Fuse held in a small breath as he reached for the door. As soon as training ended, he made a beeline for the dorm, wanting to settle in before Karn arrived. It was only their second day. He hadn’t even spent an entire night with Karn, and just the thought started to make him tremble. 

Considering how quickly he left, Karn couldn’t possibly have beaten him to the room. Fuse’s lungs weren’t burning for nothing—he’d raced here as quickly as possible. 

With a burst of determination, he grabbed the doorknob and jerked the door open. A jolt of shock hit his chest. Karn was lying on one of the beds with his arm propped against the wall, supporting his head.

I wanted the side near the window. 

The two beds were separated by a nightstand. Each side also had its own dresser, but there was only one desk in the corner of the room. Fuse sucked in a breath—he would have to adjust to it. 

“Who knew we’d be sharing a room together?” Karn joked. He hopped off the bed and strolled to a large suitcase near what Fuse assumed was the bathroom door. 

Too exhausted to argue about which bed he wanted, Fuse plopped onto the one without a window. His aching muscles eased as he sank into the plush mattress, body collapsing towards slumber. The reminder of clothes tumbling in a clangy washing machine a few halls away broke him from his sleepy trance. Last time he’d fallen asleep with laundry washing overnight, he found a lump of smelly, wet, wrinkled clothes sitting in the bottom of the machine. He ended up having to rewash the entire load. 

“Do you want to use the shower first?” Karn asked as he glanced at Fuse, a bead of sweat sliding down the side of his pale neck. 

“Why? So you can mess with my things?” Fuse was cranky when he was tired.

Karn rolled his eyes and wiped a bit of sweat off his cheek with his palm. “If I’m going to be messing with anything, it’d be you.” Unzipping his suitcase, he pulled out a baby-blue towel and facecloth. “But right now, I want to shower.”

“Then go shower already,” Fuse snipped.

Karn opened his mouth. Just as Fuse was preparing for his retort, Karn tightened his lips, turned away, and shut himself into the bathroom.

At last, Fuse had the room all to himself and was able to relax without Karn nearby to intrude on his thoughts. With a short huff, he sat up and put his suitcase onto the bed. Nothing too sentimental was packed, just toiletries, towels, and a couple photos from his childhood. 

Fuse always carried a family photo wherever he went. In his wallet, he’d stashed away an image of his parents holding him as a baby, smiling at the camera. Since his mother had died so early, his memory of what she looked like was blurry. He liked to remember her as she was in the photo—youthful, and happy. 

A heaviness in his chest, Fuse took the photos of his family from his suitcase and tucked them under a book in the nightstand drawer. 

Minutes later, he heard the bathroom door swing open. Karn stepped out, dripping wet, wearing nothing but a towel. Water trickled down his chest and abs, outlining the sculpted muscle and smooth skin, as though it was a goddamn commercial. The silky, black locks that were usually slicked back were damp, framing Karn’s face to reveal his sexy bangs, which framed his seductive gaze.

Fuse’s breath caught in his throat as Karn walked to his dresser, the side of the towel splitting to reveal his firm, sleek thighs.

“New rule.” Fuse started as he slammed the drawer shut. “No walking around half naked!” 

Cocking a playful brow, Karn reached down and undid the knot at his waist. Under Fuse’s stunned gaze, he dropped his towel. “Okay, so only fully naked then?” 

Fuse remained motionless for a moment, then quickly covered his eyes in shock, his pulse throbbing in his throat. “Put some clothes on!” 

“Why? We’re both men here. Unless…” Fuse heard his footsteps pacing near. “There’s something you’re hiding from me.” 

Fuse lowered his hands and focused his gaze on the wall behind Karn’s head, heart about to pop out of his chest. “I’m not hiding anything, pervert!” 

Karn was stark naked and standing right next to him. One wrong move, and Fuse could accidentally touch him—

“Pervert?” Karn laughed smoothly. “I’m not the one sexualizing my roommate.”

“I’m not sexualizing anyone!” Fuse said, a small crack in his voice. In retrospect, he hadn’t looked at anyone sexually before. Why is this time so different? 

“Then why won’t you look at me?” Karn asked in a provocative tone. 

