Warning: This chapter contains explicit sexual content. By reading you agree you are over the age of consent in your region.

“Keep going straight,” Karn said.

Fuse chuckled behind the blindfold. Today was their first official date. It had been a few days since he and Karn had talked out their problems at the restaurant and things had been smooth sailing. They made the effort to understand each other better.

Fuse was grateful when Karn had asked beforehand if it would be okay to let Ake and Mali know that they were trying out a potential relationship. They’d finally facilitated an environment that encouraged open dialogue.

Earlier today, Karn had invited Fuse on their first official date. For most, that probably sounded like the logical next step after hooking up with someone for so long. But for Fuse, it came as a complete surprise. They hadn’t bothered with dates before, so he didn’t think Karn would see the value in them. Still, he’d be lying to himself if he didn’t admit that a gushy, chocolate-melting warmth filled his chest when Karn had asked him.

Lost in thought, Fuse stumbled over a step, which jerked him back to reality. A subtle breeze caressed his skin, taking the edge off the boiling sun. Fuse took a step forward, his foot sinking unexpectedly. He leaned against Karn for support. The scent of fresh water lingered, blending into the crisp sound of waves hitting the shore. Continuing on his uncertain path, he kicked into a solid object. He felt Karn squeeze his arms, holding him upright as he stumbled again.

“Careful,” Fuse snapped. “Isn’t the point of guiding me to keep me from tripping?”

“Sorry I don’t have super vision,” Karn said. “That rock was hidden way too well in the grass.”

“The grass? So, we’re in a field?”

“Quit guessing,” Karn said against his ear. “You’ll find out soon.”

“How do you measure ‘soon’? My ‘soon’ is a minute, but you’ve been saying ‘soon’ for half an hour.”

Karn stopped him and kissed his cheek. “Now.”

Fuse felt him gently fiddle with the fabric tied to his head and slipped it off. He squinted, the sudden light from the sun nearly blinding him. Once his vision adjusted, he let out a soft gasp.

A wide, shining lake shaped like a silvery disk brimmed near its sleek, grassy edges. Shimmery patterns of descending sunlight cascaded across its surface, glittering on the surrounding trees. Standing at the side of the lake was a splintery-looking dock, a wiry rope connecting a quaint boat to one of its rails. It was a traditional, Thai long-tail boat, its signature end sticking up into the sky like a fishtail. The body was completely wooden and striped in mint-green. A small, pavilion-like structure covered the center of the boat, lights dangling from the ceiling.
Fuse turned to Karn, who was smiling warmly at him.
Karn took Fuse’s hand and guided him toward the dock. “We’ve been physical with each other, but if we’re dating, then I want us to spice things up with some romance.”

Sparks of affection exploded in Fuse’s chest. No one had ever thought to be romantic to him. He turned to get a better look at Karn. The surprise boat and lake date was gorgeous, but Karn was the real beauty of the day. His dark hair shone like wisps of obsidian and fell past his cheekbones, framing the sparkle in his eyes. Fitting him like a second, cottony skin was peacock-blue suit over a half-buttoned, soft-blue dress shirt. Though he was fair-skinned, the sun’s light brought out warm shades of gold on his exposed chest.

Overwhelmed with fondness, Fuse kissed his cheek. Karn just smiled wider and helped him onto the boat.Fuse stepped under the pavilion, which covered a small table with beautifully presented dishes and a bottle of expensive wine. Karn guided him to the seat facing the lake, before taking the chair opposite him after he detached the boat from the dock.

The boat pulled ahead, gently tugging Fuse forward. Thanks to his job bodyguarding rich sons, he was no stranger to boat rides, but they tended to be on the more lavish side.

“Why not a yacht?” Fuse teased. “Isn’t that more your style?”

“Greedy already?” Karn responded with a light smile. “Actually, I thought it’d be more special to do something lowkey. Spending tons of money doesn’t necessarily make things romantic.”

“Says who?”

