A man who is drunk talks more than usual, but Gu Hanjiang can no longer remember what else he said.

By the time he came back to his senses, he had already pressed his young disciple onto the bed.

He tasted the faint traces of wine between the other man's lips.

Qi Shu's lips were soft, and because of the wine he had drunk, they looked even more moist and red than usual. Gu Hanjiang accidentally increased the force of his kiss and caused a mist to form in the young disciple's eyes.

Only after a long while did Gu Hanjiang let go of him.

It was not clear whether the young disciple had sobered up or not, but his whole body was flushed red. He looked at the man on top of him in a daze, his lips trembling slightly, but he couldn't say a word.

It was as if he was dumbfounded by the kiss.

Gu Hanjiang loosened his grip, but the two remained close, his hand dropped to the pillow, his long, cold fingers gently brushing over his young apprentice's face, only to withdraw as if he had been burned.

It was so uncalled for.

As a teacher, how could he do such a thing?

But how could he control it?

Gu Hanjiang was not cultivating the path of heartlessness. Like countless men and women in the mortal world who are moved by their hearts, they will intensely miss and long for each other.

The determination that had been cultivated for centuries was so fragile in front of this person that it seemed like a joke.

"Master, you also—"

You like me too, don't you?

Qi Shu wanted to ask this question, but before he could say anything, his words were blocked again.

Gu Hanjiang lowered his head and kissed on those lips.

This time he moved gently, his slightly cool lips covering them, not going deeper, just lightly.

At the same time, he stretched out his finger and gently placed it on Qi Shu's brow.

Qi Shu realised what he was going to do and suddenly began to struggle as hard as he could.


But he couldn't break free, there was no comparison between the two men in terms of strength or stature. Gu Hanjiang restrained him with just one hand, his hands were raised above his head and pressed tightly, and his broken words were swallowed up between their lips.
As the light of spiritual energy entered through his brow, his struggle gradually lost its strength.

"After waking up, you won't remember anything." Gu Hanjiang heard himself speak, his voice low and hoarse, "Go to sleep."

"Why ah…"

Qi Shu was a little aggrieved. Those bright eyes filled with tears, and he clutched at his Master's sleeve, only to have the latter pull it out bit by bit.

He didn't get an answer after all, and the sleepiness that had been forced upon him soon enveloped his whole body.

Qi Shu gently closed his eyes, and a tear slid down the end of his eye and disappeared into the hair at his temples.

"You're still young, A-Shu." Gu Hanjiang sat at the head of the bed and spoke softly, as if he was answering, but also speaking to himself.

This age is the most impulsive and reckless age, and it is also the age when one cannot yet distinguish between heartfelt love and simple admiration.

He could go astray, but Qi Shu could not.

So, the day after that incident, Gu Hanjiang asked Qing Lan Xianzun to send Qi Shu down the mountain.

Qi Shu had been by his side all these years, and had seen too few people and things, so perhaps if he went on a trip down the mountains to travel, he could sober upHe doesn't mean literally. The other translation is 'wake up'. Gu Hanjiang wants to give Qi Shu the opportunity to spread his wings and realise there's a whole world outside..

That's what Gu Hanjiang thought.

But what was the reality?

Three years had passed, and the young disciple had grown into a handsome and beautiful young man, with a much more mature and stable appearance, as if he had changed a lot, and as if nothing had changed at all.

Gu Hanjiang closed his eyes and remembered again the way Qi Shu had looked at him on the day he left seclusion.

As sincere and passionate as he was three years ago.

It was so hot that it burned.

Recalling this, the breath caught in Gu Hanjiang's chest. He lowered his head slightly and began to cough violently.

The cough was heavier than ever, and Gu Hanjiang only had time to put up a sound barrier outside the window before he was completely unable to contain it and his shoulders and back shuddered.

He covered his mouth with his sleeve, one pale, thin hand clinging to the window ledge, the veins on the back of his hand stood out and his body trembled slightly.

That kiss three years ago…Qi Shu had forgotten all about it, but Gu Hanjiang still remembered it.

Not only did he remember it, but it haunted his dreams night after night, and eventually became a heart demon.

After all, it was self-inflicted—he was reaping the consequences of his own actions.

His trembling body gradually calmed down, and Gu Hanjiang straightened up, his plain, white sleeves stained with a little blood. There was also a little red around his lips, which brought some life back to his pale face.

He raised his hand and retracted the barrier that enveloped the house.

The night was still silent at Baizhang Peak, and the candlelight in the distant bedroom had been extinguished at some point.

"And you want to help me." Gu Hanjiang gave a bitter laugh and said softly, "The heart demon started because of you, how do you want to help?"

