Fuse stared at the door, his gut tightening. Karn had left the dorm with an attitude that could freeze Hell over. The remnants of his cold demeanor lingered in the room, sending icy tingles down Fuse’s spine.

Was this some sort of alternate dimension? Yesterday, Karn went from upset to seductive to being upset again this morning. This whirlwind of emotions was driving Fuse crazy.

He rested his head against the door and exhaled an air of frustration. The musky scent of sex clung to his skin, reminding him that he desperately needed a shower before he showed his face in public.

As much as he wanted to storm out and demand an explanation from Karn, he didn’t know how to approach the conversation. For whatever reason, they’ve been having unresolved issues, despite the fact that they’d been attempting to address them. He couldn’t figure out the root cause. With a deep sigh, he braced himself from the door and grabbed a towel. This was more of a shower thought than a bed thought.

After gathering his clothes he set them aside and got into the steamy shower, delightedly shuddering once the water sprayed him with warmth. He was in his most natural state—completely nude—and was still cozy and comfortable. Water rushed down his arm as he lathered the creamy coconut scented bodywash all over his body.

Fuse took his time slicking the soap around, any evidence of him and Karn was scrubbed clean—minus the hickey on his inner thigh from a few nights ago. They both were culprits of leaving their marks on each other. In his defense, it was hard to avoid tasting Karn’s delicate skin—it was just so biteable.

While they were incredibly compatible when it came to physical stuff, the emotional side was still a mystery…What he didn’t understand was what Karn’s feelings were exactly. This was his first relationship, if he could even call it that, and he had no idea what he was doing. One minute, Karn would be lovey-dovey and performing sexual acts with him, and the next, he’d be pretending that he didn’t exist. Every time there was an issue, Karn would brush it off until Fuse blew up at him. And even after they’d talked it out, it felt unresolved. As if there was something that needed to be said that neither of them were saying.

Fuse scrubbed shampoo into his hair. He ducked his head into the spray and closed his eyes as suds began to run down his face. Thinking about yesterday, he replayed the events in his head. He and Mali were having coffee together. Karn approached, seemingly upset. Mali clarified that they were on a date, which appeared to bother Karn even more. When Fuse returned to their dorm, Karn was angry but still proceeded to be physically intimate with him. The next day, Karn gave him the cold shoulder. The only reason he could’ve been upset was because Fuse was on a date with someone else…?

But why would he be jealous of Mali if they were just fuck buddies? Unless…Did Karn see them as something more? All the signs pointed to ‘yes’, but Fuse struggled to believe that the fuck boy mafia son had retired from being a playboy and had fallen for the bodyguard with daddy issues.

At the dinner with Karn’s friends, Lek and Narong insisted that he wasn’t one to settle down and give relationships a try. They should know his character well enough to judge what Karn’s personality was like. And while it sounded too good to be true that Karn might want to settle down, Fuse just had this gut feeling that they were wrong and that Karn was capable of romance and was willing to have it if the opportunity presented itself.

The more Fuse thought about it, the more he realized that they’d never discussed what they were to each other. This hot and cold treatment was getting to be too much. They needed to talk—really talk—and figure out if they were on the same page. Were they a couple or not?

He slicked conditioner in his hair and sighed. Fuck. His heart was beating rapidly, filled with agitation, and no amount of air in the room could fill his lungs. All he could think about was the fact that he was about to lose something important to him, and he didn’t even know what that something was. There was no way he was going to be able to focus in class today. He was going to have to confront Karn before school started and figure this shit out.

Determination filled his chest. He picked up speed and quickly finished showering. He practically jumped into his clothes but took the time to make sure he’d buttoned his shirt in the right holes and put his tie on properly. Then, he blew his hair dry. He spritzed teakwood-scented cologne on his neck and wrist. Taking one last glance in the mirror, he fixed his hair with a bit of product until his bangs looked perfectly swept. If he was going to be dumped, he might as well look good in the process. Maybe Karn would have a different opinion if he realized what he’d be missing out on.

Keeping his composure, Fuse left the bathroom, swiped his backpack from the floor, and strode out of his dorm.

Tightening his grip on his backpack strap, he clutched the railing and jogged down the stairs. Once he made his way off the last step, he squeezed the metal railing and bent over, taking a second to breathe and soothe his burning lungs.

