As the Young Master of the Evil Sect, He is Being too Compassionate!

It was very obvious that Gu Feidi could not hear Su Yang screaming internally.

Receiving no reply from the other party after waiting for some time, Gu Feidi clenched his jaw, raised his hand and inserted it into his lapel. He retrieved a blood-stained, embroidered pouch and clutched it tightly in his hand.

“They all say that Evil…Young Hero Su has an unpredictable character…” He lifted his gaze and locked eyes with Su Yang. “...But, for the promises he made, they were never reneged upon.”

Su Yang: ???

…Wait a minute!

When did the biggest villain in the whole script, the Young Master of Evil Sect, have such a fan-attracting settingFan: Some funny Chinese wording that I want to share. Fan in Chinese is 粉絲 (fensi) (Modern Chinese slang, homonym for fan I guess), when in its shortened form (粉), it also means powder. So for gaining fans or attracting fan, the word is 吸粉 or in a lit sense, sucking up powder, almost sounds like they are taking drugs. ?

Gu Feidi, you arrogant fool, not only are you changing your lines, but you are also changing the character setting in the play!

Gu Feidi continued without the slightest regard toward Su Yang, who was on the brink of madness. “I will give you the jade bell, and you will…let me go?”

“I won’t!” A completely dumbfounded Su Yang blurted out.

The expression in Gu Feidi’s gaze dimmed a few degrees again. 

He gripped the pouch in his hand and smiled bitterly. “To be honest, I have not much strength left…I can’t perform another Flying Kite Technique…”

He closed his eyes slightly after his confession, coughed twice, and a dab of blood spattered from the corner of his lips. He whispered in a hoarse voice, “...What’s stopping you?”

“I…” Su Yang was at a loss for words. “I didn’t mean that, you…”

Su Yang felt as if there were tens of thousands of horses galloping past his heart. However, none of that showed in his external appearance. He still needed to have a firm grip on his character, even if his whole persona was about to collapse. 

He was speechless for a long time, till he finally bit down on his bottom lip, and with a determined heart, decided to finish his lines in the script first!

Maybe once he finished his lines, this gosh darned guy’s reinforcements would come and take this script-changing little brat away f, saving him the trouble of continuing to improvise.

Consequently, for doing it in one breath the words that escaped out of his mouth was a gibberish-filled monologue.

“It does not matter if you hand over your jade bell or not, because I do not actually need it there are other people in these woods who are not my opponents that I can steal from furthermore I still have my servant accompanying me, who will not hesitate to kill you and I came down to greet you because I cannot stand this kind of righteous-stubborn behaviour of trying to prove that you have a courageous spirit as if you have nothing dangerous to fear in this world, granted even if you passed the House of Jade’s examination and learned a martial arts inheritance from them you will still not achieve anything in the Jianghu…”

Gu Feidi silently listened to Su Yang’s ceaseless bucketload of nonsense before he suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood.

At last, he could not hold on any longer. He tightly closed his eyes, slid down against the tree trunk and fell into Su Yang’s arms.

Su Yang: “...”

...How I want to scream out swear words toward the sky!

The petal retainer saw his Young Master successfully knocking Gu Feidi unconscious and cradling him in his arms. The servant nimbly jumped down from the tree the next second and settled beside Su Yang.

“Young Master.” He respectfully said, “This servant found a very hidden cavern nearby when exploring the area. There are many twists and turns inside, where sound will not travel, and it even has a clear pool of water. If you can take the Young Hero Gu and handle your affairs there.”

Su Yang couldn’t hold in his displeasure any longer and rudely rolled his eyes.

He thought, ‘This Evil Sect retainer has a screw loose. Not only does executing someone need to be elegant, but the location also needs to be so specific as a cavern with a pool?’ 

But there was no way he would end Gu Feidi’s life.

If Gu Feidi was dead, how could he continue the plot? How could he return to his own world?

Not only could he not kill Gu Feidi, he actually needed to save him!

So many complaints—but restrained under the Young Master’s persona, he instead reached out his hand toward his petal retainer and demanded, “Pill.”