Accepting the challenge, he glared at Karn’s nose. Fuse’s throat tightened as he lowered his gaze to Karn’s perky nipples, down to his very defined v-line. His ears burned as his eyes stayed frozen, staring at the curve of muscle that demanded he go lower.

“Did your eyes forget how to move?” Karn taunted. 

Gritting his teeth, Fuse marched away and shoved his suitcase under the bed.

“You see the space between the nightstand and the wall?” Fuse asked sharply as he drew an imaginary line down the centre of the room while looking at Karn’s eyes to make sure he was paying attention, before he continued. “This is my side, and that is your side.” He pointed at each side of the room. “You are not allowed on my side.”

“By that logic, you’re not allowed on my side either.” Karn still hadn’t bothered to put on a fucking robe or something. 

“No.” Fuse rushed to his bed and began smoothing out the wrinkles he’d made, trying to distract himself from the inviting smile Karn was giving him. “I have to go on your side to get to the bathroom and enter the room.”

“So I’m not allowed on your side, but you’re allowed on my side?” Karn clarified.

“I’d only be going on your side for bathroom purposes.” Fuse snatched a pillow and stuffed it into his galaxy-printed pillowcase. “You have no reason to be on my side.”

“What if I want to kiss you? Do you have to be on my side? Or do we have to be in the bathroom to do it?” Karn asked, as though he was Fuse’s husband that had messed up and was testing what he could get away with.

Fuse chucked a pillow at the chuckling male, who easily caught the blow. “I am never going to kiss you!”

“Again,” Karn added, hugging Fuse’s makeshift weapon. 

A frown tightened his brows as he debated snatching the pillow away from Karn. The man’s scent was going to be all over it. 

Ever again!” 

Fuse stormed out of the room, steam practically shooting out of his ears, and slammed the door behind him. With heavy feet, he stomped over to Ake a few rooms down and pounded on his door. The door swung open to reveal Ake rubbing his eyes in a sleepy fashion. 

“What?” Ake yawned, wearing nothing but a pair of gray sweatpants. Arm against the doorframe, he squinted at Fuse. 

Weird—his heart didn’t stop when he saw his friend shirtless.

Fuse peeked inside. Tao was already sleeping, the lucky fuck, and from the posters on the wall, he guessed that they’d settled in damn quickly. “Can I stay with you tonight?” His tone sounded demanding, but he was not going to explain to his friend why he needed a room for the night. 

“What’s wrong with your room?” Normally, Ake was patient. Now, Fuse sensed his friend’s desire for him to speak and get gone. But fuck it. Fuse was too angry to care whether Ake was cranky.

“Karn’s an asshole. I can’t stand being around him right now.” He explained, body firing up just talking about it. At this rate, he wasn’t even going to last to their first mission. Fist curling, he gazed desperately at Ake. “Please.” The urgency was emphasized by that one word Fuse seldom used. 

Ake stared at him, lowered his shoulders, and let out a deep sigh. “You’re going to have to learn to get along with him, Fuse.” As he spoke, Fuse practically heard Ake resisting the urge to facepalm. “Go back, and figure it out.”

“There’s no reasoning with him!” Fuse snapped.

Ake scowled at him, something he only did to show disapproval. With a curt huff, Fuse set his hands on his hips. “You know I hate asking for favors. I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t have to,” Fuse said lightly.

Biting his lower lip, Ake glanced into the room and back at Fuse. “I would, but I really don’t want to mess things up with N’Tao. What would he think if I let my friend just spend the night?”

That you’re a good friend. Fuse withheld his comment, mainly because he knew that it wasn’t going to come across as intended. 

“Besides, there’s not enough room for a third person.” Ake indicated the room, which Fuse had to admit was on the small side and would be even more crowded with three big men.

“Fine, but I’m going to remember this next time you ask me to be your wingman.” Fuse didn’t really mean it. He couldn't hold a grudge to save his life. 

Before Ake had the chance to redeem himself, Fuse stormed down the hallway. Instead of returning to Karn, he made his way to the laundry room to dry his clothes. Upon arrival, he saw a heavy-set woman with a toolbelt hanging a ‘Closed’ sign on the door. 

Brows furrowed, Fuse titled his head and approached the worker. “Excuse me.” Fuse gestured to the sign. “I thought the laundry room was open at all hours.” This was the first time he’d ever seen any sign up. 

