“We only believe in human lives, never the human heart.”

Warning: Manual strangulation, sexual references.

Ji Yue gazed down at the docile youth. He had investigated Wei Lian and naturally knew what kind of childhood life the younger man had in the Chu Empire’s palace.

But he wasn't going to believe it with a smile.

As someone who survived the Royal Court strife, Ji Yue's mind was deep and unmeasurable.

Everyone had a self-protection method. Some would turn towards the violet methods feared by many, while some would disguise themselves with a gentle mask.

In fact, there were no differences under the skin.

Both types of survivors were equally clever and heartless.

 * * *

“How could the Chu Empire treat you like that?” Ji Yue pitifully caressed the other’s soft brow, slowly descending along the outlines, “A beauty like you deserves to be held within someone’s palms.”

Ji Yue's hands were long and slender, no different from an elegant scholar who danced with ink. Only Wei Lian, who was the person being touched, could feel the slight roughness on the fingers.

These were hands that drew bows, held swords, and ended many lives.

He held his breath as his body instinctively went on high alert.

That hand touched him tenderly, like a lover showing their affection. Until it brushed against his slender neck. Then, the five fingers enclosed his throat, violently strangling him!

...So this was what you were thinking in your so-called hold within someone’s palm.

An average person couldn’t bear this.

“Ack!” Wei Lian only had the time to emit a muffled groan before his throat was tightly grasped by Ji Yue’s five fingers.

—In that instant, Wei Lian thought of at least three ways to fight back.

But he picked none of the options as he restrained his fight or flight instinct and remained indifferent.

Allowing the Qin Emperor to sound him out.

He was Lian Gongzi who lacked the strength to truss up a chicken.

He was not Wei Lian, the formidable martial artist.

He always kept this in mind.

The Qin Emperor was a careful man, who wouldn’t believe a single word from his mouth. He had to alleviate the Emperor’s doubts this way.

On the inside, Wei Lian had the clear mind to analyse every moment. On the outside, his complexion was losing colour.

He grasped Ji Yue’s wrist in a struggle, a trace of bewilderment contained in his eyes as he asked an incomprehension question he couldn’t wrap his head around, “What mistake did this subject...make?”

There was a smile on Ji Yue’s face. “Would we need a reason to kill you when we just wanted to?”

Does a tyrant need a reason to kill someone?

No reason needed.

Last night, the Emperor would treat him softly and gently, like two inseparable lovers. Today, he could ruthlessly change his expression—like flipping a switch.

...Actually, cross that last part out, the older man didn’t change his expression. Wei Lian was treated with a smile, and was sentenced to death with a smile.

That was the way of the Qin Emperor, Ji Yue.

* * *

As sand ran through the neck of the hourglass, time passed with each fallen grain. Ji Yue’s hand never loosened, as if he really intended to kill Wei Lian.

Wei Lian wanted to break Ji Yue’s wrist several times, but he held back each time. The light in his eyes became grim and desperate.

A silent contest.

Just when Wei Lian thought he was really going to die in Ji Yue’s hand, a palace servant suddenly entered. “Your Majesty, the court will be in session soon...Ah!” When the messenger saw the sight before him, he was so frightened that he cried out softly, but did not dare to make a statement. He lowered his head in fear.

Ji Yue glanced at the newcomer and suddenly released his grip and Wei Lian was dropped to the ground.

Wei Lian immediately coughed violently on the ground, sucked in a large and heavy breath as dark marks slowly appeared around his neck.

Cough, cough...” The white robed youth collapsed on the ground. He clutched his lapel as if he was still experiencing the lingering fear. The messy inked hair spread out around him, making quite a touching scene. Even the palace servant couldn’t resist staring.

“There aren’t many beauties like you; We’d hate to kill you.” Ji Yue half squatted before the coughing man and sighed softly, “But we never keep hidden danger close.”

Wei Lian gasped to breath, then whispered, “Then what will it take for your Majesty to believe this subject?”

The Emperor took out a pill from a small jade vial. “We will believe you if you take this.”

Wei Lian stared at the tiny pill with slightly pursed lips.

“Do not concern yourself. The poison is not a short-term lethal poison.” Ji Yue said leisurely, “This is the poison used by the royalty to control the shadow guards. No harm will come to you if you take the antidote regularly. The antidote is solely in our possession. So if we die, the death that awaits you will be more painful than our own.”

“You should know that there are countless people who desire to take our life. We can’t carelessly let people close.” The tip of Ji Yue’s eyebrows rose up, as he unconcernedly revealed a peek at his cruel nature. “We only believe in human lives, not human hearts.”

Wei Lian lowered his gaze and accepted the pill without hesitation.

When Ji Yue saw the younger man take the pill, satisfaction finally showed in his eyes.

“Very good.” Ji Yue got up and aloofly regarded him from above. “You were very sick last night. We didn’t lay my hands on you. There’s still some yurong ointment left by the bed, apply it on your neck. We expect no trace of the marks when I return from the court.”

Once he was done, he turned and left. The palace attendant hurriedly followed him, before the servant was out of the door, he cast a glimpse back at Wei Lian in amazement.

