Ch-62 - The Name of the Sword

WARNING: This chapter contains graphic sexual content not suitable for those under 18. Seriously - it's full blown smut. Enjoy!

Gong Wei tried to wrench Xu Shuangtze's hand away from his mouth, but no matter how hard he struggled, he could not move nor even make a sound.

The darkness clouded his vision, but the sensitivity of his skin became clearer. He could feel that the messy bedding had not been completely removed and that a large area of bare skin on his back was tightly pressed against the mattress. 

Xu Shuangtze finally released the hand from around his waist, but now the man’s fingertips were sliding along Gong Wei’s spine inch by inch, as if he was carefully examining a treasure.

Gong Wei's five senses were intertwined and in chaos, he wanted to groan but couldn't. He wanted to look but couldn't see clearly enough. He felt as if he had been examined up and down many times, his whole body was like a pool of water under the moon, when suddenly there was a rubbing sensation on his lower body between his legs. That place was stroked and massaged until he relaxed further, then probed by Xu Shuangtze’s finger… "Mmm..."

“Uh-hhhh—” Gong Wei reflexively arched upwards, but he was tightly pressed down by Xu Shuangtze, who then penetrated him with a second finger.


At the increasingly obvious sensation of a foreign object invading Gong Wei, he began to squirm and struggle back and forth as he tried to get away from the deft probe of Xu Shuangtze’s fingers and voice out his dissatisfaction. 

But the palm covering his mouth did not relax in the slightest. By the time the third finger opened his delicate entrance and slid inside, Gong Wei really felt that he had reached his limit. The tight fullness and stretching sensation made him want to bite Xu Shuangtze's palm. But before he could make the effort to open his mouth, the three fingers inside him suddenly began to move, thrusting and expanding his tight hole, instantly seizing all his senses in an instant.


Gong Wei's fingers bit deep into Xu Shuangtze's arm, but could not stop the faster and harder movements of the fingers in and out of his hole. Gradually, he seemed to hear the sound of water, not realising at first where it was coming from, until a trace of unspeakable longing rose from where Xu Shuangtze’s fingers were rubbing and swept through his limbs, until even the insides of his thighs were soaked wet—moist and silky.

Gong Wei's mind was foggy, he tried his best to lean his upper body up to obtain something he desired, when suddenly the hand covering his mouth loosened.

Without even the slightest pause, Gong Wei directly wrapped his arms around Xu Shuangtze's neck and trembled as he pressed himself completely against the other man, "Xu-Xu Bai…"

"What should I be called?" Xu Shuangtze asked in a low, muffled voice as he withdrew his fingers.

The fingers were strong and abhorrent when they expanded and stretched him, but once they withdrew, it was as if they had taken away Gong Wei’s soul, and an unprecedented eagerness and emptiness immediately took over his body. He hastily tried to kiss Xu Shuangtze, his lips wet and trembling uncontrollably, but Xu Shuangtze pulled his long, flowing hair at the back of his head and forced him to lift his head, asking again, "What should I be called?"

Gong Wei exhaled like a blooming peach blossom, sharply trembling, and said sweetly, "Shizun… "

The tendons in Xu Shuangtze's hand jutted out as his grip on the curve of Gong Wei’s rear end tightened.

"...Master, please," Gong Wei pressed up hard against him and begged softly in a whisper against the corner of Xu Shuangtze's lips, "I like you…ah!"

The end note was suddenly shrill to the point of being out of tune as something much larger than a finger poked inside, hard strong and amazingly hot, right into the soaked entrance between his legs and all the way inside at once!

Gong Wei had no idea what was in store for him, his mind went blank, blood rushed to the top of his head, and even his ears buzzed. On reflex, he started to thrash with his legs in a desperate attempt to break free, but Xu Shuangtze had expected him to recoil, and with just one hand, he had him imprisoned in his arms, and the huge erection was thrust in inch by inch, without mercy.

"No…" Gong Wei made a strangled sound, "No, Xu—"

The rest of the words were swallowed as Xu Shuangtze gripped his jaw and kissed him, his lips and tongue entwined seamlessly as if he was going to take him whole. It felt as if he wanted to eat his whole body alive like this, while Xu Shuangtze’s lower body thrust mercilessly, going deep, all the way to the base of his shaft!

"It's too late." Xu Shuangtze finally released his reddened lips slightly and whispered.

The entrance was stretched to its limit and Gong Wei was forced to hang in the crook of Xu Shuangtze's arm, twitching unconsciously, unable to even catch his breath, but immediately afterwards the huge, hard object wedged deep inside began to pump.

"Ah…no, slow down a bit—"

The giant, intimidating object set off huge ripples of sensation inside his body with even the slightest movement. Gong Wei immediately began to struggle for his life, using his hands to push Xu Shuangtze, but the next moment he was grabbed by the wrists and pressed against the soft pillow.

No amount of begging would help, the sound of wet squelches drowning out his cries. The thrusts became deeper and heavier, more violent. The inner channel  was desperate to push the invader out, but this only produced more intense stimulation, making it so aroused that it was frighteningly hard. Each time it withdrew almost completely before thrusting hard to the end, the loud, tight sound of flesh slapping against flesh overpowering everything.

After an unknown number of thrusts, Gong Wei's drenched thighs had been forced to spread to their limits, his mind confused and his lips red and open, he suddenly felt himself being lifted into the air, the evil rigid and hard object finally leaving his body for the time being.

But before he could breathe a sigh of relief, he felt Xu Shuangtze make him straddle his lap, with his knees resting on the mattress of the bed before he firmly pressed him down onto his shaft.


