A Bug Has Appeared in the Script?

Bite tongue…transfers the blood, no gap between the lips and teeth…?

Su Yang read it silently once, then read it out loud the second time. It took him a while to finally understand the inscription's meaning. 

The scene described on this tablet popped into his mind unconsciously. He felt a numbness in his scalp as heat arose from his chest and cold sweat dripped down. 

To detoxify Gu Feidi, the user needed to give him mouth-to-mouth…Isn’t that essentially a kiss?!

Looking at the meaning behind ‘accepts the crimson, softens the crimson, and withers the crimson’, which means not only did he have to kiss Gu Feidi, he had to do three different microcosmic orbitsAn energy cultivation technique that involves deep breathing exercises with meditation and concentration techniques which develop the flow of qi/ energy along certain pathways of energy in the human body. listed in the sections? Won’t that mean this would take longer than ten minutes!?

He shouldn’t have trusted in the original author’s moral principles!

Even if the author was a female!

Since the original plot was for the heroine to detoxify the protagonist, he should have guessed that the detoxification method would not be some ordinary interaction!

But…Now the heroine was missing in action!

Beside him, the Young Master who always inexplicably destroyed the plot points, who would detoxify Gu Feidi?!

Thinking of this, Su Yang was suddenly a little inexpressibly glad that this female author was reserved enough to not write a more excessive detoxifying method like duel cultivation. Otherwise, he might really attempt to commit suicide again.

Su Yang stood in front of the stone tablet and bit his lower lip, thinking about how he should explain it to Gu Feidi.

It didn’t matter as much to him. He was already prepared for kissing scenes with his fellow members of the cast the moment he signed the online drama contract, his first step into the entertainment industry. Although Gu Feidi was a man, he never had this kind of training in the first place...Even if they were men, he must be able to overcome the psychological obstacle and cash out the check that his mouth wroteThere is a saying that ‘Don't write checks your body can't cash’ that means don’t make promises that you can’t keep. So Su Yang was saying that he must carry out the act that he said he would do. There are different variations of this phrase, and I was fascinated when my co-worker used it in his email. Something like I shouldn’t write a check that my brain couldn’t cash. .

Plus, Gu Feidi was very handsome, so it was not a total loss to kiss someone like him...

No! What was he thinking?!

Su Yang raised his hands and scratched his hair as he cussed himself out internally.

Gu Feidi, as someone who grew up in ancient China, was certainly someone who wouldn't accept such close contact with another man. In the beginning, in order to save Gu Feidi, he performed CPR but was smacked in the chest later.

The treatment required tight mouth to mouth contact and their tongues must touch…Gu Feidi certainly won’t stand it.

But, he must treat Gu Feidi’s Poisonous Gu.

If the moment comes and Gu Feidi throws a fit, then…Su Yang would accept a small beating from him then.

Su Yang’s current shell of a body was tough, and his skin as well. He suffered sword wounds, so he shouldn’t be afraid of taking some hits as well.

Coming to this conclusion, Su Yang planned to bring Gu Feidi here to read the inscription and let him make mental preparation so he wouldn’t be too startled when the time came and throw a bigger fit. 

Once he returned to the stone chamber, Su Yang saw that Gu Feidi was sitting upright and writing on the table. He walked forward and sat down opposite of him.

Gu Feidi lifted his head up and asked, “Have you found it?”

“Yes, I found it,” Su Yang nodded. “The way to extradite the Poisonous Gu was engraved on it as well. It seems feasible.”

Putting down his pen, Gu Feidi looked solemnly at Su Yang’s eyes and inquired, “Is it a difficult mental skill to learn? If it is, let’s copy the text and bring it back to Iris Island to practice.”

“It’s not difficult. There are only three parts, all microcosmic orbits.” Su Yang explained. “However, I can’t see sunlight or fire when I am actively training the skill. If we bring it back to Iris Island, I could only train at night and I don’t think I can complete it in a month if we do that. It’s more convenient for me to stay and train here. You should stay here with me to prevent further delay to your treatment.”

After hearing what Su Yang said, Gu Feidi said simply, “All right, I will stay here with you.”

Su Yang nodded as he continued looking at Gu Feidi. He hesitated before he mumbled, “Ehh, there is one last thing about the method that I want to inform you of in advance…”

Gu Feidi wondered, “Yes?”

Su Yang babbled, “Are you feeling better? If you can walk, then I will show you the inscription. I am really not lying to you. The record of the mental skill…really said that.”

After Gu Feidi treasured Su Yang’s nervous appearance, he said with a smile, “No issue. You can tell me, I will believe you.”



“Eh…Then you better be prepared.”

“That’s fine, go ahead.”

Su Yang calmed his raging heart down and said slowly in a quiet tone, “It’s like, what the inscription said was…to extradite the Poisonous Gu, we must make a cut in our tongues so that we can mix our blood, connect our tongues. There must be no gap between our lips and teeth.”

It startled Gu Feidi.

He fixed his gaze on Su Yang. Eyes dark and no emotion on display.

“I know you may not accept this,” Su Yang immediately raised his hands making a ‘keep calm, don’t panic’ gesture. He tried to explain himself, “But this is the way to detoxify and save your life. If you feel that this is a bitter pill to swallow…do you understand that saying? How about scraping the poison off the bone? Anyway, if you don’t believe me, I will take you to the inscription.”

Gu Feidi’s Adam’s apple bobbed, but he remained silent. 

Su Yang gritted his teeth and continued, “After you are treated, if you feel like I offended you, I will let you hit me. But don’t you turn down this method of detoxification, all right?”

Gu Feidi stared at Su Yang once more for a while. He poked out the tip of his tongue to moisten his lips, then he lowered his eyes and said, “...All right.”