The petal retainer was baffled at first, and then gently advised, “Young Master, the Young Hero Gu is seriously injured. The pills are of no use to him. It’s possible…during the middle of your affair, he might take his final breath and die, and it seems you are not that interested in him anyway. Also, doing it out in broad daylight would damage your reputation. Why don’t you take things into the cavern, where you  could be more unfettered?”

What the damned hell? Su Yang already had a headache when the scene earlier deviated from the plot, now he was also puzzled by his petal retainer’s suggestion.

Acting a bit impatient in front of this supporting role, he frowned and said, “It is because he was heavily injured, that I want you to hand me the pill! What are you dawdling for? Where is our Sect’s, er…What's the pill’s name, ‘fragrant something pill’? Isn’t one of the attributes to bring someone back from the blink of death? Do you have it?”

The petal retainer was stunned again, and then he took out a small jade bottle and handed it to Su Yang.

Seeing that Su Yang opened and poured out the pill without hesitation, the petal retainer had to ask, “Young Master, Rejuvenating Pill of Fragrant Sorrow is very rare. It was prepared for you in case of an emergency. Do you really want to use it on him?”

Su Yang paid no attention to the petal retainer’s inquiry. He extended his hand to pinch Gu Feidi’s jaw and shoved the pill into his mouth.

The pill immediately melted into a liquid when it entered Gu Feidi’s mouth. His pale face regained colour very quickly. It was amazing how fast the pill worked.

But deep inside, he still couldn’t stop the concern from creeping in. His only hope was that the plot won’t diverge too far due to his action.

But then again

He finished reciting his long monologue.

Gu Feidi even fainted.

Where was that righteous group coming to the protagonist’s rescue? 

Why haven’t they arrived yet?!

Could it be not only that he had to take responsibility for saving the guy, but also watch over him until he awakened?

Then he, the Young Master of the Evil Sect, was too compassionate.

Although he was upset, he still leaned Gu Feidi on the tree carefully and made sure to balance him before withdrawing his hands, preparing to depart from this small, open space to hide back to the tree, so he could observe any further changes. Otherwise, if passers-by spotted him protecting and caring for Gu Feidi, this news would surely be spread far and wide in the Jianghu…

Coming to that conclusion, Su Yang’s gaze fell on Gu Feidi’s face.

The unconscious Gu Feidi leaned against the tree trunk, and a bright spot of sunlight between the shadows fell on him. The crow's feather-like leaves cast a shadow on the adolescent young man’s bright and clean cheeks, making him appear more innocent.

A unique flower scent gradually oozed out between his lips due to  his shallow breathing, a scent resulting from consuming the Rejuvenating Pill of Fragrant Sorrow, giving the illusion that his blood-stained lips were like two lustrous and glossy flower petals.

By a curious coincidence, Su Yang unknowingly inched forward and reached out to help clean the blood on Gu Feidi’s lips.

Just then, a rustling sound came from the nearby tree, followed by a girl’s scream, “Ah! What are you doing—”

He got up and looked over.

Three people stood in the bushes not too far away.

There was a girl, who looked no more than fifteen or sixteen, dressed in a pale yellow form-fitting garment勁裝 A type of clothing that wuxia people wear, is not baggy, reduces drag. Dressed for ease of movement. Image by Hush., whose mouth was covered by the tall, skinny young man behind her. This was what stopped her from finishing her sentence. 

Behind the two stood a tall man with a powerful build, who drew out his sword without saying a word and stared at Su Yang with a wary look, and a trace of uncertainty on his expression.

Not recognising the newcomers, Su Yang turned around to ask his petal retainer, “Who are they?”

His petal retainer replied, “Young Master, that girl is the Wulin Alliance Leader, Gu Ruohai’s latest disciple, and Gu Feidi’s Xiao Shimei, her name is Pu Lingyun. The youth is Xu Yunzhan, his father is the leader of the Village at Mount Qianfeng, an ally and good friend of Gu Ruohai. Xu Yunzhan is also Pu Lingyun’s older cousin. The one behind them should be a guard of the Mount. Qianfeng Village.”