* * *

After being rejected by his Master, Qi Shu was really sad for several days, and also reflected on himself during that time.

In retrospect, he felt that the burden his Master carried was too heavy, and as he hadn't seen him for many years, his master didn't really really know him. So it was normal that he didn't trust him so quickly.

But there was no need to rush.

When he was outside adventuring, he had seen other young wealthy men pursuing their sweethearts, and it was all about gradual progress. If he was too aggressive, he would scare the other party.

Thinking this through, Qi Shu didn't press the issue any further.

As for chasing people—although it is more difficult because the target is Lingxiao Xianzun, all change remains the same.

One has to try. The methods used may vary, but the principle remains the same.

Five days later, the handover ceremony took place, during which Lingxiao Xianzun formally handed over the Sect Master position to Qinglan Xianzun. There was naturally a lot of discussion about this decision, and all the ShixiongdiMartial brothers who are also most likely his friends. who had been close to Qi Shu in the past came to pester him to inquire about the news.

"I've said I don't know, ask again and I’ll throw you out."

Qi Shu, who was busy in the back kitchen at that moment, was annoyed by the questioning and said in a bad mood, "Why don't you ask your master if you're so curious?"

"How would Sect Master know this?" Wei Jing followed behind him like a fart, chattering, "Qi-Shxiong, you were the one who said you wanted our help, so we came here on purpose. Can't you reveal anything to us?"

"Exactly." Mo Qi said, "Qi-Shixiong, I even took the blame for you last time. For this reason, you have to satisfy your Shidi’s师弟 Younger martial brother. curiosity, right?"

Wei Jing was curious. "What did you take the blame for?"

Mo Qi: "It doesn't matter."

"The important thing is, is it true that XianzunSahl: Fun fact...this sometimes translates as 'Immortal Daddy'. XD
SilverRain: Haha DILF Shizun
is going to ascend?"

According to the speculation of the disciples within the Sect, Lingxiao Xianzun had been in seclusion for many years and must have completed his cultivation.

Now he had passed on the Sect Master position as soon as he came out of seclusion, it was most probably because he wanted to concentrate on preparing for his ascension through the tribulation and could no longer be bothered with the mundane world.

Hearing these words, Qi Shu felt a little uncomfortable in his heart.

If Master hadn't been under the burden of having a furnace physique, he would more than likely be going through his ascension now.

His heart was bitter, but he didn't say anything, changing the subject instead, "If you have all this spare time, try my new medicinal porridge, it's not mushy or dry this time, it's definitely delicious."

The two of them, who had been pressing in tightly all this time, stepped back in unison.

Wei Jing looked at the sky, "What, is that the time? I haven't finished my homework yet, I have to go back first."

Mo Qi touched his nose: "I suddenly remembered that I haven't finished sorting out the books in the Library either, so I'll take my leave."

The two of them wanted to run, but Qi Shu grabbed them by the backs of their collars with one hand on each person.

Qi Shu gave a fake smile, "Since you’ve already come, you should drink a bowl before you leave, help me taste it, eh?"

* * *

By the time Qi Shu returned to Baizhang Peak with the finished medicinal porridge, which he had remade countless times, it was already sunset.

According to the experiences he had seen in stories, to catch a person one must first catch his stomachCapture a man's heart through his stomach. i.e. feed him and he'll fall in love.. Although Lingxiao Xianzun had long practiced inediaNot eating food, but nourishing oneself though qi absorption. for many years, he had been looking unwell recently, so he should eat some nourishing food.

Qi Shu carried the medicinal porridge to the door of his Master's room and was about to knock on the door when he heard the sound of talking coming from inside.

It sounded like the voice of Qinglan Xianzun.

The position of Sect Leader had just been handed over, and there were many things that still needed to be discussed. These days, Qing Lan Xianzung had come to frequently discuss things with Gu Hanjiang.

Qi Shu was about to retreat to the courtyard and wait when he heard a voice coming from behind the door, "Come in."

It was Gu Hanjiang.

Qi Shu gently said, "Yes," and pushed the door to enter.

The two Xianzun were sitting in the room with serious expressions. Qi Shu brought the medicinal porridge to the table before he bowed towards the two of them, "Disciple has met Sect Leader and Master."

"Get up." Qing Lan Xianzun said cheerfully, "Little A-Shu can even cook now? I remember you always used to pester Gu-Shixiong to cook for you, which made Gu-Shixong fret for a while."

Gu Hanjiang: "Qinglan."

"Aiya Shixiong, what's the harm in saying this?" Qinglan Xianzun said, "You blew up the back kitchen several times before, and I was the one who took care of the aftermath."