After catching his breath, he stepped out into the parking lot. Since the sun had only come up a bit ago, most parking spaces were filled with motorcycles, scooters, and small cars. Peering over to the sidewalk, he caught sight of Karn waiting with a hand on his hip and tapping his foot while glancing at his watch.

Fuse’s heart fluttered. This was the perfect opportunity to confront him. The guttural sound of a car engine announced its arrival throughout the parking lot, and a hot-red Maserati pulled up beside Karn.

“Ai’Karn!” he called out, but it was too late. Karn had already slid into the car.

“Damn it.” Fuse mulled over his next course of action for a moment.

He ran to his motorcycle and revved into action. Then, he turned out of the parking lot and pulled onto the street a few cars behind Karn. The sports car shot down the street and turned right.

Fuse frowned. If Karn was going to school, he should’ve turned left. He reluctantly trailed behind, questions buzzing in his mind like the traffic. Why would Karn not be going to class, especially if he was wearing his uniform? It wasn’t like he was trying to take a new route. Perhaps, he wanted to grab a coffee before class. But Karn wasn’t really the, ‘I need my coffee in the morning to properly function,’ type. He was more of a, ‘I’m awake. The day must go on,’ sort of man.

To avoid attention, Fuse shifted into the next lane, a few cars behind them. They continued down the street and turned right. This was starting to feel like a bad plan. He had no idea where they were headed. For all he knew, they could be attending some crime syndicate meeting. The last thing he wanted was to be caught up in a mafia feud. Actually, the last thing he wanted was for Karn to break things off with him, but that was beside the point.

It didn’t take long for Fuse to get his answer. They pulled up to a quaint restaurant—‘Le Yaca’. Fuse narrowed his brows. An upscale, French-themed breakfast before school wasn’t far off from Karn’s style, but it certainly wasn’t part of his typical routine.

Maintaining his distance, Fuse parked and watched as Karn walked in with a few of his bodyguards.

Alarms sounded off in the back of Fuse’s head. Karn usually had one man around on standby but to be escorted by three people was unusual. Then again, he was kidnapped and shot at recently, so perhaps his father wanted him to take better precautions. Hell, Fuse almost got himself a bodyguard after that incident.

He swung his leg over his bike and stepped into the restaurant a few minutes later. He instantly felt out of his element. He couldn’t tell if it was the shiny, marble interior or the air conditioning that sent goosebumps down his spine. Probably both. The front of the restaurant was pristinely white, almost too white. The fresh smell of arrogantly expensive cuisine wafted past his nostrils. A couple dressed in the latest designer fashion fixed their disapproving gaze at him, the girl lowering her sunglasses down her nose so her eyes met his. Fuse gulped and tugged at his tie, which suddenly felt very tight.

A female hostess approached the small, wooden podium and coldly smiled at him. “May I help you, sir?”

“Sorry,” Fuse said, regret sinking in. “I must’ve entered the wrong place.”

He whirled around before she could respond and tore the door open. Suddenly, Sharp was right in his face, between two bodyguards. Fuse jumped back, instant fear tingling in his bones. Sharp smirked and eyed Fuse like his next meal. His arm hung against his chest, supported by a sling around his neck, the dark color blending against his black suit.

“Well, isn’t this a wonderful surprise,” Sharp said with the smoothness of a snake. One of his men held the door for him. He slid inside and snuck his uninjured arm around Fuse’s waist. “I didn’t expect to see you here.”

“I was just leaving,” Fuse sputtered, his blood turning cold. He fought off the urge to push Sharp away.

“Why so soon?” Sharp asked, pulling him in closer. “We’ve only just started.”

As much as Fuse wanted to object, he felt like he had no choice. This was potentially the same man that had orchestrated a building being burned down, his kidnapping, and his attempted murder.

Fuse responded with a weak smile, suddenly very aware of where his place was on the food chain.

Sharp flashed him a grin and approached the hostess, his bodyguards trailing closely behind. It was weird to see Sharp and Karn at the same restaurant at the same time. Something was going down today. Whether it was a friendly meeting or a threatening one, he didn’t know. But considering Sharp’s character, anything involving him wasn’t good.

The hostess led them through the room of round tables and fancy people. Fuse caught the faint conversation of business proposals as they passed. They turned a corner and came upon a closed door, painted gold. Three men in suits guarded the door. The man blocking the door took a small step forward.

Sharp approached the man, who bowed and opened the door, revealing a dimly lit maroon coloured room. A small group of men were gathered around a large, round table.

