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On the hospital bed, Chen SuyangSu Yang (Sù Yāng 宿殃) and Chen Suyang (Chén Sù Yāng 陳夙央) are homonyms of different words. opened his eyes in a daze and he couldn’t summon any strength out of his soft, cotton body.

After staring at the hospital’s white ceiling and the light green curtains at all corners for a long time, his awareness gradually gathered together very slowly. The IV infusion bottle quietly dripped the fluids into the blood vessel on the back of his hand, causing him to feel a little chill throughout his arm.

Thinking back, Chen Suyang blinked and recalled everything that had happened.

His novel transmigration experiences were still very vivid in his mind. What he didn’t expect was that after spending decades—close to a century—with Gu Feidi, he would transmigrate back into the real world after his death.

The memories before his transmigration suddenly flooded in, reminding him of his current predicament—he was completely drunk at the party thrown in honor of his final scene and for his birthday, but he didn’t know whether this was the second day, or he had been unconscious for longer than one day.

He was overwhelmed for a while, staring blankly aside and reaching out to touch his phone lying on the bedside table.

Then, the curtain by the bed was pulled open and a voice suddenly sounded, “Ah, Suyang, you’re awake!”

Chen Suyang ignored the person. He tapped on the phone screen to wake it up and found that this was the second day after he drank himself unconscious. 

His manager, Wei Jian, stood by the bed and gazed down at him. His face was filled with disappointment towards his charge as he nagged, “Please tell me you have some common sense. You took aspirin because of your headache during filming and you dared to go out drinking afterward! Do you know how dangerous mixing them is! Huh! Fortunately, you have an iron stomach and intestines so nothing serious happened…”

“Er...Wei-ge,” Chen Suyang raised his hand and rubbed his stomach. Not feeling anything out of sorts, he pulled out a smile and requested, “Can I trouble you for one thing?”

Wei Jian didn’t seem to be mad from being interrupted and replied, “What is it?”

Chen Suyang said, “Can you contact the original author of Arch-Rivals for me? I...have something I want to ask of her.”

Before in the novel world, he received a bird egg from Qing Bo which was hatched into a green parrot.

The parrot was anything but ordinary—it was actually the embodiment of a transmigration system called SOULMATE. Logically speaking, with this system on him, his soul should be able to carry Gu Feidi’s soul, to travel through the planes of existence and to experience different lives with the younger man. Even if he came back to the real world, Gu Feidi’s soul shouldn’t leave him.

However, at this moment, the system was silent and he sensed no movements. 

And Gu Feidi’s soul was obviously not here. Without the system’s help, he didn’t know where to start looking.

Recalling his conversation with Qing Bo in the book, the other party also mentioned ‘system’, and the green parrot was also hatched from the egg laid by Qing Bo’s little green bird, therefore, he decided to contact the original author first, then decide on his plan of action. 

Wei Jian looked suspiciously at Chen Suyang, who was lost in thought. After a long time, the manager huffed, “Your part in the drama is finished. What use do you have for contacting the author? Although the author recommended you for the audition, actually, after selling the copyright, she didn’t have a hand in the drama, and she isn’t part of the screenwriting either. She can’t add more screen time for you…”

Chen Suyang pressed his hand against his forehand. “I’m not asking for her to give me more screen time. I just have something...I want to take the time to thank her.”

Wei Jian flattened his lips. “I didn’t see you wanting to thank her when she recommended you. Now you remembered to show courtesy at the eleventh hourThe idiom is 黃花菜都涼了 or when the dishes are cold, or to arrive late. The eleventh hour means the latest possible moment.
In English this idiom also means 'at the last minute'.

Chen Suyang: “...”

Wei Jian ordered, “The doctor will come to check on you later, and you still have an abdominal examination too. Stop pondering over these messy things.”

While being scolded, the doctor soon arrived and began to inquire about Chen Suyang’s condition and go through a checklist.

Chen Suyang had no choice but to follow the doctor’s instructions and completed his examinations one by one.

Between the inspection intervals, Chen Suyang used any free time to browse the internet and found the author’s WeiboA popular blogging site in China. through the writing site where she posted Arch-Rivals. He sent her a private message through Weibo, and to ensure she would check the message, he also left a comment under Qing Bo’s newest novel and the most recent Weibo post under the name of ‘Su Wujie transmigrated back’. This way, she would definitely not ignore his private message.

To ask what Chen Suyang gained during his years transmigrated into the ancient time period, in addition to a period of unfading affection with Gu Feidi, the most important thing was that his state of mind wasn’t as worried as ordinary young people.

