The Moment When the Situation Changed Completely...

This rocky plain was very close to the rift valley, and close to the E’Luo Gui Faction’s border.

Su Yang saw the map just earlier and knew that he would reach the edge of the rift valley soon if he continued to go north. It was near noon, and the sun’s direction was just right for him.

Therefore, he decided to leave his party of petal retainers temporarily and lead Gu Feidi to the rift valley alone.

And if he wanted Gu Feidi to have a reason to pursue him. Su Yan planned to—kidnap Pu Lingyun!

This would not only ensure that Gu Feidi would come after him but also make sure Pu Lingyun would not be left behind. It would also make his job of forcing them down the cliff easier.

Having come up with this idea, he instantly felt proud of himself. He was really too tactful!

Su Yang traded blows with Gu Feidi, while getting closer to the spectating Xu Yunzhan and the masked woman. 

The reason the Evil Sect had always been regarded as the strongest light movement skill was because no one’s light movement skill could rival it, or even come on equal ground. In addition, Su Yang’s light movement skill surpassed other Evil Sect members with his deeper internal energy, his elegant body movement, and not to mention his initial struggle and diligent attitude in learning the Cherished Flower Steps. If he hadn’t been waiting for Gu Feidi, his party would have broken through the obstacle and arrived at the rift valley.

Once he spotted Gu Feidi, there was naturally no reason for him to hold back.

Before anyone could take their second breath, Su Yang dropped behind the masked woman on the yellow dun horse. He knocked the rider unconscious and carried her on his shoulder with his arms around her waist. 

“Su Yang! What are you doing!”

Stunned, Xu Yunzhan drew his sword and dashed forward, shouting angrily, “Put her down!”

Inside Su Yang’s head: Oh fuck, I forgot that Xu Yunzhan wants a piece of the heroine as well! I must stop this guy!

So he yelled out an order, “Mei Shisan! I will leave Xu Yunzhan to you! Don’t let him pass!”

Once he gave out his command, he quickly used the Cherished Flower Steps and fled ten meters in a flash.

Although Mei Shisan didn’t know what was on the Young Master’s mind, he obeyed his order, turned around with another petal retainer to face Xu Yunzhan.

Xu Yunzhan wanted to go round them and catch up with Su Yang, but under the onslaught of the two petal retainers that showed no weak point, he couldn't break through them.

Gu Feidi’s expression also darkened, and he said in a deep voice, “Leave it to me, I will go after him!”

Without waiting for a response from his companion, he sprinted in the direction where Su Yang ran off.

When Gu Feidi and Su Yang left the House of Jade, their martial arts were beyond a match for anyone around them. The original people who joined hands to fight against Su Yang couldn’t catch up with him, so they turned around and targeted other Evil Sect members who tried to follow their Young Master, preventing reinforcements from getting to Su Yang. 

During the fight, one person from the Wujiang Sect quietly withdrew from the fight, and went around behind a large boulder and sneakily immersed himself in doing who-knows-what.

On a high stone cliff in the distance, a small, white boreal owl swiftly opened its eyes, twisted its neck in half a circle, before spreading its wings and took off into the sky, camouflaged in the clouds. 

* * *

“Su Yang! Put her down!”

Gu Feidi’s voice was low, but the strength behind it was penetrating and filled with anger, “You put her down right this instant and I will let you go!”

Su Yang stuck out his tongue internally and thought, ‘The more you insist, the less likely that I will release this person!

He steadied ‘Pu Lingyun’ on his shoulder as the wind was blowing below his feet. With the help of the sun’s direction, he ran to the north. 

In annoyance, Gu Feidi clicked his tongue and chased closely after Su Yang with a grim expression. 

After a short period of cat and mouse, when Su Yang sharply turned around a boulder, a silent arrow suddenly disturbed his pace. 

He hurriedly changed his footwork to avoid the incoming arrow aimed at his chest, but this action made him trip over himself. 

Gu Feidi, in a cold sweat, rushed forward to shield Su Yang from the sneak attack.

But he was faced with more than one attacker. 

The leader was a forty-year-old man with a crossbow supported in his hands, squinting at Su Yang and Gu Feidi. 

Over ten guards behind the middle-aged man immediately came forward to surround Su Yang. Su Yang after all still had a burden on his back, making it harder for him to break through the siege. 