Qi Shu: "Pfft."

Gu Hanjiang raised his eyes to look over, and Qi Shu hastily curbed his laughter.

It is true that Gu Hanjiang is not a good cook, Qi Shu knew this before. But to blow up the back kitchen in order to cook for him, this is a little too…cute.

Qi Shu was oblivious to the fact that the mess he was left behind after departing the back kitchen was no different to it being blown up.

Gu Hanjiang, who was thus exposed in front of his young disciple, bowed his head and sipped his tea to conceal his expression. "Let's get down to business."

Qi Shu asked, "What business?"

Normally, when Gu Hanjiang and Qinglan Xianzun discussed the affairs of the Sect, they never let Qi Shu sit in on them. This time, since he had been called in, it was most likely to do with him.

Qinglan Xianzun put away his teasing expression and said with a solemn face, "A-Shu, there's something I need to tell you."

"...Do you still remember the Jiaolong you put down at Wuying Mountain half a month ago?"

Qi Shu didn't expect him to mention this and nodded, "This disciple remembers."

Qing Lan said, "Are you sure you killed it?"

Qi Shu was stunned.

What that means is...

Qi Shu: "It's not dead?"

"I don't know." Qinglan Xianzun sighed leisurely, "It's just that in the past two weeks, several women in the nearby counties have disappeared one after another. The government officials have no clue, and the people are panicking."

Qi Shu asked, "Does the Sect Master think that the Jiaolong did it?"

Qing Lan said, "I do have my suspicions."

Qi Shu frowned slightly, but didn’t respond.

If the JiaolongThis changed to Devil/Yao Devil. I'm not sure if this is an author error or the characters are now 're-naming' the creature because they've discovered more about it. I'm keeping Jialong for the sake of consistency and clarity, though I suspect it now shapeshifts (so don't be picturing a dragon). TL:DR it's the dragon Qi Shu fought in Chapter 1. was really the one who did it, then the people around Wuying Mountain would suffer and he would be responsible for the victims.

Qinglan comforted, "At the beginning, several sects sent their disciples to remove the Jiaolong without success, and they said that the dragon was extremely good at illusionary techniques and could control the mind. If it really took advantage of the opportunity to escape, it's not your fault, so don't take it to heart."

"Sect Leader is joking." Qi Shu said, "I will leave for Wuying Mountain tomorrow, and I will find out if it is true or not. If that beast did escape my hands, I will just behead him once more."

Qinglan showed a hint of admiration, "Gu-Shixiong, I told you that A-Shu would say yes, yet you still didn't want me to tell him."

Gu Hanjiang: "..."

Qi Shu only felt that his Master's face was becoming more and more chilly, and he hurriedly reassured him, "There is no need to worry, Master, I am just going to take a look, and will be back soon."

Of course he couldn't bear to leave his Master.

But over there was evil causing trouble, and human lives were at stake, so even if it had nothing to do with him, he couldn't just ignore it.

"Exactly." The new head of Kunlun, instead of realising the current situation, was adding fuel to the fire, "Little A-Shu has grown up and is a good boy with a sense of responsibility. You were willing to let your disciple go down the mountain for three years, but now you can't let him remove a Jiaolong? What kind of sense is that?"


Gu Hanjiang placed the teacup in his hand heavily on the table.

Qinglan Xianzun was so frightened that he trembled a little, and only then did he realise he had said the wrong thing.

"Wh-why are you so careless, be careful of the hot tea scalding your hand..." he laughed dryly twice and hurriedly shot a look at Qi Shu.

Qi Shu had no choice but to help Gu Hanjiang to some of the medicinal porridge. "Master, don't worry about that. I've made you medicinal porridge with my own hands, it's been simmering for a long time, try it while it's hot."

When the bowl of medicinal porridge was placed in front of Gu Hanjiang, his expression softened a little.

Qinglan was about to find an excuse to run away, but he heard his Shixiong suddenly say, "Qinglan, let’s have some together."

Qing Lan: "?"

Gu Hanjiang pushed the bowl full of medicinal porridge to Qinglan and calmly said, "A-Shu is a very good cook."

Qing Lan: "???"

I hadn't heard that Qi Shu could cook, ah?

In the past, Qinglan Xianzun had not had many encounters with Qi Shu, and since he had gone down the mountain for training, he had even less contact with him. But hearing Gu Hanjiang say this, he was curious.

Could it be that he had learnt a craft during his years away from the mountain?

Qing Lan tentatively scooped up a spoonful and took a sip.


Authors Corner

The author has something to say.

Gu Hanjiang: You have a problem with my disciple’s hand-made porridge?

Qinglan: …dare not have.



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