Fuse’s eyes widened. On one side of the table, Karn and his father, Sunan, sat. Opposite them was a man he didn’t recognize. The mystery man sat up straighter than any other person in the room, his high cheekbones cut knife-like shadows on his face, and his eyes were coldly poisonous. From the side of his neck, a long scar wrapped around, which he made no effort to hide. He didn’t bother to look toward the door.

Karn and Sunan, on the other hand, glanced over. A flash of confusion passed over Sunan’s face, to be replaced with a smile once he saw Fuse. Karn frowned at him, not caring to hide his annoyance.

The bodyguard at the door narrowed his eyes at Fuse. Fuse guessed he wasn’t on the V.I.P list.

“He can come through,” Sharp said. “He’s my special friend.”

Karn flinched. He shifted in his seat and straightened his posture, his hands balling into fists on the table. Sunan didn’t appear affected by Sharp’s words, like he was old enough to know the younger person was playing games.

Given clearance, the bodyguard let them through and shut the door.

“Lovely of you both to join us,” Sunan said. “Ai’Fuse, why don’t you sit next to me?” he offered.

“That’s okay,” Sharp said, digging his fingers in Fuse’s waist. “I’d rather he sit with me.”

Sharp dragged Fuse toward the mysterious man. A bodyguard pulled out two chairs. Sharp sat next to the man and pulled Fuse into the seat beside him. Fuse could sense a glare from the other side of the table that felt like tiny daggers pricking his skin.

“What did I miss?” Sharp asked, sitting back casually.

“Ai’Chakan and I were just finishing up, actually,” Sunan said.

“Let’s go, son,” Chakan said. He stood up.

“Did you get the building?” Sharp asked.

His father cut him a glare. “We will discuss this later.”

Sharp rolled his eyes. He settled his arm along the back of Fuse’s chair and looked up at his father with defiance.

Chakan shook his head and motioned for his men to follow him. He left without acknowledging Sunan or Karn.

“I better leave too,” Sunan said, getting up and walking from the table. “I squeezed this meeting in between appointments.” He grinned at Fuse and rested a firm hand on his shoulder. “It was nice to see you again Ai’Fuse. I hope you can join us for dinner soon.”

“I’d love that,” Fuse said softly, returning a smile.

Sunan gave his shoulder one final squeeze and soon followed Chakan out. Once the door shut, Karn crossed his arms over his chest and glared at Sharp. Fuse had seen Karn upset plenty of times before, but he was never this intense about it. His dark aura swelled in the room, heightening as his right eyelid almost twitched. He drummed his fingers against his arms, folded against his quickly rising chest.

Sharp smirked and rubbed a finger down the side of Fuse’s face. “Did I mention how handsome you look today?”

“Did you learn nothing from last time?” Karn asked hotly.

“I don’t recall what you’re referencing,” Sharp said, leaning closer to Fuse.

“I’m sure the cast you’re wearing will jog your memory.”

“Oh, this?” Sharp lifted up his injured hand and scoffed. “I hardly feel it.”

“I told you that you’d lose your hand if you touched him again,” Karn said. “I wasn’t kidding about it.”

At the threat, Sharp’s bodyguard stepped closer to him.

“That was before we made amends and decided to let bygones be bygones,” Sharp said, swirling light circles on Fuse’s shoulder. Fuse tensed.

“I’m un-amending them,” Karn said. “Let go of Fuse.”

Sharp merely sent him a smirk before he leaned in to kiss Fuse’s cheek. Fuse jerked away as Karn shot up from his chair, his glare sharp enough to kill.

“Relax,” Sharp chuckled. “You’re so fun to play with.”

“I’m not in the mood to play games,” Karn growled. “Leave, now. While you still have one good hand.”

Sharp paused. For a moment, Fuse thought he was going to provoke Karn again. To his surprise, Sharp eased away from him. Fuse had an inkling that Sharp was the sort of man to never back down, but something about Karn today made him think better of it. Karn looked like a ticking time bomb on the verge of explosion.

“This has been fun, but I have a shopping spree to attend to,” Sharp said. “Always a pleasure to see you …both.” He winked at Fuse and left without fuss. Karn sat down as soon as he left.

Fuse waited for the door to shut. “What did you do to Ai’Sharp’s arm?”

“That’s not important,” Karn said curtly. Sharp might’ve left, but he was still apparently in a foul mood.