“It usually is,” she said gruffly, jangling keys in her pocket. Fuse waited for her to explain. She picked up her toolkit and checked its contents. 

“Then why does it say it’s closed?” Fuse pressed. 

“Because it’s closed,” she said in a condescending tone that made him internally snarl. 

 “Because?” This lady was lucky she was a woman. Had she been a man, Fuse would’ve thrown them across the hall and headed into the laundry room. 


She pushed the door open and stepped inside, tools clinking against each other as she walked. 

“Is there any chance I can use one of the dryers?” he asked, quelling his frustration. 


“Can I at least get my stuff?” Fuse remind calm outwardly for the sake of his clothing. 

Shaking her head, she sighed dramatically and held the door out for him. “Make it quick.”

He retrieved his clothes and rushed out of there. Fuck, these were the only clothes he’d brought to the dorm. Clearly, he wasn’t going to be wearing dry pyjamas tonight. 

At the door of the room, he sucked in a deep breath before entering and headed straight to the balcony to hang his laundry on the clothesline. He set his pile on the chair outside and started stringing the wet clothes along the line, muttering curses as he clipped them on. A shirt bounced from his aggressive hanging and smacked its wet sleeve in his face. “Motherfucker…”

“Why didn’t you put them in the dryer?” Karn asked.

Fuse looked back. A few steps behind, Karn was dressed for bed in what looked like the softest pyjamas. Knowing Karn, it was probably some fucking expensive material, like Egyptian cotton. It must be nice to wear such comfortable clothing in this heat. 

“Maintenance,” Fuse answered, returning his focus to the rest of his laundry. 

Karn glanced at the wet clothes Fuse had almost finished hanging out. “Do you have anything to wear to bed?”

No. “Yes.” What did it matter to him?

”I don’t mind lending you some of my pyjamas.” 

Because Fuse was just dying to owe Karn a favor. There was no gesture that didn’t come with  strings attached.

“I’m fine.” Gritting his teeth, Fuse hung up the last of his laundry. He turned to go back inside and tried to avoid the other man. Karn had been standing there the entire time for whatever reason. 

“The offer still stands,” Karn said with a faint smile. 

What’s with this guy? Fuse nodded and returned to the room to grab a towel and shower items.

He took a quick, hot shower. Though he normally enjoyed longer ones, he was far too exhausted. As soon as he stepped out, he stared at the pile of stinky clothes from his training in the corner of the bathroom. 


If he left the bathroom in only a towel, Karn was definitely going to see all the colorful bruises on his chest and back. He trembled as he realized the bastard would even see that deep scar his father gifted him from shuriken. Karn would find his body repulsive

Not even Ake had seen his entire body. When he had to change in locker rooms, he always found a corner to change in or hid in one of the bathroom stalls. Even when it came to important things like doctor’s appointments, he did his best to avoid having to reveal anything unnecessary. 

It was uncomfortable. Humiliating. Pathetic. It showed how weak he was to have to be beaten in order to be a good fighter. Those bruises were a nasty reminder of the truth. That he was worthless. And Fuse didn’t want anyone knowing that more than he knew it himself.

But it was late, and Karn had seemed tired. He likely had fallen asleep by now. Fuse could run out, sleep naked, and wake up early to get dressed. 

Yes, that’s what he’d do. Ready to bolt, he tore the door open and froze. 


“I thought we weren’t allowed to be half-naked?” Karn managed to say after his breath had been stolen by the beautiful sight of Fuse’s slender body in the doorframe. 

Like a deer in headlights, Fuse remained still. 

Karn had never seen anyone so stunning. He gripped the sheets to try to control his response. A demanding hunger stirred in his body, arousing his desire. 

Fuse’s golden skin was decorated with a mixture of deep purples, yellows, and greens, and somehow, that made him look more attractive. Karn wanted, no, needed to bite and kiss that flesh, adding his own love marks, blotting out the signs of violence with tender ownership. 

The bruises were obviously from fists. A large part of Karn wanted to hunt down the person who had beaten him and savage them to a gory pulp. This evidence also solidified his theory. Fuse was being abused. 

But Karn knew better than to bring it up. Especially as the other boy was so resistant to him. 

