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I Will Not Abandon You in This Life.

“What’s with that look?”

Gu Feidi happened to turn back to see Su Yang’s disdainful expression, he said helplessly, “That’s  Shizun. You need to be respectful towards her. No matter the case, you should not call her by her name.”

Su Yang opened his mouth, but it was hard to refute, so he just nodded. “Fine. I’ll be respectful towards her. Mister Raw used a word that’s closer to ‘parent’. It’s like a kid being educated by someone else’s parents. Gu.”

Hearing this address, Gu Feidi started laughing. “I’m not educating you, I’m just worried that you would provoke Shizun's anger and received a hard lecture from her.”

Su Yang smiled and shook his head.

Now he knew Shizun’s origin and could link it to the original author’s age in the real world. He didn’t have to worry about the other party being uptight about ancient principles, demand for hierarchical respect and what not.

Besides, he had read a melodramatic novel that was so exotic with strange logic that he couldn’t have an ounce of respect for this lady...Not ridiculing the author to her face already proved how patient he was.

In the original work, the Young Master of the Evil Sect first met Gu Feidi, who was seriously injured in Mount Mei Zhu, and instead of saving him, he really did take the other to a cave not far away and performed some unspeakable things, as Mei Shisan had proposed at the beginning. Then, he fed Gu Feidi the Rejuvenating Pill of Fragrant Sorrow for its tracking properties. 

Later, Gu Feidi naturally hated the Young Master deep in his bones. Because suffering from the pill’s flowery fragrance, he had no choice but to take refuge in the House of Jade. 

When reading this part in his dream, Su Yang vaguely remembered that Mei Shisan did mention a cave in Mount Mei Zhu...He didn’t think much about it at that time, but unexpectedly, the cave he didn’t take a double glance at was the most important plot trigger point of the original work, which he missed from the very beginning. 

...Of course, even if he knew about it, he probably wouldn’t trigger that grand plot. 

After that scenario, there was an equal harshness of feeling between the Young Master and the Young Lord, which was shown in their interaction during the assessment, then the original Young Master failed his chance to enter the House of Jade.

The storyline in the House of Jade matched the adapted script. The Young Master was stopped by the stone forest array because of his ill temperament and ruthless character. Therefore, it was Gu Feidi who got the Apparition in the Jade Mirror Lake, and it was his close friend, Xu Yunzhan, who accidentally entered the Hidden Pearl Pavilion with him, just like how he remembered from the script. 

After missing their possible chance as fellow disciples, Gu Feidi and the Young Master met again in the wilderness. But this time, they really fought against each other for the sword sage’s inheritance. 

At that time, the Young Master found the manual for Blooming of the Nine Glacials in the Evil Sect’s Forbidden Ground, but he couldn’t make a breakthrough.

When he was in the wasteland, he learned that Gu Feidi had the Apparition by chance, which could assist with learning cold nature mental skills. It gave birth to a devious idea. He planned to use dual cultivation to obtain the benefit of the Apparition and make a breakthrough with his mental skill. 

Soon after, it was the plot where the Young Master’s plan to seriously injure Gu Feidi and fall down the cliff with him. Then ‘secretly cultivate’ inside the cave at the bottom of the cliff, until he finally made a breakthrough in the Blooming of the Nine Glacials.

The original Young Master unknowingly developed feelings towards Gu Feidi during the forceful dual cultivation. 

At first, when Su Yang read this part and recalled the strange scene he dreamed of on the snowy mountain, he only felt that his entire head was filled with gloomy clouds.

Who would have thought that the next storyline completely overturned his understanding of the young female author.

—This plot lasted until the Evil Sect’s members found Gu Feidi, and also inflicted him with the Blood Gu. The Young Master couldn’t bear the other’s death, so he abducted the younger man back to the Sanctuary.

The story here was in line with Su Yang’s personal experience, but Gu Feidi in the original book still had only hatred for the Young Master, who wanted to make a breakthrough in Half-Withered Crimson within a month, so he would still need the help of the Apparition.

This time, the Young Master didn’t continue to force the other to dual cultivation with him, instead, he used some Evil Sect’s secret method to capture Gu Feidi’s Apparition into his own body, which naturally increased the hatred the younger man had for him. 

After that, the Young Master forced a kiss on Gu Feidi and extradited the Blood Gu out of the younger man’s body. Gu Feidi didn’t understand the intention of the Young Master to keep him captive inside the Phantom City until now. 