“Really?” Fuse frowned.

Karn waved his hand dismissively. “Just forget about it.”

“You never tell me anything.”

“There’s nothing to tell.”

“See! There you go, dismissing me,” Fuse huffed. Fuck, he forgot how frustrating it was talking to Karn. He kept running them in circles instead of actually addressing issues. Closing his eyes, he took a moment to calm down. He wanted this to be civil. “Anyway, that’s not why I came down here.”

“Why did you come here?”

“To talk about us.”

“What about us?”

“You’re mad at me. And you won’t tell me why,” Fuse said, trying to hide his annoyance. “I want to know why.”

“What gave you that impression?”

“You’re not the same!” Fuse snapped. “I can’t keep up with you. Yesterday, you seemed upset when you ran into me and Ai’Mali. When I returned to our dorm, you acted like nothing happened, and then we fooled around together. This morning, you gave me the cold shoulder and completely ignored me. And all I want to know is what I did to deserve this treatment.”

Karn stared at him. His expression sharpened. “You really don’t know?”

“No,” Fuse said, his heart thundering in his chest. “I don’t.”

“How would you like it if I went out on dates with other people?” Karn asked, leaning back in his seat with contempt written all over his face.

“I wouldn’t like it,” Fuse admitted.


“So, you were jealous of Ai’Mali?” Fuse guessed cautiously.

“I wasn’t jealous, Fuse,” Karn said. “I was hurt. And betrayed. I’ve not looked at another person our entire time together, and you start dating other people like what we have means nothing to you.”

“I can’t betray you when we’ve never spoken about being a couple. You said you were okay with being fuck buddies,” Fuse said.

“You’ve been pushing this fuck buddy thing more than me. I never wanted to be fuck buddies!” Karn exploded.

Fuse was taken aback. This was definitely new information. “Then why didn’t you tell me that?”

“How could I?” Karn snapped, his tone sharpening. “Every time I tried to bring up our relationship, you shot me down and said that we were only fooling around.”

Fuse felt like he’d been stabbed in the heart. Was he really sabotaging himself? Whenever he mentioned that they were just fuck buddies, it was mostly because Karn was acting overly controlling, and he had to remind him that he had no place to behave that way. It wasn’t like he was trying to cut off any options to a relationship.

“You didn’t explicitly say that you wanted us to be something more,” Fuse said lightly.

“I shouldn’t have had to,” Karn said, too clearly angry to match Fuse’s pacifism. “I made it pretty obvious!”

“How am I supposed to know how you feel?” Fuse shouted.

“Don’t you feel it too?” Karn’s voice boomed against the walls.

Fuse’s throat squeezed tightly, eyes wide. What did Karn mean by ‘it’?

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know if you feel any differently?” Karn’s soft brown eyes darkened the more he spoke, narrowing his gaze on Fuse with purpose, as though he was challenging him to look at him and dare to express his true feelings, right there, eye to eye. “You feel the exact same way with me that you have with others?”

“I have nothing to compare it to,” Fuse said, the pressure of Karn’s gaze forcing the truth out of him.

Karn’s frown deepened. “Have you actually slept with anyone before, had a relationship with them?”

Fuse looked down. Guilt churned in his gut. He’d been lying to Karn about not being a virgin. The way they were headed, they were going to have sex. But sex with a virgin didn’t sound like fun. He feared what would happen if he told him the truth. How would Karn react when he found out that he’d been lied to? As much as Fuse wanted to keep lying, he knew that the jig was up. They couldn’t continue on this way under false pretences. It wasn’t fair to either of them.

“I’ve done stuff,” Fuse said at last. “Like, oral. But not full on sex.” That wasn’t a lie. He just didn’t clarify that Karn was the only person he’d done ‘stuff’ with.

The room turned uncomfortably silent. Fuse looked at his feet, ashamed. He couldn’t bring himself to see Karn’s reaction. He could picture it now—full of rage and indignation. ‘How dare you lie to me? I don’t want to fuck a virgin!

Karn eventually broke the silence. “Am I the only person you’ve ‘done stuff with’?” he asked lightly.

Fuse bit his lower lip. He slowly nodded.

“You could’ve just told me that,” Karn said.

Fuse mustered the courage to look back up at Karn. His arms were still crossed, but his shoulders were relaxed, and his eyes were much softer this time. Fuse would give anything to know what was going on in his head.

