Kind of Felt Bad for Young Hero Gu...

Fan Xi and Pu Lingyun had escaped, but Gu Feidi came back of his own accord. It didn’t seem like he would follow them.

It was already late, and the autumn season made nights in the wilderness very cold, so Su Yang decided to rest instead of marching back home urgently. He ordered his underlings to set up camp and start a campfire. They would continue their journey first thing in the morning after a good night of sleep.

Without objecting, Mei Shisan quietly led the petal retainers and set up camp.

As a prisoner, Gu Feidi’s upper body should have been bound. With his arms tied behind his back and rope looped back around his waist, but after the skirmish earlier, everyone noticed a change in him. Gu Feidi had no intention to escape, so they allowed him to roam freely within their camp.

Gu Feidi bandaged the wound on his palm and helped Su Yang arrange the felt cushion pad and fur blanket. Then he sat beside Su Yang without saying a word.

Su Yang also didn’t want the petal retainers to watch over Gu Feidi. He feared that Mei Shisan and the others would hold a grudge from the earlier scuffle and torment the prisoner behind his back. So he publicly ordered that Gu Feidi would be his pillow, and no one was allowed to touch his pillow. Afterward, he told his body pillow to stop moving.

Giving him a helpless smile, Gu Feidi straightened out both legs and let Su Yang, wrapped in the fur blanket, lay on his legs.

The campfire danced, and the flickering light was very distracting to Su Yang.

He kept switching positions, unable to fall asleep. Frustrated by his insomnia, he turned his head toward Gu Feidi and demanded, “Come sing a song for this one to hear.”

Looking down at Su Yang, Gu Feidi frowned and thought deeply, saying at last, “...I can’t sing.”

Su Yang didn’t believe that. “Nursery rhymes work too. You learned some nursery rhymes, right?”

Shaking his head, Gu Feidi said, “Never.”

Su Yang asked, “How is this possible? You didn’t learn a single nursery rhyme as a kid? What were you doing in your childhood?”

Gu Feidi gave him a strained smile. “Practicing martial arts, naturally.”

This time, Su Yang was surprised and felt everything was unreal. “Since childhood?”

Gu Feidi nodded. “Since I can remember, I have been reading and practicing martial arts every day, never taking a break. Occasionally, I would go out with my father to meet martial arts families, for the sake of mutual discussion, comparing notes, and cross-training skills.”

This kind of childhood was actually very sad. Su Yang couldn’t help feeling pity for Gu Feidi, and the emotion was visible in his eyes.

Not understanding the emotion displayed, Gu Feidi asked, “Was your childhood not the same?”

He wanted to refute, but he remembered the original’s profound martial arts skill. The Young Master must have gone through the same fate.

He murmured an affirmative response and killed the conversation.

The fire’s light lit up half of Gu Feidi’s face, making one side bright gold, while the other hid in the dark, making his facial features hazy. Only his two dark eyes were clear. They contained little flickering lights like a starry night, and they were fixed on Su Yang.

Feeling a slight embarrassment from being stared at, he pulled the blanket closer to his face and made a vicious expression and showed his fangs. “What are you looking at?”

Gu Feidi smiled slightly. “You’ve changed a lot.”

It startled Su Yang.

“You were never this reckless or leisurely in the House of Jade.” Gu Feidi whispered. “The you then, I felt as if something shackled you down, each of your words, each of your actions…Even when we reunited in the wilderness, you acted as if you were carrying a burden the size of the entire Jianghu, refusing to let go…”

Su Yang was unable to respond.

After a pause, Gu Feidi added, “During the first year of our time in the House of Jade, you were cruel, headstrong, and insufferably arrogant. Afterward, I slowly noticed that you didn’t seem happy at all. Now, I am very convinced that you deliberately alienated yourself from everyone in the Central Plains Wulin.”

Su Yang didn’t expect Gu Feidi to be this sharp.

At that time…He’d just transmigrated not too long ago, and he hadn’t grasped the whole situation yet. Of course, it was hard for him to drop the script. He almost lost his mind, keeping in character, like standing on thin ice. The plot still happened completely out of his expectation, like a free-bound bird.

It was not until he entered the House of Jade, where he was working with a blank script. He gradually felt less suffocated.

But now, he could hardly recognise the script in his hand compared to what he lived through. This was completely out of his scope.

The plot did crumble, but why…Why did he unknowingly even forget to stay in character?

If the real Young Master was here right now, he would never sleep on Gu Feidi’s leg so calmly. Even less so, talking and smiling so peacefully with Gu Feidi.

Su Yang’s expression shifted slowly, the fingers clenched on the fur blanket tightened slightly.

If it was the real Young Master, he would never soften when Gu Feidi was hurt…He would never be kind enough to help detoxify Gu Feidi. Instead, he would definitely end Gu Feidi’s life the moment he was poisoned back in the cave.

Or even earlier, he would never block the killing blow at the top of the cliff for sure!

—But the reality was that to keep Gu Feidi alive, Su Yang broke his character and pushed the plot in an unpredictable direction.

But what was he supposed to do if he didn’t save Gu Feidi?

Let the script’s protagonist die and lead his Evil Sect to dominate the world?

Wasn’t he the one who said the Central Plains Wulin would continue to function even without Gu Feidi. How about this enormous destiny? He himself didn’t have the willpower or strength to carry it alone.

Then…how could he return to his own reality?

He was not as confident as before on his chance of returning...

Su Yang’s eyes gradually lost their shine. Being at this remote place, staring at the bright stars in the sky, and lost in his confused thoughts.

Thinking of his life in the drama before he transmigrated, changing it to the tense yet enriched life in the House of Jade…Remembering the everyday life without crashing waves, shifting to the intense yet exciting life lurking everywhere in the Jianghu…

Somehow, he suddenly recalled the moment when he was on the edge of the desert cliff when he blocked the killing blow for Gu Feidi.