“Damn...you are toned. I would’ve never expected all that muscle underneath those clothes.” It took everything in Karn’s willpower to not devour Fuse.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

At the sudden noise from outside in the hall, Karn shot up from the bed and raced to the door, angling himself in an attempt to hide his hard-on. He opened up and glanced outside to see Instructor Sapol hammering on doors, shouting something about an inspection. Pursing his lips, Karn shut the door and turned to Fuse. 

“You are not going out like that,” Karn insisted. There was no way he was going to let others see Fuse even partially naked. His body was for Karn’s eyes only. 

“As if I’d actually go out naked! Unlike you, I have some sense of modesty!” Fuse said tartly.

Karn shifted to his dresser and revealed a drawerful of pyjamas. 

“What’s going on anyway?” Fuse still had yet to leave the bathroom doorway.

Karn chose a matching set of black pyjamas and tossed them to Fuse. “Inspection.”

Fuse caught the clothes and clutched them to his chest. “I don’t need anything from you.” 

“Take them,” Karn said earnestly. Either Fuse put them on voluntarily, or he put them on him by force. The choice was his.

Fuse looked down at his hands, frowning. “What do you want in return?”

Karn shook his head. “I don’t want anything.” 

“You must want something.” Fuse scoffed. “Nothing in life is free.”

“Take it as a welcoming gesture.” Karn’s warm expression turned into a sly smirk. “But I wouldn’t mind a kiss.”

“What the hell is with you and kissing?” Fuse scowled. “I swear, it’s like you actually want to kiss me.” 

“Don’t you want to kiss me?” Karn asked. Judging from their first kiss, Fuse’s reciprocation was a good sign that he was open to the idea. 

“No! Stop asking!” Fuse stepped back, his fiery temper clearly about to ignite. “And I’m not going to borrow anything from you if you’re expecting sexual favors from it!”

Karn let out a long sigh. It was fun to tease Fuse, but he needed to know when to chill out. “I’m just busting your balls. I don’t expect anything but for you to wear them.” 

Fuse stared at Karn, looking lost in thought. Then he slammed the bathroom door shut. Not too long after, he stepped out.

He looks so fucking cute. Karn wished he could’ve taken a picture to forever savor the image of Fuse buttoned up in his pyjamas. The dark material took possession of that wheat-gold body. He wanted to pull him into a warm embrace and kiss his sweet skin until he whined for him to stop. This was going to be the longest year of Karn’s life.


Fuse made his way out the door and met rows full of yawning and stretching guys. This program was more intense than Fuse thought. He knew his father wouldn’t force him into a sissy camp, but this was pushing to an extreme level. It wasn’t like they were soldiers in the damn military. Thankfully Fuse wasn’t already asleep.

Only the nose picking guy seemed to be undisturbed, dressed up in ripped jeans and a leather jacket. The guy must’ve had an insane amount of energy to be planning for a night out after all that training.  

Tao and Ake were standing a few doors across. Ake was rubbing his eyes, subtly hitting his toe against Tao’s foot. Tao rested against the doorframe with closed eyes, not caring or not noticing Ake’s subtle touch. 

“You will be given missions that can occur at any time,” Instructor Sapol said, striding past the lines as though he were a sergeant inspecting his cadets. “Therefore, you must stay on or near the campus unless told otherwise.” 

As badly as Fuse wanted to ridicule the idea, it made sense. Bodyguarding was a 24/7 job and could be unpredictable. 

Instructor Sapol began handing people a black device. “This is a pager.” 

Fuse took the sleek square and tucked it in his pocket. 

As the instructor pressed a small button on the bottom of the device, it rang, and a green flashing light appeared. “When it beeps and flashes green, you are to come to the gym immediately. If you do not arrive within ten minutes of paging, points will be deducted from your score per every second of delay.”

Great, so Fuse was limited to where he could run off to in case he had to flee from Karn for whatever reason. His plans to avoid Karn were dwindling. 

“What if we’re in class?” Nose picker asked. 

“Mission schedules are designed to fit in with your University life, not disrupt it,” Sapol said in front of a doorway that appeared to be missing a participant. Hands behind his back, he stopped directly in front of the boy without a partner.

“Where’s Itsuki?” he asked sternly. 

The boy gulped and timidly shrugged. 

“Well, I doubt he’s back in Japan. It’s not even the first night, and you can’t keep track of your partner?”