“All the men that have taken their gold-digging wives on yachts instead of small boats,” Karn said, popping the cork off the wine bottle.

“Are you calling me a gold-digging wife?” Fuse crossed his arms, secretly admiring the way the sun lowered behind Karn like a halo.

“I don’t know,” Karn said, a smirk grazing his lips. “The first time we met, I showed you a bagful of money, and then you kissed me.”

“You kissed me,” Fuse corrected.

“And you’ve tried to seduce me ever since,” Karn said, pouring half a glass of berry-red wine.

“The only criminal seducer here is you,” Fuse said.

“If I confess to my crimes, will you give me a good punishment?”

They stared at each other in silence, amusement flashing in Karn’s eyes. Fuse smiled and jokingly kicked his shin.

Karn ignored this and instead revealed two plates full of what Fuse liked to call ‘rich people food’. Large, tender cuts of steak drizzled with a thick sauce he didn’t recognize, thinly sliced carrots dressed in butter, mashed potatoes that looked as light as air, and a slice of bread that was probably fresh from the oven.

Licking his lips, Fuse cut into his steak, the meat slicing like butter and took a bite. A colorful explosion of savory flavor filled his mouth, the mix of ingredients foreign to his tongue. He cleanly swallowed his bite, the taste taken with it. Eager for more, he started cutting away at his meat.

He sank back in his seat, chewing on the flavorous cut of meat, and smiled at swaying waves around him. Living in Thailand, being around water wasn’t a new phenomenon for him. In fact, he’d fished plenty of times and enjoyed a few days on the beach with Ake. But today was different. The water represented the beauty of them.

“No one’s ever done this,” Fuse said, looking up at him with sincerity and gratitude.

“Well, I’m sure this isn’t the first boat date in the history of boat dates,” Karn said through a mouthful of mashed potatoes.

Fuse shook his head. “No one’s ever taken me out. Given me so much as a second thought.”

“You’re always in my thoughts.” Karn washed down his food with a sip of wine. “You deserve much more than a lake dinner too. I promise, I’m going to start treating you right. No more arguments.”

Fuse smiled sadly. “I’m not very good at taking care of people,” he said. “But I’ll try my best.”

“Bullshit.” Karn set his glass on the table. “You always put me before you. Remember the night we got kidnapped? When you sensed danger, you refused to let me protect you and insisted that you stay in front of me at all times. I got cut by glass, but you got shot, and your first reaction was to take care of me and ignore yourself. That’s above and beyond caring for someone. Your Dad may not have given you the best example, but it’s there in you. I see it every day. You’re an extremely caring person, Fuse.”

Fuse’s heart swelled. He looked down at his plate. Karn reached over and gently lifted his chin. He leaned forward and pressed a light kiss to his lips. Fuse smiled into the kiss, his heart fluttering. They pulled away and continued to eat their food.

* * *

Fuse tangled his fingers in Karn’s silky hair as he was slammed against the bedroom wall. Karn had rented a lake house for them to settle down in for the night, so they’d made their way there, holding hands and enjoying the tender ambience of each other’s presence. There wasn’t really a ‘moment’ or a look that jump-started their kiss.

Fuse moaned against Karn’s heavy breathing in his mouth, the other male’s delight ringing in his ears. It was just a kiss, and yet, he could make Karn react so enthusiastically. Karn slid his hands from Fuse’s neck, to his shoulders, down to his waist, and finally squeezing his ass. Fuse’s eagerness spurred wildly in the pit of his stomach. He tensed up as Karn groped harder, the other male’s fingers pressing into his crevice, only to loosen as he tried to regain his balance.

“Karn,” he said, the name tickling on the edge of his breath.

Karn smiled against his lips. Fuse whimpered, his pants now painfully tight. He pressed himself against Karn, desperate for friction. In turn, Karn drew him closer and thrust against him, their hard cocks rubbing together between soft fabric. An electric shudder rolled through Fuse’s body. He gasped, squeezing Karn’s arm as he tilted his head. He tucked his face in the male’s shoulder and basked in his spiced fragrance.