—His choice at that time was completely in the heat of the moment, even he himself couldn’t explain it. At that time, was he saving Gu Feidi’s life, or saving the protagonist’s life?

His whole head was a mess. He raised the fur blanket to cover his head as he yelled into the blanket in frustration.

“I am a retard!” He shouted. “This game is too difficult!”

Gu Feidi was startled and reached out to pull the blanket back down. He asked softly, “Su Yang? What’s wrong? Are you not feeling well?”

Everything was too late.

That was the conclusion Su Yang came to. He freed himself from the blanket, wanted to cuss, but didn't know where to start.

Gu Feidi reached out and gently brushed the loose hair behind Su Yang’s ear, gazing into his eyes without a word.

Su Yang raised his hands and covered his face.

In his head: Fine! The heroine ran away with someone else anyway, and the plot had already fallen completely apart. Then…he would just proceed without a plan, or with caution, let the plot naturally take its course!

Now seeing that the grass was greener on the other side, Su Yang let everything go, and complained to Gu Feidi, “The fire is too bright! I can’t sleep with it!”

Gu Feidi couldn’t resist bursting into laughter.

He looked up at the petal retainers, who pretended not to hear their conversation. He reached up and took off his hair ribbon, folded it two times, and covered Su Yang’s eyes.

“This way, the flame won’t bother you. Turn around so I can tie it for you.” He murmured.

Su Yang turned his head quietly and allowed Gu Feidi to tie the ‘eye mask’ securely. He sighed and lay down, forging into sleep.

He thought his disordered thoughts would keep him up all night. Who knew that he would dazedly enter dreamland, smelling the flowery scent from Gu Feidi.

After a night of good rest, the petal retainers packed up the camp as soon as the sky barely brightened. Their Young Master was still resting on Gu Feidi’s legs.

Mei Shisan patted Su Yang’s shoulder. “Young Master, it’s time to leave.”

Su Yang whined and twisted his body. He hugged Gu Feidi’s thigh and retreated his head into the fur blanket, refusing to get up.

“Young Master, it’s time to get up.” Mei Shisan persevered, completely not surprised at all. He was obviously used to this situation.

Su Yang buried his face between Gu Feidi’s legs, pulled the blanket over his head and tried to escape reality.

Mei Shisan called him repeatedly, while Su Yang, muddled, continued to snuggle on Gu Feidi’s legs. He slowly moved higher to escape from Mei Shisan’s annoying voice.

Gu Feidi’s breathing gradually hastened. A faint blush appeared on his cheeks. He reached out to push gently on Su Yang’s head, stopping his advance, as he called with Mei Shisan, “Wake up, Su Yang.”

Su Yang furrowed his eyebrows as he moved upward and rested his head heavily on Gu Feidi’s stomach. Even shook his head as if the soft stomach was not comfortable enough.

Gu Feidi suddenly sucked in a breath.

Mei Shisan: “...”

Was…was the Young Master truly still asleep, or was he pretending to be asleep while teasing Gu Feidi?

Unable to bear it any longer, Gu Feidi finally used his internal energy, focusing his voice on Su Yang’s ear, “Get up!”

In complete shock, Su Yang threw the blanket over, got up and sat on his knees. Eyes unfocused, as he slowly turned toward Gu Feidi confusedly.

This manner of waking up was very familiar, even when it had been a while for him to hear the familiar voice enhanced by internal energy. It also awakened the fear that was drilled into his head during his time in the House of Jade.

Scared witless for a long time, he regained his senses and immediately realised where he was.

He glared at Gu Feidi angrily. “Are you the devil!”

Gu Feidi scolded annoyed, “Are you an evil spirit?”

Su Yang: “...”

Looking at Gu Feidi’s pale complexion, hating his sleeping in nature. “I told you to not use your internal energy, why must you always shrug it off?”

Gu Feidi ground his teeth. “Would you have woken up without it?”

Mei Shisan…ignored the two kindergarten kids who were arguing without logic and handed Su Yang a warm wet towel to wash his face.

After freshening up, a petal retainer brought over the heated dry breakfast.

Su Yang took a piece of hot biscuit, turned and also swiftly snatched the other biscuit belonging to Gu Feidi. He grinned. “You’re hurt, let me feed you.”

Gu Feidi looked at the evil smile on Su Yang’s face and moved backward. “I still have my right hand.”

Su Yang raised an eyebrow. “You are not allowed to move, or I will have them tie you up.”

Gu Feidi: “...”

Why did he never notice how grumpy Su Yang was in the morning?

Sure enough, Su Yang didn’t plan to feed him without an agenda.

He held the dried biscuit the size of a palm toward Gu Feidi’s mouth and smiled innocently. “Here, open wide.”

With no way out, Gu Feidi could only helplessly open his mouth—as Su Yang crammed the entire biscuit firmly into his mouth, giving him no room to chew.

When the biscuit finally softened in his mouth, Gu Feidi chewed and swallowed it little by little. Su Yang then unscrewed a water sack and smiled brightly with both his eyes and lip. “You seemed thirsty, have some water.”

Gu Feidi was on full alert toward Su Yang.

But he was too late. Su Yang shoved the opening of the water sack into Gu Feidi’s mouth and lifted his hands to empty the entire contents in the sack.

The water poured all over Gu Feidi’s face and spilled down his neck. Gu Feidi, who drank not a single drop: “...”

Su Yang beamed. “Ah! Such a wonderful breakfast. I feel full and refreshed! Let’s continue our journey then.”

The petal retainers standing in a circle, watching: “...”

They actually feel slightly bad for the Young Hero Gu.

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