Su Yang’s eyes lit up when hearing the names of ‘Pu Lingyun’ and ‘Xu Yunzhan’. 

They are finally here!

Gu Feidi’s reinforcements!

Pu Lingyun, Gu Feidi’s Xiao Shimei, was also the heroine of Arch-Rivals. In the future, she would become Gu Feidi’s immortal companion, who he would go through fire and water for. Naturally, she was the most trustworthy person.

Xu Yunzhan was the second male lead in the script, Gu Feidi’s best friend. Once, during their time in the House of Jade, they broke into the Hidden Pearl Pavilion behind the mountain by mistake, which was how they became sworn friends in life and death.

Although people in the script were acting differently, at least it was reasonable for the Young Master to take his leave and let this rescue scene get back on course. 

He felt it was an appropriate time for him to ‘retire from the scene as his job here was done’.

“Oh? You actually have this many people to your rescue?”

Su Yang quickly entered his role, carrying the persona of the Young Master. He smiled at Gu Feidi under the tree and finished his exit lines full of determination, “In that case, I will let you go today. You won’t be so lucky if we ever meet again in the future, you can’t always wait for someone to save you!”

“Petal retainer, let us leave!”

After speaking, he manipulated his internal energy and strode away with Cherish Flower Steps. He quickly retreated into the dense forest, disappearing without a trace.

Xu Yunzhan turned toward the direction the Young Master took off. He frowned and did not relax the slightest. 

His bodyguard behind him said in a low voice, “Young Master, people from the Evil Sect are crafty. He must have done something if he left so easily.”

Xu Yunzhan nodded with a grave face. “I just don’t know what he is scheming…”

Pu Lingyun did not give thought to this as much as her two components. She broke free from Xu Yunzhan and sprinted toward Gu Feidi, crying out, “Xiao ShixiongLittle elder martial brother.! Please! Wake up!”

Seeing Pu Lingyun’s simple-minded action, Xu Yunzhan gave a small sigh, “This Su Yang has always acted differently from ordinary people, let’s not worry about him right now.”

He glanced toward the dense forest one last time, turned and walked toward Gu Feidi, bending over to check his injury.

But as he got closer, his expression shifted immediately. “Bai Qi, come here and smell the scent, is this from the Evil Sect’s infamous Rejuvenating Pill of Fragrant Sorrow?”

When his bodyguard heard his command, he immediately came over to confirm his suspicion. 

For a moment, he lowered his face and affirmed, “Young Master, this is indeed the unique scent of the rejuvenating pill. Rumour has it this pill can bring one back from their deathbed, and regenerate fresh and bone, worthy of its nickname as the ‘divine pill’. However, the fragrance will seep into the blood and the bone of the user, which won’t go away even after a decade. There is a kind of sweet scent tracking butterfly used by the Evil Sect. No matter the distance, the insects will always find the people carrying the scent, with no way of escaping from this.”

Xu Yunzhan made a strike on a tree and said through gritted teeth, “I was right to say that the Evil Sect demon spawn never has good intentions! It is said that he is an exceptional cut sleeveHomosexuality in China. From the famous story about the Emperor who cut off his sleeve rather than wake his male lover.
, especially toward handsome young men. He has countless bed-warmers, even at a young age…I didn’t expect him to have the courage to set his sights on Gu Feidi! We must inform the Wulin Alliance Leader about this for him to make early arrangements!”

Bai Qi nodded in agreement.

Xu Yunzhan added, “But for now, the House of Jade is about to open its gates. As long as Su Yang enters the House of Jade, we won’t have to worry about this for another three to five years, since I expect he will not look for trouble during his stay. From now on, we had better stay close to Gu Feidi, so that damned demon spawn has no chance to take advantage of him.”

Authors Corner

The author has something to say:

Su Yang: The bed warmer servants are only a rumour! Please don’t believe it! QAQ

Pu Lingyun is the heroine in the script, but she has only a minor supporting role in the original one. So, no need to worry, she won’t make a mess of things (look at the desire to live in the author’s eyes)

Translator's Corner

Translator has something to add:

Teo: Yes, that one paragraph does not contain any comma or period. This is what the raw looks like:



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