The tortured entrance had no resistance and was forced to swallow the fully erect cock. Gong Wei tried to raise his head to relieve the pressure, but it didn’t work. The kneeling position allowed the huge object to enter so deeply that all the internal organs spasmed, as if even Gong Wei’s thin body had been cut in half by it.

"Gong Wei?" murmured Xu Shuangtze in a low voice.

"..." Gong Wei was completely speechless, all he could do was intermittently let out a choked moan.

Xu Shuangtze didn't really need an answer, but simply stared at his wretched, tear-soaked face, as if to confirm, and trailed off with a sigh, "Gong Wei."

Then he leaned in and kissed the quivering lips again, gently thrusting upwards again and again in this connected position.

The channel, which hadn't been relieved for even a moment, was once again forced open, ravaged and dripping. From the intense excitement rose a bone-tingling pleasure, like an electric current whipping relentlessly through his body, which no matter how much he struggled against he could not escape by half an inch.

The terrifying pleasure made Gong Wei's whole body weak, as if his bones had been extracted, and he was unable to sit up straight to escape, relying on Xu Shuangtze to hold his waist to help him keep his balance. 

But this was no help in terms of the torment, for the suffering was long and unending. He could only sob uncontrollably on Xu Shuangtze's shoulder during the violent bouncing, the sobs intermittent with the frequency of the penetration, interspersed with shuddering gasps , before being swallowed up by the kisses and disappearing into the increasingly vivid sound of passion.

In the confusion, Gong Wei forgot all sense of time and lost count of the number of times he drifted into unconsciousness before being forced back to consciousness by another peak of pleasure. 

By the end, his voice was too hoarse to make any pleas, his moonlit upper body bent back as hard as it could, his slim waist almost snapping as he felt the hardness inside him surge forward, each stroke driving deeper into his body like a storm, more ferocious and ruthless than ever before.

Although he did not know what was in store for him, Gong Wei instinctively felt fear and his body, already pierced through to the core, suddenly struggled to the brink of deathAlso known as 'la petite mort' or 'the little death' - i.e. sexual orgasm. He's ah, not actually dying. 😉, before withdrawing back inch by inch.

But immediately afterwards he was ruthlessly pinned by Xu Shuangtze, the action heavy and inexorable to the extreme. The murderous weapon went to a deadly depth, repeating dozens of times before a hot stream suddenly erupted out!

Gong Wei's eyes rolled back, as if even his soul had been swallowed up, but the immense pleasure made it impossible for him to pass out, even if he wanted to.

At the very moment of being completely possessed, the small, blood-red character under his right clavicle finally emerged intact, with a clear stroke, in seal script —Xu徐 is standard script. Below is an image of the Xu character in seal script....

It was like being heavily chained by invisible fetters, and as if some kind of mark was burned into his soul, but Gong Wei didn’t notice it.

The long, hot session made him convulse all over, limp in Xu Shuangtze's arms, forced to endure round after round of thrusts and spurting inside him, before his chin was lifted gently for a hot, dense kiss.

“Gong Wei…”

In a trance Xu Shuangtze seemed to whisper something in his ear, he spoke with a strange trembling tone, like some kind of oath, yet Gong Wei was too dazed to hear it clearly. The long jetting process was too much for him, and the moment he was relieved he closed his eyes and lost consciousness completely.

But the night was not yet over, for day and night in the Forbidden Palace was controlled by Xu Shuangtze.

Gong Wei could not remember how many times he had woken up in the midst of vigorous pounding, each time he stumbled and tried to crawl away, his fingers clutching the bed rail to support himself, only to have his trembling, red-knuckled fingers prized away one by one. Xu Shuangtze grabbed his thin white ankles with one hand, with the force of an iron grip that would not release him, and pulled him back with ease.

The entrance, already moist and hot from the invasion, was once again smoothly penetrated to the bottom. The excessive exertion soon left him unable to move even his fingers, occasionally able to cry out twice before fading away again between the press of  lips and tongue.

Probably because Xu Shuangtze had finally taught him about human instinct, Gong Wei came several times as he was rammed to his peak, and then there was nothing left to cum with, only to be whipped repeatedly by sharp and dry orgasms, his whole body shivering into a ball and being mercilessly opened to accept another round of penetration.

Eventually he was completely exhausted, ravaged and delirious, helpless and tearful and swift to reflexively resist and struggle whenever his inner thighs were slightly touched. Xu Shuangtze held and cajoled him, his voice mesmerising, his fierce movements unrelenting, and when he came for the last time Gong Wei was lifted up in his arms, suspended in the air and pinned against the wall.

Gong Wei's sobs were swallowed back into his throat. He couldn't stand up and the only thing he had left to hold on to was Xu Shuangtze's hands around his waist and the massive hardness inside him, which felt like it was going to nail him through his body as it spurted, and a lightning-fast orgasm, like nothing he'd ever experienced before, raced through his body and exploded in his brain.


This intense orgasm was simply deadly, with Gong Wei convulsing as if on the verge of death, his body slick with fluids.

The blood rushed in his eardrums with a booming sound, but Xu Shuangtze leaned over and put his mouth against his ear at that moment and whispered, "Don't…ever again."

Don't what ever again?

The last thing Gong Wei could feel was Xu Shuangtze leaning in to kiss him again, as if he had some kind of obsession with entwining his lips and teeth, as if to swallow him whole into his bones and blood.

The person who refused to be kissed even after being begged in a previous life.

Gong Wei tried to clench his teeth to keep from kissing, but not a single ounce of strength was left. His whole body spasmed with weakness, shivering in vain bouts, and the overstimulation caused his consciousness to finally break off completely, leaning into Xu Shuangtze's arms and falling rapidly into a dark, sweet abyss.

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