Feels Freaking Amazing to Play as the Villain!

After staying at the inn in Lanyang City for a few days, Su Yang and Gu Feidi received a message from the Tengyun Pavilion that their two targets were last seen in Chihua County on the east coast. They stole something from a few rich households of merchants and disappeared without a second thought for those left behind. Luckily, the Tengyun Pavilion intelligence had been pursuing them, and could transmit news at any time.

Seeing that the Great Cold 大寒, the Twenty-Four Solar Term, begins this year on Jan 20 and ends on Feb 3. The weather is very cold, but in some regions of China, it was not as cold as ‘Lesser Cold’.was right around the corner, not to mention the Lunar New Year’s EveI can never remember the date for Lunar New Year’s Eve. But it’s always in January or February. Remember, the lunar calendar (calendar based on the cycle of the moon) is different from the Gregorian calendar. that was less than a month away, Pu Lingyun suggested that Su Yang and Gu Feidi should stay in Lanyang City. They’d celebrate the new year after they received Gu Ruohai’s letter containing their estimation of finishing the matters in the Evil Sect by the end of the lunar year. Then they’d go search for the fat and thin rogues.

However, thinking about how Su Yang’s twentieth birthday was approaching, Gu Feidi was afraid of any unforeseen event so didn’t want to delay this matter. They decided to depart to Chihua County immediately, then straight to House of Jade afterward.

From Lanyang City to the east coast, they would need to travel across more than half of the region in the Central Plains. They rode along the main road and finally arrived at their destination on the twenty-seventh of the twelfth lunar month.

According to the Tengyun Pavilion spy, the two martial artists were temporarily residing at Junyou Mountain not far from Chihua County. As New Year’s Eve was just days away, it seemed that they wouldn't descend from the mountain anytime soon.

Junyun Mountain faced the sea, and one side of the cliff was directly above the sea. This wasn’t a high mountain, but its mountain road was rugged and steep. Even in winter, the mountain forest was extremely dense, making it difficult to travel. As a result, no one would visit Junyun Mountain during the cold season. It was indeed a good place to take shelter from pursuers.

Su Yang and Gu Feidi decided to go up the mountain on the same day. If they could get the dual cultivation method sooner, then the faster they could return to the town at the foot of the mountain and spend the holiday together. 

—This would be their first New Year’s Eve spent together since they met. They had various, unavoidable reasons as to why they were constantly away from each other, so Gu Feidi didn’t want Su Yang to feel deep distress on this special day. 

Although what he didn’t know was that Su Yang was already used to spending the decreasing festive Spring Festival in modern society. 

With their light movement skills, they quickly climbed Junyun Mountain and found a humble courtyard made of wood and stone along an obvious path.

As soon as they reached the gate of the courtyard, they saw that the wooden door of the main house was pushed open, and a well-built figure appeared from the door with a gloomy expression toward them.

“Who goes there?” The one who opened the door was the fat man. He narrowed his eyes and looked fully on alert. “It’s already the end of the year, we’re not selling any more firewood!”

Although he said this innocent statement, his hand was already on the handle of the saber at his waist and he had an appearance that he was ready to draw his blade at any time.

Gu Feidi smiled, raised his hand, pulled the cloth around his face under his chin and asked, “Don’t know if this kind firewood seller remembers me?”

When the other saw Gu Feidi’s face, the expression on the round face changed dramatically, but he didn’t retreat back. He drew his saber and rushed forward to attack Gu Feidi.

At the same time, another skinny figure broke out of the window holding two curved, short swords in his hand. His internal energy immediately merged with the fat man as they attacked Gu Feidi together.

Unsheathing Cherished Heart Gu Feidi performed a defensive move from the Flying Kite Technique, which effortlessly blocked the joint attack from the two.

Su Yang stood beside Gu Feidi with his arms crossed. It didn’t look as if he planned to help the other at all. He said with a smile, “You were beaten into a pretty sorry state by them at the beginning. From what I see now, they don’t look that strong!”

“Both of us have undergone two years of training in House of Jade. If we were still the same as before, wouldn’t it mean we wasted our opportunities?”

