Today I Also Want to Meditate With Master

Author: 池翎 (Chi Ling)
Total Chapters: (23)

Today I Also Want to Meditate With Master

Author: 池翎 (Chi Ling)
Total Chapters: (23)
Schedule: Weekly

Translator: Sahloknir

|‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎Editor: Sahloknir

Schedule: Weekly

Translator: Sahloknir

‎‏‏‎Editor: Sahloknir


Qi Shu respected his Shizun and kept his love for him hidden for many years.

Until one day, he learns a secret.

His Master was a rare furnace body, and when he ascended through the tribulation, he had to dual cultivate with someone, otherwise he would suffer a backlash and go into qi deviation.

When Qi Shu returned to his Master's Sect, he found that his Master really had hit a bottleneck in his cultivation and his cultivation had been severely damaged.

When he looked at the pale and handsome face of his Master, Qi Shu felt pity... "Master, I can help you."

Gu Hanjiang: "...Really?"
Qi Shu: "This disciple will do what I say!"

Later, Qi Shu learned that those with furnace physiques are not limited to the bottom.

That's not what it says in the text!!!

Suffering disciple shou x the cold and reclusive beauty gong.

In the year of the Master and Disciple, Qi Shu is the recipient and Gu Hanjiang is the attacker, let the master be supported!

* Special thank you to SilverRain for TLC and expertise and Meng for hilarious comments and extra help! 



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  1. LicoLico

    Ooooh, You decided to adopt this novel to our little family? Wonderful! Thank You very much!

  2. ruoruo

    ahhh! looking forward to reading this here hehehhe

  3. Bingqiu

    I loved this story so far! I’m new here so I’m a bit confused, is it not possible to subscribe to the novels in order to get notifications when they update? Or a bookmark system of any kind? Thank you!

    • Sahloknir

      Hi there, we had plans to start a Discord group, which have been delayed as my Mum fell ill mid last year and then passed away late last year and I’m now helping my Dad get through cancer treatment. I’ll be back working on this novel once his chemotherapy is done (in about four weeks) and will start updating again. Hopefully we will also be able to start our plans for the Discord group where we can update. Thank you for your patience!

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