Gu Feidi gritted his teeth and cautioned, “I didn’t expect that the Wujiang Sect’s Sect Leader would participate in person.”

The middle-aged man gave him a mocking chuckle. “I didn’t expect our young rising martial star, the young righteous hero that everyone looked up to, would protect someone from the Evil Sect, a demon spawn at that!”

Gu Feidi clenched on his sword handle but didn’t rebuke. 

This middle-aged man was the current Sect Leader of Wujiang Sect. Although his martial arts weren’t very good, his Sect specialised in the business of selling news. Because of this, there were many sects that collaborated with him to gain positive publicity or earn favour, just like the group of experts around him.

This was easy to understand. Since ancient times, whether in business, battlefield or bureaucracy, the inequality of information determines the success or failure of anything. Therefore, the smaller forces in the Jianghu had no ability to cultivate their own spies, so they could only buy and sell news through the Wujiang Sect.

While the Tengyun Pavilion had its own channel to inquire about information, they did not dare to offend the infamous Wujiang Sect.

Essentially, no one wanted to be spied on by others at all times and having all of their accomplishments, good or bad, be spread publicly throughout the martial arts Wulin. 

Surrounded by the guards, the Sect Leader’s eyes fixed on Gu Feidi as he said, “I see that the Young Hero Gu values the friendship of fellow students, but this Sect Leader highly suggests you not interfere in this matter and hand over the evil spawn to us. We will handle the rest, while the Young Lord should worry about the future of the Wulin as a whole, and focus on finding the location of the Sage’s tomb.”

Gu Feidi calmly stated, “I can’t let him go, he captured Xu Yunzhan’s cultivation partner.”

The sect leader retaliated, “Oh! Is that so? It’s a coincidence that we have a good relationship with the Huo Family. I will definitely save her and return her back to Young Hero Xu.”

Su Yang: “???”

Wait a minute, when did Pu Lingyun become Xu Yunzhan’s cultivation partner?

And how were any of these related to the Huo Family?

Su Yang suddenly had a bad feeling about this.

He dropped the woman on his shoulder into his arms and ripped off her veil. 

To see a completely unconscious Huo Ying, with her eyes shut closed. Her facial features were full of vigor, totally different from Pu Lingyun’s loveable, charming face.

Su Yang: “!!!”

He got the wrong person?!

While avoiding everyone’s attack, he asked Gu Feidi loudly in a frantic voice, “What’s going on! Where is Pu Lingyun?!”

Gu Feidi sucked in a breath. 

He frowned and said, “...The one you wanted was Pu Lingyun?”

Before Su Yang could explain himself, Gu Feidi turned to the Sect Leader, cupped his fists and said, “The Evil Sect’s demon spawn dared to covet a disciple from my Pavilion. This one apologises to his senior, but I can’t stay out of this!” 

Stating this, he turned around and jumped into the crowd, aiming his sword toward Su Yang!

Su Yang threw Huo Ying at Gu Feidi and yelled, “Who are you calling a demon spawn you prick—!”

Gu Feidi caught Huo Ying and entrusted her to the Sect Leader, “Since this senior is on good terms with the Huo Family, please take good care of Lady Huo. I will catch that Evil Sect’s demon spawn!”

Without the additional burden, the speed of Su Yang’s Cherished Flower Steps greatly increased. Using the Gliding Blossom Art, he did a hit-and-run technique and broke out the blockade of over ten members from the Wujiang Sect.

Gu Feidi followed closely behind him, chasing after him. 

The Sect Leader handed Huo Ying to his subordinates and ordered, “Give chase!”

At this time, Xu Yunzhan happened to lead the teams of the Village of Mount Qianfeng and the Tengyun Pavilion. Followed by the Evil Sect members and numerous members from groups such as Tongyun Monastery and Xuanji Temple. 

Xu Yunzhan took Huo Ying from the Wujiang Sect’s leader. Seeing that her breathing and pulse were steady, he was relieved.

Su Yang fled to the rift valley. He looked as if he was about to rush down the overhanging cliff, but instead, he came to a halt.

He glanced down the cliff and saw that there was no stone shore visible at the bottom of the cliff, only the dark-blue water, which was over thirty meters down from the edge of the cliff. The flow of the river was quick, but perhaps because of the depth of the water and the smooth straightness of the two banks, there was no splash in the middle of the river.