Gu Feidi smiled and chatted back with Su Yang, while waving his sword to fence off the two rogues. He defended with ease and even added, “However, if I didn’t use Flying Kite Technique, maybe I won’t have it this easy. Their combined internal energy is really fantastic.”

Angered by Gu Feidi’s disdainful attitude, the thin man shouted, “And you called yourself someone from the righteous pavilion. I don’t see such manners from your background at all! During our clash at Mount Mei Zhu, my Xiongdi兄弟 Addressing brother in general (it contain both letter for younger and older brother). It wasn’t until I translated another novel that I realised it’s mainly used in place of ‘buddy’. So they are not related by blood but have a close relationship. only fought against you for the sake of getting the jade bell. I never expected for you to be brooding such a grudge even after two years!”

After that, he glanced at Su Yang and continued with a mocking smile, “That’s right, there’s Jianghu rumors that...the famous ‘young righteous hero’ had betrayed his well-known Pavilion and mingled with the Evil Sect’s Young Master...It’s no surprise then that he would come to us for revenge.”

Hearing this, Su Yang raised his eyebrows and drew Devoted Cause from his waist.

He didn’t hold back his majestic sword dance like Gu Feidi. Straight away, he forced the two people into the corner with his aggressive Drunkard’s Plum Wine Slash. The sword edge went through the thin man’s collar, and nailed his target against the wooden house wall. He chuckled. 

Wanting to cause mischief by being repulsive, he licked his lips and displayed a sinister appearance. “I don’t care what kind of rouge fighters you two are. But when you face this honorable Young Master, you two thieves are only some trash fish! Hand over your dual cultivation skills and I will let you two live!”

This sentence was the exact sentence the two had used to berate angrily toward Gu Feidi in the dense forest of Mount Mei Zhu. But it was obvious that these two people had completely forgotten it.

Gu Feidi turned to Su Yang in surprise, but he didn’t speak. He quietly stood half a step behind the older man and stayed vigilant against the two men before them.

The thin man was so provoked that he naturally felt indignant as he struggled to free himself and strike back.

But he was pushed back by his partner.

“You two are only here for the technique?” He narrowed his eyes and asked in a low voice.

“If you’re willing to hand me the skill, we’ll treat it as if we've never been here today.” Gu Feidi promised. “I won’t arrest you two and hand you over to the government office, I heard the merchants who had their property stolen filed a case a few days ago and now Chihua County is investigating and handling the criminal case.”

As soon as Gu Feidi finished, the thin man jumped up and mocked, “You are clearly threatening us!”

Su Yang grinned. “If you don’t want to be threatened, then why not continue our fight?”

Su Yang and Gu Feidi’s current martial arts were far superior than they used to be. The fat and the thin rogues had already felt the gap just after their short exchanges. In their predicament, it was naturally best to solve this conflict without fighting.

However...this dual cultivation method was the most treasured secret in the fat man’s Sect. Now that the Sect had been destroyed, he was still reluctant to hand over this inheritance.

His partner also knew this and tried to drag out the time to see if they could figure out another way.

So the thin man pretended to be discontented and hissed, “You know it’s common courtesy to use diplomacy before violence, but you two did the complete opposite!”

Su Yang widened his eyes exaggeratedly and gasped, “Didn’t you two attack us first?”

The thin man was at a loss for words as he was dangled against the wall fuming. 

On the side, the fat man said calmly, “This dual cultivation method is an inner mental skill of harmonization between heaven and earth. It’s divided between two volumes: Yin and Yang. Once you start practicing it, you two…” He coughed awkwardly. “Your position would be permanent, there could never be a switch. Would you two still want to practice even after this?”

Su Yang was startled from this.

The thin man gave the fat man a thumbs up internally—the Evil Sect’s Young Master and the Tengyun Pavilion’s Young Lord had equivalent statuses and figures, and their martial arts were also very similar. He bet that neither of them would accept being dominated by the other for eternity. If they could take this chance to start a quarrel between them, maybe he and his partner could spot a chance to escape.

Su Yang’s expression had indeed darkened. He frowned and asked, “Two volumes, Yin and Yang?”