“You know what my favorite part about suits are?” Karn asked, slipping his fingers under Fuse’s collar. He gripped the sides and tore his shirt open, a few buttons popping off. “Seeing what’s underneath.”

Fuse’s stiff nipples poked out from the stimulation. The suit had cost his father a fortune, but that was future Fuse’s problem. Plus, Karn looked sexy as hell destroying his shirt, which made it all worth it.

His muscles tightened with want. As if reading his mind, Karn pressed his warm palm to his flexing pecs and flicked his thumb over his right nipple. Immediate lust rushed through his core. He was surprisingly sensitive tonight, Karn’s satiny touch sending warm tingles across his skin.

Karn ran his hand over the small of Fuse’s back, drawing him closer as he began twisting his nipple between his fingertips as though it were a berry. The pinch was easily replaced with floods of excitement. Karn pressed a loving kiss to his forehead.

Fuse slid his fingers up Karn’s muscular back and lured him in for a kiss. He snuck his tongue inside his mouth, relishing in the faint taste of wine. Their lips moved together in perfect harmony. Karn caught his bottom lip with his teeth and gently sucked, making heat run through Fuse’s body.

He pulled away, his honeycomb-brown gaze meeting Fuse’s eyes. In the shadows cast in the room by the setting sun, a tender desire swelled between his pupils. Fuse held his face, admiring how beautiful Karn looked in the darkness. In that moment, he’d reached a peak of happiness that he’d never dreamt of feeling. Like a waterfall that overflowed in his stomach and spilled waves of joy.

Karn looped his arms under Fuse’s thighs and hoisted him from the ground. Fuse hooked his legs around the other male’s slender waist. He embraced Karn’s neck for support, his mind turning to jelly as he was carried across the room. In Karn’s strong arms, he felt safe and protected.

Karn threw him onto the bed. Fuse sank into the cushiony mattress, his arms falling above his head. He gazed up at Karn, his breath stuttering underneath his dominant presence. Karn crawled over him with a hungry stare and leaned down to catch Fuse’s mouth between his lips. Passion overwhelming him, Fuse sat up and grabbed Karn’s waist. Karn tugged Fuse’s open shirt down his arms. Fuse eagerly helped and tossed it off the bed.

He sat back and bit his lower lip. The last time the other man had seen him shirtless, Karn had treated him coldly. It’d taken everything in him to allow Karn to see the bruised sight behind the curtain, and it stung when Karn had acted like it meant nothing to him the other day. But Fuse had to remind himself that Karn did care. He was just acting out because he was hurt. Tonight was different. It wasn’t about jealousy or to ‘even the score’. It was about passion.

Karn brushed his thumb along Fuse’s abs. He placed ticklish kisses against his jawline and nibbled at his earlobe. Any doubts of his care were erased from Fuse’s mind, eyes fluttering shut as he pressed himself into the sweet kisses.

They sank into another kiss as slowly as trickling honey. They took turns kissing and tearing each other’s clothes off until they were stripped to nothing but their boxers. Fuse was relieved to get rid of those tight pants suppressing his hard cock, but the heavy arousal flowing through him made his desire heighten. His balls felt painfully full. Too shy to vocalize his discomfort, Fuse rubbed at his cock. It eased some of his discomfort, but it wasn’t enough.

Karn grabbed his wrist and guided his hand to his chest. Fuse groped the familiar shape of his pecs, the male’s heart pounding in his hand. He felt his cheeks sting as Karn dragged Fuse’s boxers to his ankles, his hard cock springing free. Though the other male had seen his cock plenty of times before, the implication was different this time. Until now, he hadn’t considered Karn a ‘lover’. Exposing himself like this was making him feel so vulnerable. It brought out all of Fuse’s shyness that he’d worked so hard to erase.