Gu Feidi quickly caught up to him.

Holding his sword, he stopped about six metres away from Su Yang. He frowned and asked, “Why did you deliberately lead me here?”

Rather than answer immediately, Su Yang raised his own sword and dashed toward Gu Feidi. He made the first move. Using the Drunkard’s Plum Wine Slash, he caught his opponent completely off guard. 

Surprised, Gu Feidi promptly responded with his own move. 

Su Yang’s sharp moves forced Gu Feidi to the direction of the cliff. 

At present, Pu Lingyun was not at the wasteland, so there was no way for Su Yang to pull back the plot where the protagonist falls with the female lead. But fortunately, Gu Feidi still chased him. At least, it shouldn’t be too difficult to push him down the cliff. 

It was just that he felt uncertain without Pu Lingyun unexpectedly not here supporting the plot. Was it possible for Gu Feidi to find the Sage’s tomb without her help?

The two of them traded moves for a while, going back and forth. Their pursuers followed them with the sound of the clashing metal. 

Although most of the members in the Evil Sect had excellent martial arts skills, they were disadvantaged in numbers. They were surrounded by several powerful fighters that were really difficult for them to deal with. But thanks to their exquisite light movement skill, they didn’t stay at a disadvantage for too long. 

With so many more people joining the battle, the original duel between Gu Feidi and Su Yang gradually turned into a scuffle between several forces. 

The members of Evil Sect wanted to help their Young Master out of the siege, but they couldn’t harm the Young Hero Gu because their Young Master took a fancy at him.

The Tengyun Pavilion party wanted to suppress the Evil Sect’s petal retainers, but it was difficult to know whether their Young Lord valued the friendship with Su Yang or not, so they couldn’t perform at their full strength. 

For the other three groups, they wanted to trap the Evil Sect and execute every last one of them. But on the other hand, they wanted to leave the Evil Sect to the Tengyun Pavilion. Because if neither the snipe nor the mussel would give way in fighting, the fisherman would come and catch them both. Plus, they were at odds with each other with the nature of their relationship, so best not to distract their fight. 

In the centre of the fight, Su Yang concentrated on pushing Gu Feidi off the cliff, but he didn’t want to injure him in the process. 

While Gu Feidi counterattacked vigorously, he was also on guard against anyone firing a sneak attack at Su Yang. After all, Su Yang was everyone’s main target. 

Everyone had their own hidden motivations and schemes in this fight. 

A boreal owl, the size of a fist, quietly landed on a strange-looking rock pillar on the edge of the cliff. The bright red ribbon tied to its ankle was dancing with the wind. 

A member of the Wujiang Sect suddenly squinted and glanced at the white bird. 

The owl flew away quickly, but the man found time to take out a bone flute and blew on it straight away. 

At that moment, the situation changed completely. 

To witness a member from the Tongyun Monastery with his back against Gu Feidi, fighting against a petal retainer, instantly turned around and swung his full moon scimitar to slash at Gu Feidi’s back!

Su Yang’s eyes widened, and he warned subconsciously, “Behind you!”

Gu Feidi believed him and turned back, raising his sword to block the inexplicable attack from his ally. 

At the same time, another person from the Xuanji Temple abruptly broke through from the side and drew his sword to cut right through Gu Feidi’s neck!

Su Yang rushed forward without thinking, twisted the thin sword in his hand and blocked the man’s attack. With another twirl, he momentarily sent the man backward. 

Out of nowhere, another member from the Wujiang Sect raised in revolt, as he soundlessly aimed his sword down at Gu Feidi from the side!

Being locked down by the full moon scimitar, Gu Feidi was fully occupied to block the third attack.

The third man’s body movement was extremely fast, and his sword technique was very strange, as if his blade moved to Gu Feidi’s head in a flash!

Su Yang clenched his teeth and inserted himself between the two using the Cherished Flower Steps. Striking his thin sword that carried his powerful internal energy straight into the heart of the man from the Wujiang Sect.

However, the long sword still stayed on its course.

With great haste but without much thought, Su Yang released his hold on his blade, turned around and protected Gu Feidi from the third blow with his back, with his arms around Gu Feidi. The blade slashed from his right shoulder to the left of his lower waist, opening a large bloody wound. 

Both of Gu Feidi’s eyes turned a furious shade of red.

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