Even if the system he carried wasn’t responding, he knew that he couldn’t solve this matter impulsively. As long as he followed the prescribed order, do what was within his power first, no matter what, the result wouldn’t change based on how troubled he felt. 

When all the tests were done, the sky gradually turned dark. 

The doctor announced that Chen Suyang’s health wasn’t seriously affected, but he should take great care of his diet to nurse his digestive system in the next few days. That meant no consuming raw or cold food, and overly spicy or hot food. He was also prohibited from drinking alcohol. After he got his prescribed medicine, the doctor released Chen Suyang to go home and rest.

Wei Jian drove Chen Suyang home, repeatedly hammered the dietary restriction into the younger man’s head and reminded the other that there would be a promotional event on the weekend in three days, before driving away.

Chen Suyang returned to his rented forty-square-meters apartment. When he opened the door, he suddenly felt a sense of deep nostalgia. 

Although the small yet homely furniture layout was more than a little worse than the whole courtyard he was so fond of in the book, he didn’t think returning to the frugal life was hard at all—even if this place was small, it was still his original home. 

It was person was missing.

Chen Suyang turned on his phone and went through the comments he left and the private message he sent to Qing Bo. He couldn’t resist the urge to sigh when he didn’t see an answer. 

Knowing that he couldn’t start panicking, he took a shower and was ready to go to bed. 

Just as his head touched the pillow, a notification came from his phone—there were new unread Weibo private messages.

Qing Bo Fairy: [What happened? How did you return back here?!]

Qing Bo Fairy: [Where are you now?]

Qing Bo Fairy: [Wait, add me on WeChatA popular messaging app in China. Users can make video or non-video calls. to call.]

Followed by a string of telephone numbers.

Chen Suyang added Qing Bo on WeChat. Then he learned that this girl’s name was Chu Qingbo, who was actually a young lady in her early twenties, the same age as him.

When they discussed the disappearance of Chen Suyan’s system, both of them were at a loss and didn’t know whether there was an issue with the system.

Chu Qingbo seemed to have something urgent that came up, so she asked Chen Suyang to meet her in a cafe tomorrow afternoon for a more detailed discussion—whatever the case, since the system bound their souls, there shouldn’t be any issue. Maybe after the two met, her system could help inspect his system for any issue.

This night was a silent night.

Chen Suyang didn’t have work the next day. He cleaned up his apartment all morning. When he saw it was almost the meeting time, he wore a mask and sunglasses and went out to the cafe. 

Genuinely speaking, he wasn’t considered a famous celebrity. He only had some fans from his dancing livestream, and his name was announced on Arch-Rivals along with the crew. For the time being, he didn’t have to worry about being surrounded by people in public places. 

When he arrived at the cafe, Chu Qingbo was nowhere to be seen. He ordered a cup of black tea, picked a good spot in the corner, sent his location to Chu Qingbo on WeChat and calmly enjoyed his tea.

After half an hour, a girl who cryptically wrapped herself almost completely with only her eyes showing opened the cafe door and entered. She surveyed around and saw Chen Suyang sitting in the corner. The girl sped her way to sit opposite of him. 

Chen Suyang was startled. “Qingbo? Are you...afraid of being recognised by people?”

Chu Qingbo took off her visor hat, removed her mask and whispered, “I’m hiding from someone!”

As she spoke, she grabbed a necklace hanging around her neck, pulled it out from her T-shirt and handed the hummingbird shaped pendant to Chen Suyang. “So, hold this and give it a try. See if my system can help you find something.”

Chen Suyang accepted the pendant and questioned, “Is this your system? Where’s your little green bird?”

Chu Qingbo rolled her eyes behind her sunglasses and joked, “This is modern society. Do you see people walking their birds on the street? It might have an understanding of our culture and changed into an accessory.”

Hearing this, Chen Suyang was stunned for a moment before handing the pendant back to Chu Qingbo. “It’s not responding to me...Did you mean that in this world, the system will become an accessory?”

Chu Qingbo nodded. “It should be. Your system is also a bird type in the Arch-Rivals world. Do you have any bird shaped jewelry? You can check once you’re back home. Maybe it bound itself to it.” She sighed. “Why didn’t I think of that, I wouldn't have to come out today!”

Chen Suyang chuckled. “You’re such a homebody.”

Chu Qingbo showed her crumbling mental state. “Not homebody, I’m hiding from someone…”

Chen Suyang questioned, “Hiding? From who? Someone you owe money to?”