Karn stroked Fuse’s shaft, his cock tugged by the dry friction of his hand. Fuse fell into the mattress, a small moan escaping him. Sudden wetness coated the tip of his cock. He glanced down to see that Karn had coated him with lube. The male expertly flicked his wrist as he tightly stroked him. Fuse gripped the sheets. A gasp stuck in the back of his throat. The touch was amazing, but as Karn lowered his head, he knew he wouldn’t stop at just his hand. Karn looked up at Fuse, his eyes smirking with a twinkle. He teased his warm tongue down from the base of his cock and to his head, licking his slit, which caused small sparks of delight.

Just when Fuse thought he couldn’t get enough, Karn pursed his lips over the head. He almost came on the spot. His suction tightened, and he continued to flicker his tongue along his sensitive skin, setting his nerves off like a firework show. Fuse’s cock Slick and wet, Karn lowered his head until all of Fuse was in his mouth. A shudder ripped through Fuse. It was just a mouth, yet Fuse felt like his dick was about to explode.

“Oh, god,” He choked.

He chewed on his lower lip, suppressing a moan as Karn bobbed his head, soft hair hitting his abdomen as he lowered his head. His head slammed into the back of his throat, silky pleasure rubbing him in a way that was simply amazing. The knot in his stomach tightened.

Karn removed Fuse from his mouth with a wet ‘pop’. Fuse watched in awe, breath rasping. Pearls of sweat formed along his abdomen, the scent of his arousal filling the space. He could taste how much he wanted Karn.

Cock throbbing in his hand, Karn stroked Fuse, enough to avoid the pain of unfulfilled build up but slow enough that he wouldn’t cum all over him. He gently kissed Fuse’s thigh. Fuse buckled. Karn retrieved the small bottle of lube from under the bed. Instant fear made Fuse’s blood run cold. His eyes widened.

Karn caressed gentle circles on Fuse’s inner thigh with his thumb. “We don’t have to go all the way,” he assured him. “I just want to be as intimate with you as I can.”

It was going to be painful. And hell, Fuse would likely be hating himself tomorrow for it. But he wanted nothing more than to feel Karn inside of him. For him and Karn to connect on such a level that he’d yet to experience.

Fingers trembling, Fuse swept back the tuft of dark hair that fell in Karn’s face. Though he might’ve been nervous, he didn’t have to think twice. “I want to go all the way with you,” he murmured breathlessly.

“Are you sure?” Karn asked, swallowing thickly. “I don’t want to pressure you.”

The glimmer in his eyes was clear. Karn didn’t want to force anything on Fuse, but he definitely wanted this. Fuse’s heart swelled with warm comfort. Karn was so thoughtful and considerate. Of course, he’d trust Karn to be his first. Hell, he was his first for everything else—kissing, blow jobs, hand jobs, hickeys... And even if he weren’t, Fuse was desperate for that final reach of intimacy, where he’d feel Karn inside of him in a way that matched his feelings.

“You’re not pressuring me at all.” Fuse smiled warmly. “I want you.”

Karn crawled over him and placed a desperate kiss on his lips. “I’ll be gentle,” he whispered. “I promise.” He kissed his cheek. “I need you to lie on your stomach. It’ll be easier to prep you.”

Fuse nodded and turned over, sprawling his hands out. Embarrassment burned his face, his ass was on display. He stared at the headboard in anticipation. A finger, he could take. But he’d seen Karn’s cock before, and he was starting to have doubts that he could take him.

He pressed his face into the newly washed sheets, releasing the tension in his body as he felt Karn ravish the back of his neck with wet kisses. Suddenly, a wet object traced the rim of his hole. His breath clenched, muscles tightening up, and blood rushed to his head. It was only Karn’s finger, but the fear of what was next had him on edge.

Karn used his free hand to roll soothing circles on the small of his back and cautiously slipped his finger inside. Fuse croaked. Karn’s finger was surprisingly enjoyable. That probably had to do with the other night’s ass play. Realizing that he could take more than he expected, his breathing eased. Once it was completely inside, Karn stilled. Only the sound of soft waves and Karn’s heavy breathing could be heard over Fuse’s thundering heartbeat. His clenched walls relaxed around Karn’s finger, almost hungry for movement.