After extraditing the Poisonous Gu, the Young Master knew that his days were numbered, so he put great effort into retaining Gu Feidi during what remaining time he had. Once he perished, he would leave a sealed letter behind  releasing the Young Lord. But suddenly, at this point, the Evil Sect’s Sect Leader came out of seclusion and that was when the internal conspiracy within the Evil Sect began, and the surfacing of the Faction’s scheme.

In the original novel, Gu Feidi, who was filled with hatred for the Young Master, obviously couldn’t send the invitation out to his father for the Sect Leader. To start the war, the Sect Leader announced and claimed he would marry the Young Lord with the Young Master.

When this rumour spread throughout the Central Plains Wulin, Gu Ruohai immediately gathered elite forces to launch an attack at the Sanctuary to save his son. 

Afterward, the plot skipped over the snowy mountain scene and went straight to the period where Tengyun Pavilion led the group to annihilate the Evil Sect. The Wulin Alliance Leader ‘killed’ the Evil Sect’s Sect Leader, and Gu Feidi stabbed the Young Master with his blade—which was the same as what Su Yang saw in his dream a long time ago.

In this battle, it was also when Gu Feidi realised that he didn’t really want the Young Master to die. He couldn’t figure out his feelings for the older man, but he knew that he didn't want the Young Master to really disappear from his life. 

Of course, at this time, Gu Feidi didn’t know that behind this bitter death, it was in fact a stealthy scheme of fake death directed and performed by the Sect Leader. The Young Master didn’t truly die, but took the opportunity to sneak into the ice field with the Sect Leader. 

Later, Luo Yu, who lived in seclusion in the snowy mountain, received the news that Luo Yin graduated from the House of Jade, so he contacted the Central Plains Wulin for cooperation in an attempt to seize power from E’Luo Gui Faction. 

Coincidentally, even without the negotiation between Gu Ruohai and Su Huaizhu, the two sides still acted at the same time under the control of the formidable power of the plot, they rushed into the Royal Court and launched an extremely chaotic three-way war.

In the end, the last blow that ended E’Luo Jue’s life was also done by Gu Feidi. Therefore, the White Flame Gu also entered into the younger man’s body, causing him to stand at death’s door. 

Witnessing this, the Young Master helped Gu Feidi tame the White Flame Gu, but he nearly died himself because of the triple mental skills and the Apparition.

At this point, Gu Feidi finally learned that the Young Master gambled his life on the extradition of Blood Gu. 

He couldn’t bear the truth, so he begged Luo Yu to save the older man by removing the Blood Gu. 

However, in the process of this extraction, the curse on the Young Master’s body could no longer be hidden as it finally came out under the light, and the seniors’ old grievances were suddenly on display in front of everyone…

At first, Su Yang thought that what he had experienced was a very classic dog blood drama in the martial arts world. But he never expected that the plot in the original novel was even more unbelievable. 

He finally realised that he might have some life-threatening misunderstanding about today’s young female author. 

However, now that the author was mentioned...

If the author was the Creator Deity in this novel world, then could the so-called ‘creating a setting’ that appeared in his dream really be achieved unconditionally?

Su Yang lowered his gaze, sinking deep in his thoughts for a moment. He felt that it was necessary for him to carefully question the details and the requirements of this new setting, so as to maximize the benefit of the single wish. 

“Shixiong? Xiao Xiao? What’s wrong?”

Seeing that Su Yang didn’t speak for a long time, Gu Feidi started calling out to the other in concern, “Was it related to your nightmare just now?”

“No.” Su Yang smiled, shook his head and changed the topic. “I’m hungry...Do I smell red braised pork? Did you bring back our lunch?”

Gu Feidi was silent for a moment and replied with a smile, “Yes, I know how much you like it. Let’s go downstairs and eat.”

The duo enjoyed their lunch in the Lively Spring Garden, sorted out their bags the rest of the afternoon, and reorganised their living quarters according to their habits. They unconsciously lost track of time as the sky began to darken. 

At sunfall, all the shixiong and shijie held a simple reception banquet for the two in the canteen. Su Yang and Gu Feidi met Zhu Shixiong, Wen Shixiong, and Yang Shijie for the first time. They talked for a long time and scheduled a time to swap pointers and discuss martial arts. 

At the end of the party, everyone was slightly tipsy as they each returned to their respective rooms for the rest of the evening. 

Su Yang and Gu Feidi clasped their hands, leaned against each other and returned back to the Lively Spring Garden. After they had a short playful session, they washed up and lay on the bed together. 