The fat man replied, “Yes, the skill is to distinguish between two internal energy foundations: Yin nature for Pure Cold, and Yang nature for Righteous Sun. If you cultivate Yin volume, you will be destined to be in the lower position in this life…”

Su Yang silently rolled his eyes.

With his current internal energy condition, it would be extremely difficult to modify his foundation to practice Righteous Sun mental skills.

Could it be that he was doomed to be in this position the moment he started practicing Six Night Flower Burial?!

“It’s no bother.” Gu Feidi suddenly stated. “You and I can take the skill first, we can discuss how to practice it once we return to the House of Jade.”

Then he glanced at Su Yang from the corner of his eyes and smiled.

Although Su Yang knew the other didn’t want to talk about their bedroom activities in front of outsiders, he still felt itchy from the younger man’s expression. He really wanted to beat that smug guy up.

Seeing that the provocation didn’t work, and they couldn’t defeat their opponents, the fat man sighed helplessly and finally accepted reality. 

“This mental skill was developed and perfected by countless predecessors of my Sect. It could allow men to harmonize their internal energies. Unfortunately, our Sect was labeled by other righteous martial art sects for studying corrupted practices. Our Sect went through numerous suppressions, lasting until the extermination of my entire, beloved Sect.”

He continued with a smile, “I always thought this mental skill would have no future in this world, but I never expected that...The Tengyun Pavilion’s Young Lord would need to practice it one day.”

Gu Feidi didn’t follow up with the conversation.

Su Yang, with his cold-blooded Young Master aura, pulled out his sword which freed the thin man down from the wall. Instead of withdrawing, Su Yan placed the edge of his blade against the other man’s neck, waiting for the partner to get the mental skill from inside.

Seeing this, the fat man didn’t dare to play tricks. He obediently handed the ancient scroll to Gu Feidi.

Gu Feidi checked it quickly and once he made sure there were no missing pages or alterations, he nodded with satisfaction and stored the scroll into his robe.

“We will take this mental skill back to the House of Jade and have our Shizun look it over. If we find anything strange...Let’s just say if we could find you the first time, we could for the second time!” Su Yang snorted and curled his lips while saying these fierce words, then he took back his sword and let the thin man go.

This time, Gu Feidi took out a manual from his bag and handed it to the fat man, explaining, “This is a dual sword technique we created. Although it’s just a sword technique that you two might adopt a few moves using your saber...It could be regarded as a return gift for this inner mental skill.”

This single volume of sword techniques was a simplified version of the Drunkard’s Plum Wine Slash and the Dreamer’s Guiding Crane written by Gu Feidi after they revised their synchronization. Although it was not as sophisticated as the original two sets of techniques, they were refined by two House of Jade graduates. From Central Plains Wulin’s point of view, this manual was already top-grade. Using it as a thank-you gift for the dual cultivation that could save the duo’s life could be regarded as an equal exchange.

The two rogues obviously didn’t expect this outcome as they stared at the manual in shock.

Gu Feidi said with a smile, “Whether it be diplomacy before violence, or violence before diplomacy, it was us who requested this of the two of you eventually. So the gift couldn’t be any less.”

Then, he cupped his fists and bowed to them. “Thank you two so much.”

The thin man’s mouth twitched slightly and the fat man’s face was also heavily sweating.

Su Yang and Gu Feidi didn’t wait for the other two’s replies, so they laced their hands and turned around to leave the mountain courtyard. 

Once they reached the foot of the mountain, Su Yang smacked his lips and confessed, “Actually, it feels amazing to play the villain.”

Hearing the other’s comment, Gu Feidi smiled and asked, “Did you also ‘perform’ your tyrannical and immoral behavior during our first meeting?”

Su Yang replied proudly, “Of course!” Because this honorable Young Master’s acting ability was the best!

Gu Feidi smiled. “No wonder...I always felt that you were bluffing in our first meeting.”

Su Yang was stunned. “What? How was there an issue with my performance?”

Gu Feidi turned to Su Yang, looked at the other man with tender affection.

“No, no issue at all.” He smiled and said. “...Very cute.”


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