A cool liquid spilled into his asscheeks. Very slowly, Karn pumped his finger inside, readying Fuse’s entrance. Immediately, Fuse grabbed at the sheets and let out a raspy moan. To be filled like this was ride that he was quickly growing addicted to. And he wanted more.

Karn started to increase his speed, his finger slipping in and out with ease. Electric pleasure shocked Fuse’s veins. His cock throbbed into the sheets. He reached down and stroked himself.

“You’re doing so good, baby,” Karn praised.

After applying more lube, he teased a second finger inside. Fuse’s eyes widened, not expecting that he could take more than he already did. Pain throbbed, and it felt as if someone had shoved the whole world inside of him. He shifted into the bed, accepting the erotic sting. It wasn’t easy to enjoy it, like feeling Karn’s satiny mouth sucking on his cock, but he recognized that it would feel good soon if he was patient.

Karn was incredibly patient. He took his time penetrating Fuse, splaying his fingers to stretch his tight walls and slowly building up speed. Fuse’s reward came sooner than expected, the pain changing to irreplaceable delight. A rush of pleasure roared in his body, his cock dripping in his hand.

Without warning, Karn slicked his fingers out. Disappointment whimpered in Fuse’s throat. He looked back, his desire flaring.

Karn noticed his neediness and lightly smacked his ass. “Eager for more, huh?” He bent down and kissed the curvature of his behind. “Don’t worry. There’s plenty more where that came from.”

Karn dragged Fuse’s body toward the edge of the bed until his ass was just about hanging off. He stood up, stroking himself. Fuse caught sight of his size, a shiver passing through his system. If he thought taking a couple of fingers was hard…

After coating his cock with lube and filling Fuse’s ass with some, Karn rubbed the head of his cock along his crevice. Fuse could already feel the girth difference between the crown of his cock and his slender fingers. This would definitely hurt, but he was ready.

“I’ll go slowly,” Karn promised. “But if you need me to stop at any point, just let me know. Okay?“

Fuse nodded.

Spreading his cheeks apart, Karn groped and massaged, Fuse’s stammering breath finding a smoother rhythm to the soothing touch. Emotion washed over him in a frothy stream. His mind was up in the clouds, the pain spiking, but it was worth it to feel the sensual love Karn gave him. Karn started with small, shallow thrusts. Fuse sucked in a lungful of air, heated lust overtaking him. The head of Karn’s cock felt like warm velvet, squishy yet dense. It rubbed in all the right places, shooting sparks of pleasure to his core. Fuse sobbed into the linen sheets, bright stars filling his vision. He’d never felt closer to Karn than in that moment, their souls finally able to connect. True to his promise, Karn restrained his excitement, thrusting into Fuse carefully, like he was a precious gem.

Minutes passed, and Fuse was getting used to Karn. Karn’s thrusts picked up speed, the new tempo a flooded thrill of exhilaration. Fuse drowned in pleasure, Karn’s powerful thrusts slamming deeper into him. A tingling sensation started in his balls, arching his back as he choked on half-baked gasps. It felt like his entire being had been sucked out of his body, and before he could say anything, his cock shuddered and shot out a heavy load. Fuse milked his cock through his orgasm, cum continuing to squirt from the slit and spill onto his hand and mattress.

He collapsed into the mattress. Karn pulled out. Fuse felt a hot, thick liquid shoot out onto his back. Just as he was about to say something, he felt Karn wipe him off with a wet cloth. Fuse’s heart slammed against his ribcage so quickly that he feared he would break a rib. White noise deafened his ears, and his vision blurred as though his eyes brimmed with tears. Pounding hammered in his skull. Had Karn not been with him, he would’ve passed out right then and there, but he didn’t want to ruin the moment.