Gu Feidi was silent for a long time, before he finally decided to ask, “Is there a matter between you and Shizun that...you are hiding from me?”

Su Yang didn’t understand the question for a moment. “Huh? What?”

“I keep feeling like you and Shizun seem to have some sort of...tacit understanding,” Gu Feidi shared. “But no matter how close I am to you, I couldn’t seem to step into the same understanding. This is somewhat frustrating…”

Hearing this description, Su Yang chuckled and then sighed. He turned to Gu Feidi, raised his hand and caressed the other’s cheek. 

Quietly thinking of an explanation, Su Yang said, “You already know that I’m not the original Su Yang, but a soul from another world.”

Gu Feidi nodded. “Yes, I know.”

Su Yang thought for a while and decided not to reveal anything regarding the novel, so he directly substituted with a concept. 

“Legend has it that the whole universe is composed of many worlds. There are countless side worlds within the large world, and within the countless side worlds, there are even infinitely more of the smaller worlds.”

He couldn’t remember how to explain the marvelously diverse world in the novel or what exactly they were, so he simply explained it in his own words.

“Shizun and I both came from the same, umm, the same large world. The smaller world we’re in was created by Shizun’s own hands when she cultivated the final path. This small world belongs to Shizun, and she is like the Creator Deity...Although there may be rules restricting her, most of what she wanted to do could possibly be done.”

“When I was sleeping, someone in my dream told me that Shizun can grant me one wish. Shizun should know it as well, that’s why she would say those things to me.”

Gu Feidi listened to the explanation silently and didn’t speak for a long time. 

Su Yang snickered twice. “What’s the matter? You don’t believe it?”

Gu Feidi whispered, “So, that’s why the phoenix jade had that kind of effect; so, that’s why Shizun could live like an immortal and have that kind of omniscient knowledge...But she is under restrictions and couldn’t come forward to help us...Is that what you mean?”

Su Yang replied, “Probably.”

After pondering for a moment, Gu Feidi asked another, “Since you and Shizun come from the same large world, why don’t you have such divine power?”

Su Yang guessed, “Because I didn’t create this world, and...I’m not some expert in my own world. I came here only because of an accident…”

Gu Feidi paused and questioned, “If that’s the case, it means there should be a solution to your curse, right?”

Su Yang nodded. “I’m sure there is. Tomorrow I’ll go find Shizun and make a wish to dispel the curse on this body. So then, we would have nothing to fear.”

Gu Feidi was obviously very relieved. 

In the dark room, the moonlight coming from the window reflected on the younger man’s dark eyes, making them shine like twinkling stars. 

“Tell me more about your large world.” He requested. “I want to know what kind of world you used to live in.”

Su Yang could feel a headache coming. “Er, where should I start...The world is actually not any better than here. Except for a more convenient living style, yes, where I live is much safer than this world. The law prohibits many weapons, and the majority of us don’t know a single thing about martial arts. Normally, we’re as busy as ants, doing hard, physical labor to earn money…”

Gu Feidi listened attentively to the older man. 

Su Yang explained it without an order. He said whatever came to mind, sharing the real world knowledge in pieces. Banging away clumsily in all directions with no overall vision. In the end, he even made himself a little confused.

“It sounds like living in the large world is very peaceful and wonderful.” Gu Feidi whispered. “Do you...want to go back?”

“You’re right. That world is much more peaceful and wonderful than here. There’s air conditioning in summer and heating in winter.” Su Yang coughed softly, and said deliberately, “And there are many interesting and entertaining things.”

Gu Feidi was silent. He lowered his eyes slightly, covering the emotion in his eyes with his eyelashes. 

Seeing the younger man’s reaction, Su Yang couldn’t resist the urge to laugh before he quickly added, “...But, for what reason do I need to return when you’re here? No matter how much fun I could have there, there is no you.”

As he talked, he moved closer to Gu Feidi and put his arm around the other. 

“I have already chosen to stay here and not return.” Su Yang whispered into Gu Feidi’s ear. “Please stop worrying. I’ll always be with you.”

Gu Feidi turned around and took Su Yang into his arms. He held the other man tightly and landed a gentle kiss on the slightly cold skin between his eyebrows. 

“...For this lifetime, I won’t abandon you, and will always cherish you.”

Translator's Corner

Translator has something to add:

Teo: Now that we know the original novel’s story line. The one million dollar is, who was gong and shou in the original novel? It sounded like the original Su Yang was gong like his father. 


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