“You wouldn’t have wanted to fool around if you knew I was new to all of this,” he muttered.

“That’s not true.” Karn shook his head fervently. “It doesn’t matter if you’re experienced or not. I just wanted to enjoy something with you.”

“Wouldn’t it be easier to just fuck around with someone that knows what they’re doing?” Fuse asked, his legs suddenly shaking. He’d never had to express himself this much before, and it was terrifying.

“I don’t care about that,” Karn said. “And the way things are going, I’m not worried about your experience either. It’s special because it’s with you. What we have negates whatever sexual tricks some random hook-up has.”

“What do we have?”

“An amazing connection,” Karn said. He got up from his seat and made his way around the table. “Fuse, I like you. A lot. Romantically.”

Fuse’s heart fluttered. “I’m not just a hook up to you?”

“No,” Karn said. “You never were. I’ve always had feelings for you.”

Fuse could feel his emotions stirring, bubbling up in his chest, and pretty soon, he was sure they were going to overflow. His mind went blank, then a flood of being totally overwhelmed hit. How could Karn fall for him? He was a nobody. And it wasn’t as if most of their interactions had been exactly cordial. He hadn’t ‘saved’ Karn somehow or tried to woo him. Yet, here Karn was, claiming that regardless of how their relationship started, he’d had feelings for him. Fuse felt his stomach flip in guilt. If Karn really had liked him for this long, then he’d been treating him like shit.

Fuse gave him a remorseful look. “At first, I thought you were just a hook-up,” he admitted. “But I’ve realized it’s more than that. I can’t put a label to it. I’m not exactly sure what I’m feeling. But I know I don’t want to have sex or do anything sexual with anyone other than you. I don’t want to kiss other people. I don’t like dating other people. I hate the thought of you being with anyone other than me. And I don’t know... All of this has just been super confusing and hard on me because I’m not sure exactly where I stand or what you think or if you even see me the same way or if I’m just imagining everything. I’ve never had a real relationship before so I don’t know how things are supposed to go and—”

Karn cupped his face and cut him off with a kiss. Fuse sank against his lips, grasping Karn’s wrists and drawing him closer. It was everything he needed in a kiss that he never knew he wanted. He could taste Karn’s honesty on his tongue, his tender passion. His care.

Karn pulled apart, still cupping his cheek gently. “Let’s take things slowly. We don’t have to put a label on anything right now. But can we at least both agree to not see other people in any capacity? Especially not Ai’Sharp.”

Fuse nodded. “I can do that.”

Karn sighed again. “I’m sorry,” he said. “I didn’t realize how confusing this all was. I thought my feelings were clear.”

“Well, they weren’t,” Fuse said. “You never said how you felt. You just expected me to know.”

“I know,” Karn said. “I realize that now. And that wasn’t fair of me. But would you also say that it wasn’t fair of you to assume what my feelings were? You drew a bunch of conclusions without asking me first.”

“Yes,” Fuse said.

“Okay,” Karn said, smiling gently. “Then in the future, we should ask each other about a problem before just assuming things.”

“I think that’s best.”

Karn brushed his thumb against his face. The touch was feathery, sending comforting chills throughout Fuse’s body. “Do you feel better now?”

“Much,” Fuse whispered.

“Alright,” Karn said. “Then let’s head to school.”