Karn fell onto the bed beside him, resting on his back as he looked over at Fuse with a delicately heated gaze. Panting, he wriggled forward and snuck in a quick kiss. Channeling whatever strength he had left, Fuse smiled at him. It were gestures like this that made his vulnerability worth it. Karn being sweet, giving his heart to him. A heart that Fuse didn’t deserve. One he wouldn’t have dared to ask for.

Karn draped an arm over his back, weighing Fuse down. Exhaustion overtaking him, Fuse shut his eyes and succumbed to the darkness.

* * *

A blinding light penetrated through Fuse’s eyelids, breaking his slumber. Shifting around, he cringed at the stickiness he had been too tired to clean from last night. Then he smiled, remembering why he’d been too tired.

He faced the black mass of hair beside him. Reaching out, he brushed strands of Karn’s hair off his cheeks. This was the stunning man that was devoted to him. He couldn’t have asked for a better person to love.

Love? Fuse pulled back, startled by his own thoughts. He quickly settled down. Yeah, he was starting to fall in love with Karn. It was a fucking terrifying realization, but that was the gamble he took when it came to relationships. Hopefully, he didn’t lose it all.

Karn’s long lashes fluttered open, and he stared back with soft tiredness. He smacked his lips together and grinned. “Morning,” he said in a dry voice.

“Good morning.” Fuse lazily kissed his forehead. “Last night was…”


“Yeah.” Fuse nodded, satisfied. “Ours.”

“And you,” Karn started, wakefulness brightening in his eyes, “were incredible. Like, really. I mean that.”

“Even though I’m a virgin?” Fuse asked jokingly.

“Well, you’re certainly not anymore.” Karn winked, drawing Fuse in closer. “But yes, regardless of your experience, you were amazing.”

Happy tingles spread in Fuse’s chest. Suddenly, a dull throb stabbed in his ass. Hissing, he reached for the pain and massaged his lower back.

Karn sat up with concern. “Sorry, was I too rough?” Guilt coated his tone. He soothed Fuse’s back with his palm.

Fuse shook his head. “Not at all.”

Karn’s shoulders relaxed. “Okay, good. I’ve never taken anyone’s virginity before,” he said honestly.

“You were perfect,” Fuse said.

Metallic jingling from the doorknob broke their conversation. They both looked at the direction of the sound. Fuse frowned.

“Did you order food?” he asked.

Karn got up from the bed and retrieved a gun from the nightstand. “No.”

Great. More mafia shit.

The door swung open, silhouetting a familiar figure.

Fuse froze. “Dad!?



  1. Kaikai

    This chapter I truly loved and was touched by the beauty of love and of love making.
    I think this chapter embodies this concept :
    Come sleep with me. We won’t make love. Love will make us.
    I describe it as explosion of tenderness.
    Karn and Fuse have finally come to an understanding where they are only dating each other and have admitted they like each other.
    So a new deeper emotional connection is beginning.
    Fuse is sweetly touched by Karn actually asking him out in a date.
    “Still he’d be lying to himself that a gushy chocolate melting warmth filled his chest.”
    I like the scent blending into sound.
    “ The scent of water of fresh water lingered, blending into the crisp sound of waves hitting the shore. “

