a smile, “Little fox, such sharp teeth and a sharp mouth.”

At the same time, he rubbed the red marks on Wei Lian’s wrists that were left from the red silk. 

Wei Lian loosened his strength and lay quietly in Ji Yue’s arms, staying in the embrace. 

His long hair was spread out. The youth with fair skin snuggled into the young man in red, the younger man showed a posture of attachment. 

In the end, he did not put full force into the bite. 

“Wei Xiao Lian, you are so secretive.” Ji Yue chuckled with his deep voice. 

Wei Lian whispered, “...Do you blame me?”

“If we did, you would have been in the prison like those assassins as well. Do you underestimate the crime of deceiving the Emperor?”

Wei Lian stopped talking. 

Seeing that his beloved was in a low mood, Ji Yue brought the young man onto his lap and said with a smile, “Why isn’t Wei Xiao Lian atoning for his crimes yet?”

Wei Lian lowered his eyes to meet the other’s eyes. “How do I atone for this capital crime?”

“It is inconvenient for us to move with our injuries.” Ji Yue pinched his chin, playfulness in his eyes. “Do you know how to serve from the top?”

Wei Lian was stunned. 

Let him do everything?

Wei Lian’s face burned even hotter, seeing the wider smile in Ji Yue’s eyes. 

“...Understood.” Wei Lian closed his eyes. 

Finally diving in. 

* * *

Ji Yue loved Wei Lian’s shy appearance. 

As his first time taking the initiative, the young man curled into himself in shame like a cooked shrimp. His eyelashes trembled so much as he insisted on keeping his eyes closed. The occasional small groans overflowing from his mouth were swallowed again repeatedly. It was so cute. 

Once Ji Yue was satisfied by such a sight, he flipped their positions to regain the lead. 

Yes, the young man was very cute, but also very slow. It was torture for both of them. 

Wei Lian opened his confused eyes. “Isn’t it inconvenient for you to move?”

Ji Yue kissed his eyebrows. “We had to get well quicker for you.”

* * *

We had to get well quicker for you.

Because of this sentence, Wei Lian's whole body was in danger. 

Ji Yue kept his word and did not give Wei Lian a chance to beg for mercy the entire night. Wei Lian was also stubborn, staying firm to his decision and enduring one after another. 

But he could not endure endless demands. 

Once upon a time, no matter how ruthless Ji Yue was on the bed, he kept Wei Lian’s delicate body in mind and had always taken it easy. Tonight was a complete takeover. It was all about abusing Wei Lian’s backside to death. 

In the end, Wei Lian did not want to cooperate at all. He struggled to escape. Ji Yue dragged him back, tied him up and continued. His actions showed that ‘die on the bed’ was no joke. 

The red gauze curtain swayed slowly as lively colour brought forth fragrance. 

The young man’s wrists were tied with red silk as the winding dark blue vein appeared on his almost transparent skin. Deep red painted the corner of his eyes. The red plums covered the snow little by little, before blossoming quietly and creating a beautiful sight. 

Wei Lian really could not stand it anymore. He said in a hoarse voice that was no longer clear, “Ji Yue, enough.”

Ji Yue ignored it. 

With determination, Wei Lian broke free from the red silk, bolted forward and hugged the older man, whispering, “...Husband.”

Ji Yue’s movement paused, directly lowered his flag. 

He really was…powerless against this word. 

Wei Lian’s whole body was trembling as he tightly held on to Ji Yue. “No more, please?”

How could Ji Yue have the heart to continue?

He already bullied the young man to this. 

Wei Xiao Lian was not drunk today. When sober, Wei Lian has one hundred times more endurance than when drunk. Now that he was forced into this, it could be seen that he was really at his limit. 

Ji Yue took the young man that was curling up like a little beast into his arms, gently patted him on the back. After a long silence, he gently opened his thin lips, with a solemn tone as if he was taking an oath, “My A-Lian, we regretted that we did not spend those nineteen years with you. But we hope that it is not too late today. We wish you endless happiness and a worry-free life for years to come. Ji Yue will stay with you as well as love you, year after year, until it is time to descend to drink from the Yellow Spring.”

He kissed the young man on the forehead. “Wei Xiao Lian, happy twentieth birthday.”


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