Fuse couldn’t see the instructor’s face, but the boy’s horrified expression signalled that Sapol’s countenance was not friendly.

“You’re going to wait outside until he returns. This will help you remember how to find him next time.”

The boy opened his mouth to protest, but smartly shut it, likely because the instructor had given him another intimidating look. 

“The rest of you may return to your dorms for the night.” Instructor Sapol turned around and stared at the guys in the hallway. “Now!”

Wasting no time, Fuse trailed back into the room and jumped into bed before the instructor had anything else to say. Warmth spread throughout his body as he snuggled under the fuzzy blanket. The light flicked off, and he heard the bed next to him creak. 

“Goodnight, partner,” Karn murmured in a tired voice.

Fuse nuzzled into his pillow, which annoyingly held a bit of Karn’s scent. Finally, some goddamn sleep.

As soon as his eyes shut, Fuse’s other senses immediately heightened. All he could think about was the smooth fabric delicately stroking his skin. This fabric is soft. Karn’s strong, masculine scent from the pyjamas sent a familiar tingle down his back. It was almost as though Karn’s hands were on his body, caressing his sensitive flesh and holding him in the complete darkness. Fuse shivered at the thought.

He was not into Karn. Anybody would feel ultra aware when they were wearing someone else’s clothes. Just because he acknowledged that he could smell Karn didn’t mean he liked it. It was a simple observation. 

Not hearing any grumbles or movement, Fuse turned around and risked a glance at the other boy. Karn was snuggled under his covers, sound asleep. The soft light from the window brushed over his face, pink lips parted and eyelashes brushing against his cheek. Quiet and relaxed like this, he looked much less like an asshole. 

I can’t believe Dad invited him to train with us tomorrow.


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  1. Kaikai

    . This was a delightfully sensual chapter as Fuse and Karn further develop their relationship.
    Fuse is hyper sensitive to Karn. When he realizes a sensual attraction , he shoves Karn away. However the attraction is there and is not going away. Also Fuse has not forgotten his passionate response to Karn ‘s kiss in the closet.
    Discovering new sensual feelings, is making Fuse nervous.
    He wants to establish territory in the room first. And raced over.
    I like “ with a burst of determination” he barges into the room to discover Karn has already taken possession.

    Karn easily begins his flirtatious manner on his crush with roommate jokes.
    An exhausted Fuse collapses on the bed with aching muscles.
    The ensuing interactions with these two new roommates is delightful and cute.
    Karn’s polite request of a shower, receives a cranky response from tired nervous Fuse.
    Unperturbed Karn retaliates with a flirtatious.
    “If I am going to be messing with anything m it’d be you. “.
    So with Karn in the shower Fuse attempts to relax without intruding thoughts.
    It is sweet that Fuse takes a family photo everywhere. He cherishes the one warm person in his life., his mom. He likes to remember a youthful, happy mom who loved him.
    This is sensual Karn at his best coming out of the shower. I love this passage. I love the trickling water outlining the sculpted muscle and smooth skin and yes Karn could be an abs model in a commercial.