    With affectionate bickering Karn leads Fuse to a wide shining lake.
    This is beautiful.
    “ Shimmery patterns of descending sun light cascaded across its surface, glittering on the surrounding trees. “
    I love this.
    With sparks of affection exploding in Fuse’s chest, he notes
    “ Karn was the real beauty of the day “. “ the sun’s light brought out warm shades of gold on his exposed chest. “.
    These two are allowing themselves to feel strong connections with each other. There is fondness with cheek kisses and wide smiles.
    Every interaction is caring, loving, tender or even admiring.
     “ secretly admiring the way the sun lowered behind Karn like a halo.  “ 
    They are playful.
     “ if I confess my crimes will you give me a good punishment?” Flavorous is a new word for me.  I like it.  
    What I love is that both feel that “ today was different.”  “ The water captured the beauty of them “.  I love this image.   
    The other theme that runs through this scene is that Fuse and Karn are openly appreciative of each other and are expressing feelings.
    Fuse has never had someone take them out  on a date.This was a nice juxtaposition.  “ No one has ever given me a second thought. “ 
    Karn sweetly admits “ You are always in my thoughts. “
    Fuse out of insecurity demeans his ability to take care of people.The beauty here is Karn tenderly celebrates Fuse.  
    “ I see it everyday.  You are an extremely caring person, Fuse. “ 
    It is “ the tender ambience of each other’s presence “ that flows with Fuse and Karn. 
    I like the name tickling on the edge of his breath.  
    What ensues is what I call a tender dance of desire kissed by love: loving kisses and passionate touch.  Touch is flowing, lips moving together in harmony.   
    It is a deeper new connection. “ in that moment he’d reached a peak of happiness he’d never dream of feeling “. He felt safe and protected. “ 
    I love this image.   His breath stuttering underneath his dominant presence. 
    Fuse is very aware that this is not the jealousy even the score cold sexuality.   Instead it is passion being transformed with love.  
    This is so lovely.  
    “ They sank  into another kiss as slowly as trickling honey. “ 
    In this new passion,  Fuse feels vulnerable.   Exposing his feelings with passion brought out his shyness.  Fuse has worked hard to erase the shyness, under the umbrella of denial.   The umbrella is gone.  
    “ exposing him self like this was making him feel vulnerable.  It brought out all of Fuse’s shyness he’d worked so hard to erase. “. 
    Karn his eyes smirking with a twinkle , love this.  initiates.  I like. 
    He could taste how much he wanted Karn.   
    I love as this dance  of love and sexuality continues, that the pace is one of communication, of constantly trying with each new touch to make sure it is pleasing to the other.    
    It is beautiful that Karn gives the choice of continuing to Fuse. Just as loving is Fuse “ wanting nothing more than to feel Karn inside of him “. 
    Karn is thoughtful, considerate and loving.   Karn is gentle.    It touches me so that Karn is so sensitive to Fuse, knowing his fears, yet soothes them away.  Karn soothes his fears with gentleness, stillness, sensitivity , allowing Fuse’s hunger to surface.  

    I like. Pain throbbed and it felt as if someone had shoved the whole world inside of him.  
    Karn patience is endless and tender.  “ pain changed to irreplaceable delight. “. And later“ it was worth it to feel the sensual love Karn gave him. “
    This just made me teary and emotional. 
    “He’d never felt closer to Karn in that moment, their souls finally able to connect. “ Fuse’s eyes brimmed with tears.  As did mine.   
    The beauty of this love encounter  is that with Karn being sweet and giving his heart to him, Fuse feels being vulnerable was worth it.   As he was accepted in his vulnerability.  
    Again this  is just adorable.  Fuse has a “ fucking terrifying realization “ he was starting to fall in love with Karn. 
    You already are in love with Karn, Fuse.  

    And melting comments.  Last night. Was ours.  
    Again Karn celebrates Fuse telling him that he was incredible,  washing away Fuse’s virginity and lack of experience fears. 
    The dad’s arrival was a huge surprise an unexpected twist.  

    What touched me so was the intricate details of tender reactions between these two. The constant caring and trying to please, to pace rhythms to give pleasure.
    It was such a sweet tender way to lose your virginity. And virginity did not matter at all. Only love mattered.
    Not only was Fuse being emotional and allowing himself to feel vulnerable,
    but Karn was endlessly giving and loving with Fuse. Karn was also allowing his emotions to blossom as well.
    I loved your writing in this chapter.

    i predict no matter what reason the dad showed up, he will inflict pain on Fuse and he will favor karn.

  2. MkMzE

    I was already saying that Fuse’s dad was off the radar…. What’s going to happen now?… Thanks this book is very good

  3. MkMzE

    the author describes beautiful settings and the translator allows us to enjoy each one in perfect detail… Thanks, and definitely Karn and Fuse are a strong and beautiful couple… Karn is the best he definitely has an admirable heart and patience.

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