Eunuch Li, who served His Majesty closely, received thirty lashes yesterday and was still recuperating on the couch, so he served as today’s substitute. Unexpectedly, the first thing he saw was his Majesty strangling almost to death this Wei Shijun, whom he had carried back to his chamber yesterday...

When the Emperor was angry, there would be enough corpses to fill the river. The palace worker was also afraid of losing his head next, but who would have thought Wei Shijun was able to please the Emperor a moment later. Such an outstanding method.

Of course, the palace servant came in at the end and didn’t know the whole situation. But if the servant learned Wei Lian exchanged his free will for this temporary safeguard, he wouldn’t have found this as lucky as before.

* * *

After the Emperor and the servant had left, Wei Lian remained on the floor for a while, after making sure there was no one near the bed-chamber, including the shadow guards at unseen corners, he stood up, void of emotion.

He sat back on the bed and put some ointment on the marks around his neck. His gaze was cold and cynical.

The Qin Emperor was really mistrustful. Wei Lian hated being under other’s control the most, but in the end, he had to put his future freedom at stake. This was really frustrating.

The yurong ointment was extremely effective as the bruises around his neck faded away, while the murderous intent in his heart gradually thickened.

Originally, he had no intention to assassinate the Qin Emperor.

In fact, the Chu Emperor had made this request of him when he was summoned before the court.

* * *

The last time he saw the Chu Emperor was also his first time seeing his father. In his impression, that was.

As for the past, he couldn’t really remember.

It wasn’t like his father was some important person to him.

The Chu Emperor, who had apparently never paid any attention to this seventh son, was astonished at the sight of him. All of the royal sons were of exceptional appearance, and Wei Lian was particularly outstanding. He was not only good-looking, but also had the grace of a jade that could outshine the entire empire.

Unfortunately, it was too late to repent, as it was necessary for Young Master Lian to be sent to the Qin Empire. The Chu Emperor regretted this, but still wanted to squeeze the last remaining value out of him.

“We want you to assassinate the Qin Emperor.” the Chu Emperor ordered.

Wei Lian replied simply, “How could this son follow the order without the skills to do so?”

In fact, he did indeed have the ability as he was not weak in martial arts, but the Chu Emperor was unaware of this.

“With my handsome son, there will be plenty of opportunity as long as you can seduce the Emperor in bed.” The Emperor said in a-matter-of-fact. “Since ancient times, heroes have always had a weakness for the charms of beauty.”

Wei Lian stated quietly, “But Father Emperor, this son will die.”

Whether he could succeed or not was not brought up. If he did as he was told and killed his target, there was no way for him to escape from the Qin Empire’s forces. If he failed, he would be sentenced to die by inhuman means under the Qin Emperor’s command.

The Chu Emperor never considered his fate.

The Emperor looked at him with seeming sadness. “Lian-er, you have to sacrifice your life for your empire, and the whole Chu will remember you.”

Wei Lian gave a fixed glance at his father, and after a long time, a mocking smile appeared on his face. “Father Emperor really makes a good move on the board. Unfortunately, the Qin Emperor is not you, and would never die on top of a man or a woman’s bodyWhile making love..”

The Chu Emperor’s expression changed from shock to rage. “Insolent!”

Wei Lian increased his ridicule, “For several generations, the emperors in the past have striven to bring prosperity or strengthen the Chu, yet we are now ruled by an ignorant and lustful Emperor who is far from a charming person or a talented sage. You let fear restrain the empire's forces by annihilating devoted generals because of their success. Resulting in lack of leadership when the two empires were at war. You only thought of scheming with a seducing trick by sending your son to a man’s bed. Wei Bang, you are not worthy to be the Emperor for this empire, for you have nothing to contribute to this empire.”

The Chu Emperor was trembling with rage. “Insolent son! How dare you call us by nameAlso known as taboo name. Name for the respected people. Part of the naming taboo culture, where it’s taboo to speak or write the given names.! Men, drag this creature down—”

“Beheading or death by a thousand cuts?” Instead of acting in fear, Wei Lian smiled. “Father Emperor, please consider carefully. If I die, which other son would you like to send to the Qin Emperor’s bed?”

The Chu Emperor: “...”

Afterwards, Wei Lian was sent to the Qin Emperor as a hostage. He made mental preparation to die for his empire, not for the corrupted royal family, but peace for the commoners.

The thought of killing the Qin Emperor never crossed his mind.

The Qin Emperor was merciless, but what had that to do with him? At least, every decision the Emperor made in the court was beneficial to the empire and its people. When Wei Lian stepped foot on the Qin Empire, what he saw was prosperity in the empire as well as peace and happiness for its people. In contrast to everyone else, they viewed and praised their Emperor as a wise ruler.

The King of Underworld to the six empires, yet a god for the people of the Qin Empire.

If the world under heaven merged after being divided for so long, what was the harm in letting the Qin Empire fully rule that new land?

Wei Lian was a sensible individual.

...It was just, he hadn’t met the Emperor Qin for more than twenty-four hours, he’d received kneeling punishment, been strangled close to death, and fed poison.

Really sorry.

He still wanted to slaughter the dog-of-an Emperor.

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