    Water trickled down his chest and abs, outlining the sculpted muscle and smooth skin, as though it was a goddamn commercial. The silky, black locks that were usually slicked back were damp, framing Karn’s face to reveal his sexy bangs, which framed his seductive gaze.
    Fuse obviously flustered by his attraction to Karn , declares a rule of no walking around half naked.
    So in Karn flirtatious mode, Karn steps up his game a notch, with “okay fully naked then “
    This very sensual move was unexpected. I loved the surprise element.
    Fuse cutely covers his eyes, and issues futile clothing demands. Karn ignores him and moves closer to his prey, taunting “ I’m not the one sexualizing my roommate. “
    Innocent Fuse has never looked at anyone sexually before, and is now very aware that he is now doing it and that somehow looking at Karn is sensual and different.
    Karn is relentless and provocative with “Then why won’t you look at me. “ This is a sensual aggressive move. Karn is demanding to be looked at.
    Fuse has a feisty side and takes on the challenge.
    I love “ the curve of muscle that demanded he go lower.” This is beautiful writing. Not only is Karn verbally demanding to be looked at, but the beauty of Karn’s body is commanding Fuse as well.
    This predator prey sequence is seductive and vivid. Beautiful writing.
    Karn continues his taunting with “Did your eyes forget to move?”
    Fuse is both flustered and attracted. And probably afraid of his new sensual attraction. He marches away and begins issuing commands about dividing the room. But he is very much sensitive to nude Karn and tries to distract himself from the inviting grin.
    Undaunted in his pursuit of Fuse, Karn interjects a what if I want to kiss you. He sardonically notes that the kiss would take place on his side or the bathroom. This was amusing.
    Throwing a pillow and shouting a denial , Fuse retakuatescwith I will never kiss you.
    The “again” reply of Karn , was nicely written. It was humorous and effective.
    Shouting “ever again” Fuse storms out of the room. Fuse feels out of control with his attraction to Karn and also being reminded of that first kiss, scares and infuriates him.
    Desperate Fuse pleads with Ake to spend the night in his room.. Ake is more concerned with Tao’s reaction, and says no.
    It is a nice touch that Fuse knows he cannot hold a grudge, even if he is disappointed and angry. It is also interesting to learn that Fuse does not like asking for favors Fuse has been a loner who does things himself.
    The laundry sequence was amusing and left Fuse with a pile of wet clothes.
    Karn sweetly offers Fuse his pajamas. Most likely Karn likes the possessive side of seeing Fuse wearing his clothes and enjoying his scent.
    It is a very sad victim mentality that Fuse is ashamed of his body covered with bruises and scars. He has spent years hiding his body from the public. He fears Karn will find his body repulsive.
    It is tragic that as a victim Fuse blames himself for not being good enough .
    “Pathetic. It showed how weak he was to have to be beaten in order to be a good fighter.”
    Fuse believes that he is worthless. This was a very touching paragraph of despair. I like this :” And Fuse didn’t want anyone knowing that more than he knew it himself.”
    One of my favorite moments In this chapter was Karn being overcome at the beauty of Fuse’s stunning body.
    This is beautiful writing.
    “ Fuse’s golden skin was decorated with a mixture of deep purples, yellows, and greens, and somehow, that made him look more attractive. Karn wanted, no, needed to bite and kiss that flesh, adding his own love marks, blotting out the signs of violence with tender ownership. “
    Karn saw Fuse’s body as beautiful even with the bruises. I love Karn wanting to add his own live marks to blot out the signs of violence with tender ownership.
    Karn is reacting with sensuality but also with tenderness.
    Karn displays possessive anger with wanting to hunt down the abuser.
    “A large part of Karn wanted to hunt down the person who had beaten him and savage them to a gory pulp. “This evidence also solidified his theory. Fuse was being abused.
    This is a caring Karn and observant.
    I like possessive Karn. His body was for Karn’s eyes only.
    Karn basically forces Fuse to put on his pajamas.
    In taunting Fuse with kissing, Karn is sensitive as to when to stop . He cares enough to back off and stop.
    I love the way Karn thinks Fuse is cute wearing his pajamas. This is a beautiful image.
    “ The dark material took possession of that wheat-gold body.,”
    After lining up for the instructor , Karn and Fuse prepare to go to sleep.
    One of the things that I love about your writing is the way you add rich details to moments in the story. By doing so the moment is slowly savored and becomes vivid imagery in the reader’s imagination.
    Fuse wearing Karn’s pajamas reflects this richness.
    “ , Fuse’s other senses immediately heightened. All he could think about was the smooth fabric delicately stroking his skin. ” I love the fabric stroking his skin.
    “Karn’s strong, masculine scent from the pyjamas sent a familiar tingle down his back. “
    Fuse is enveloped in a cocoon of Karn.
    I love this fantasy of Fuse.
    “It was almost as though Karn’s hands were on his body, caressing his sensitive flesh and holding him in the complete darkness. “
    I love your style of writing. You transform a simple act of wearing a pajama into a rich sensual fantasy.
    Trying to deny and downplay his reaction to the pajamas, Fuse glances at a sleeping Karn.
    This comment was amusing.
    “Quiet and relaxed like this, he looked much less like an asshole. “
    And we are left with the scary knowledge that Karn will attend Fuse’s father’s practice.
    This has trouble written all over it. Fuse will watch his dad being nice to Karn and most likely cruel to Fuse.
    I loved this chapter.

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