Chu Qingbo sighed and muttered, “If it was only money. My current problem is much more serious than that.”

Speaking of this, she lowered her voice, leaned closer to Chen Suyang and ranted, “There was also an issue with my system some time ago...Er, you may not know this, but I have a work set in an imaginedThis is a genre (架空) for a type of unrealistic world setting created by the author (breaking the words down, it means building on top of empty space). Might have been directly translated as ‘overhead’ in the community. futuristic setting, a period with a matriarchal emperor. Although it’s also danmei...Oh, you should know what danmeiI hope all the readers know what danmei is lol. is right? Anyway, in short…”

“Originally, the matriarchal emperor in that world was a villainess supporting role who tried to break up the official CPCouple pairing. A popular internet slang that stands for the imaginary lovers or couples in a novel, drama, comic, or real life. Same meaning as ‘shipping’, or support or have a particular interest in a romantic pairing between two characters in a fictional series, often when this relationship is one portrayed by fans rather than depicted in the series itself., but because her setting was too powerful, when I transmigrated into the work to change the angst into a more sweet and fluffy genre, I might have overdid it a little and was noticed by her…”

Chu Qingbo spread her hand to emphasize, “Then, somehow, she turned her attention on me. At the final war of the story, there was some chaos. In short, the result was...I don’t know what she had triggered but she transmigrated back here with me…” She released a long breath. “This hasn't been easy for me. I finally have someone to pour out my grievances to!”

Chen Suyang was baffled by the whole thing for a long time, before he slowly asked, “...So you transmigrate into your own novels ceaselessly, to change your work?”

Being asked such a question, Chu Qingbo speechlessly pressed her hand against her forehead. 

“Yes, to alter my work.” She murmured in pain and suffering. “I was originally an angst writer. I write angst storylines when it makes sense in the plot. Usually, either heart-tormenting or tear-jerking, anyway...the protagonists under my penmanship would all have a pretty tragic ending. day, I received a package from a reader. I opened it and found this pendant.”

Then, she dangled her necklace and continued, “At first I was pretty happy. But I would have never expected to get the Qingma親媽’s pinyin. It means one’s own mother/ biological mother. In the writing world, this word means there will be no angst/ tragedy because a real mother (writer) couldn’t bear to make her kids (characters) suffer. The antonyms of this is ‘step-mother’ (後媽) where all the reader is going to get is angst/ tragedy stories from the writer. System! It forced me to transmigrate into my own writing and I must alter the tragic storyline by any means necessary before returning to my real life…”

Chen Suyang: “...”

Chu Qingbo went on, “Originally, that matriarchal emperor novel was the last one. I would no longer fear this system demanding my life after I changed it! I promised myself once I’m done with this, in the future, I’ll only write sweet and fluffy stories, no more angst! But who would have thought that I would encounter such an issue when freedom was just within my reach...I’m having a headache about how to send the matriarchal emperor back, but my abilities are very limited now I’m back in the real world.”

Chen Suyang coughed softly and asked, “The matriarchal emperor in your novel, what does she look like?”

Chu Qingbo was startled. “Why are you asking that?”

Chen Suyang listed, “Is she about one hundred seventy-five centimetres tall, dressed in black leather clothes, trousers, and boots, red and long wavy hair, also…”

“All right, you can shut up now…” Chu Qingbo raised a trembling hand and said weakly, “”

Chen Suyang gazed past Chu Qingbo and pulled out a friendly yet awkward smile. 

The matriarchal emperor’s eyes were locked on the back of Chu Qingbo’s neck and didn’t pay a single bit of attention to Chen Suyang.

“Ho,” She sneered. “I was powerless against all the protective boundaries around your residence. But since you came out of them yourself, do you really think you could hide from me?”

Chu Qingbo chuckled dryly twice and replied, “I’m not hiding from you, why would you think that...Like, Su Su, you go home to find the accessory first. I have something else I need to do. I’ll contact you on WeChat later!”

Then, she got up, pushed away the leather covered matriarchal emperor and ran out of the cafe. The matriarchal emperor followed closely after, and the two ladies soon disappeared into the bustling crowd in the street outside the store. 

Chen Suyang calmly finished the last bit of his black tea before calling for an employee to pay for the bill.



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Teo: Too bad there’s no side story about the author and her emperor. Also, the reason why this story lost a star with many readers is the fact that the author was a god in the main story. To me, I’m just happy that Chen Suyang got the soulmate system. More on that in the final extra chapter 🙂

Also, I’m glad I worked on modern novels, making the formatting decision easier, not to mention recycling my translator’s notes!


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