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  1. Kaikai

    I loved this chapter. I want to call it the warm sunrise chapter. it indeed is a blossoming of love between Karn Fuse.
    I honestly was touched by the emotions of these two endearing characters.
    Fuse and Karn had tumultuous experience previously. It was sex without emotional intimacy caused by Karn’s jealousy Fuse who has been denying any need for intimacy, felt lost without it.
    Their sexual encounter was exquisite but Fuse felt incomplete and felt Karn’s coldness.
    Fuse know something is wrong between the two of them.
    I loved:
    : the remnants of his cold demeanor lingered in the room sending icy tingles down Fuse’s spine.”
    Fuse is lost in the whirlwind of emotions: upset,seductive, upset, coldness.
    Fuse know there are unresolved issues between them.
    Fuse does not understand the underlying root causes.
    I do love this,
    It was hard to avoid tasting Karn’s delicate skin. It was just so biteable.
    Fuse is adorable as he struggles to understand Karn. It is his first relationship ever.
    This is beautiful insight:
    “as if there was something that needed to be said that neither of them were saying.”
    Fuse finally admits that there might be signs that Karn likes him. But he still goes back to fears that Karn is not serious and a playboy.
    Yet for once Fuse listens to his gut feelings, which tell him that Karn is capable of romance.
    I love the sweetness of Fuse realizing a basic element in a relationship..
    ” they never discussed what they were to each other.” He wonders if they were a couple or not.
    I love this:
    All he could think about was the fact that he was about to lose something important to him, and he did not know what that something was,”
    Fuse is making huge steps in emotional growth. He is digging deeper into his past denial of feelings. instead he wants to identify his feelings towards Karn.
    even if he is scared to do it.
    I love his courage. I love his determination even if he is petrified he might be dumped.
    i love him chasing down Karn to talk to him and boldly walking into a restaurant.
    I was surprised to see Sharp. His sinister aspects and flirting with Fuse resurfaced.
    “sharp has the smoothness of a snake.” very true.
    I was surprised to see Sunan there.
    This is a beautiful image:
    His high cheekbones cut knifelike shadows on his face and his eyes were coldly poisonous..
    I was not surprised to learn he was Sharp’s father.. Evil with evil.
    I assume
    ‘The glare from the other side of the table that felt like tiny daggers prickling his skin” was Karn watching Sharp with Fuse.
    Karn was furious:
    “His dark aura swelled in the room, heightening as his right eyelid almost twitched.” beautiful image.
    Despite taunting Karn, Sharp realizes that Karn is ” a ticking bomb on the verge of explosion”
    Once Sharp is gone the bickering between Fuse and Karn begins.
    Frustrating statements hurled at each other.
    Once again Karn dances away from giving Fuse any of his life.
    Once again Fuse is ticked off at being dismissed.
    Snapping at Karn, Fuse demands an explanation of for his coldness and moods.
    Here i have to admire Karn also. He honestly admits to feeling betrayed and hurt with Fuse dating, he does not want to be fuck buddies.
    Shocked Fuse, wants to know why Karn has never admitted this.
    Karn retalliates that Fuse brushed him off when he tried to tell him.

    These steps are important breakthroughs for both of them.
    It was rather comical that they are yelling at each other while they are revealing that they like each other.
    Fuse says he does not know if he feels the same way as he has never known love.
    Then Karn shrewdly picks up that Fuse is a virgin.
    Fuse is terrified to admit his virginity and is also guilty and ashamed.
    I love this acceptance:
    Fuse looks up at Karn, fearing rejection.
    Instead he sees
    His shoulders were relaxed and his eyes were much softer this time.
    even more beautiful were Karn’s reassuring words:
    It does not matter if you are experienced or not. I just want to enjoy something with you.
    I just want to hug Fuse for blurting out his sexual insecurities:
    “he’d never had to express himself this much before and it was terrifying.”
    Karn again gives a beautiful response:’
    “It is special because it is us with you. What we have negates whatever sexual tricks some random hook up has.”
    Finally Karn says: Fuse I like you a lot romantically.
    And I am jumping up and down: Happy. Finally real emotions are expressed.
    Fuse is overwhelmed with the declaration. Thoughts race through his mind. he was a nobody. he was not good enough for Karn. He is guilty at mistreating Karn.
    Fuse is adorable. he admits he onlywants to date Karn. He sputters that he is not sure how relationships are supposed to go. Karn cuts him off with a kiss,
    I so love this description.
    “It was everything he needed in a kiss, that he never knew that he wanted.”
    This was a kiss of tender love, It was a kiss of emotional intimacy that Fuse needed. It was a kiss of being accepted nad loved that he had not realizes that he wanted.

    And my most favorite line:
    He could taste Karn”s honesty on his tongue, his tender passion, his care.
    I love these words so much.
    In the true nature of miscommunication and falling in love, there is confusion.
    Karn apologizes for the miscommunication and not expressing his feelings.
    Fuse points out that Karn just expected him to know these feelings.
    Karn rightly points out that is was not fair of Fuse to assume Karn’s feelings without knowing them.
    Just what I was thinking., Fuse you jumped to conclusions and did not ask until now.
    Smiling gently both agree to ask each other about a problem rather than assuming anything.

    I love
    the touch was feathery sending comforting thrills throughout Fuse’s body.
    This chapter left me with a warm glow of a sunrise.
    It is one of my favorite chapters. I was very proud of these two for making huge emotional steps.
    I loved the chapter.

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