Su Yang was relieved and awkwardly brushed through his hair with his fingers.

Gu Feidi suddenly asked, “You…Even so, are you also willing to detoxify me?”

Su Yang raised his lips to give the Young Master’s signature smirk. “Why shouldn’t I be willing? You are so handsome so there is no loss on my side.”

Gu Feidi chuckled.

Feeling embarrassed by Gu Feidi’s laugh, Su Yang muttered slowly, “Besides, I promised I would detoxify you, and I am not going back on my promise.”

In the dim candlelight of the stone room, Gu Feidi couldn’t take his eyes off Su Yang. Watching Su Yang, who was feeling more and more embarrassed, he couldn’t help but chuckle again. 

“You said it was for detoxification…” Gu Feidi hesitated for a moment. When he looked like he finally decided, he licked his lower lip and continued, “...I have never been so intimate with anyone before. I don’t know how we should handle this.”

Su Yang was stunned, “Just…just handle it like normal of course.”

Gu Feidi looked back at him and questioned, “Normal how?”

Su Yang had never been in a romantic relationship in both of his lifetimes. He, of course, couldn’t answer that.

“Why don’t we…” Gu Feidi suggested. “Practice in advance?”

Aware of the meaning of Gu Feidi’s suggestion, Su Yang felt that his head was about to explode like a volcano. 

He immediately vetoed, “No practice!”

Then he thickened his face and said in a high and mighty tone, “What is there to practice? Huh? Gu Feidi, I can’t believe that came out of your mouth. Could you be enchanted by my beauty at first sight, wanting a taste ever since?”

Gu Feidi rested his cheek on his hand and instead of replying, he looked at Su Yang with a smile. 

Su Yang felt that this kind of closed space with dim light really made the atmosphere too ambiguous and dangerous. 

He swallowed his saliva and stood up. “I will go practice the mental skill now.”

Watching Su Yang escaping with his tail between his legs, the smile on Gu Feidi’s face and eyes become brighter. 

He raised his hand and rubbed his lips with his fingertips, thinking of something as he chuckled and murmured, “So this is the correct way to deal with you…”

After staring at the archway where Su Yang disappeared into, he suddenly frowned slightly, raised his hand back up to cover his mouth to cough twice.

He sighed after the pain in his body subsided and walked to the well, took out a handkerchief and wet it with the well water. He wiped off the bloodstains on his palm, sat back at the couch, picked up his pen, and dipped it in ink to continue the unfinished page. 

Holding a torch, Su Yang entered the room with the Half-Withered Crimson stone tablet. He tossed all the troublesome thoughts out of his mind and carefully studied the first part of the mental skill. 

After reading the passage several times, he recited back to himself, and once he gained an understanding of it, he put out his torch and sat crossed legged in the dark room, without a trace of light. He began to move his internal energy along the route according to the inscription. 

His internal energy awakened the Apparition within his body and emitted a faint burst of coldness. With the skill, he gradually transmitted the energy through all the meridians in his body.

Su Yang was familiar with this feeling. When he practiced the Blooming of the Nine Glacials, the Apparition lake also soaked into his meridians like this, which helped the internal energy to travel smoothly so he would get twice the result with half of the effort on the time spent learning the mental skill. 

However, this time, there was something a little different from the Apparition.

As soon as his internal energy passed through four or five meridians, he felt an extreme chill in his body, down to his bones. This cold made him shiver. When he forced himself to continue, his whole body was freezing. When he was halfway through, it felt as if his blood was icicles. 

Sighing from the chill, he thought that the Half-Withered Crimson was indeed different from the other cold nature mental skills, so Su Yang switched to Six Night Flower Burial to adjust. 

After rotating between the Blooming of the Nine Glacials and the Six Night Flower Burial, Su Yang stopped and began to urge his internal energy, and inserted the path for the Half-Withered Crimson

This time, he forced his way to the other half. Clenching down his teeth, he continued to push through several pathways.

Suddenly, an extremely domineering cold energy advanced from his tailbone. It travelled along his spine and stabbed through his heart like a sharpened blade.

He felt an intense pain in his heart as he slowly lost consciousness. 

In a trance, he recalled a familiar female voice chiming in his ears.

It was the time when Di Ling sat by his bed and calmly informed him, “...But please keep in mind that once you break through the Blooming of the Nine Glacials, you shouldn’t practice any more cold nature skills. Otherwise, the apparition will take deeper root, and it may affect your lifespan…”

He didn’t know how much time had passed before he slowly opened his eyes. 

He turned over to sit up from the ground, sitting in the pitch dark room in a daze. 

After a long time, Di Ling’s warning finally got through his thick head. He forgot that the Apparition of the Frozen Lake in his body had always been a double-edged sword.

It could assist him in training the mental skills with insane results with half the effort, but it would also harm his body. The colder his internal energy was, the stronger the Apparition would be. If his internal energy became too cold, the Apparition that was supposed to pave an easy way for this internal energy to travel through the meridians would instead start to destroy his meridians. Unless he stopped practising the mental skill, the problem would not go away. 

However, to detoxify Gu Feidi, he needed the Half-Withered Crimson.

And only it could draw out and restrain all sorts of Poisonous Gu.

Su Yang knows that this was the only solution in this world created by the plot.

The mental skill was not the issue, the issue was him. He snatched Xu Yunzhan’s role and took the Apparition. He then stole Pu Lingyun’s role as well and had to practice this mental skill in order to save Gu Feidi.

...Huh? Wait a moment.

He suddenly frowned and reached for the torch. He took out a flame stick and ignited the torch. Walking to the tablet to confirm his intuition. 

After carefully reading the inscription again. He determined that the Half-Withered Crimson was a cold nature skill that could not be used as a mental skill for the user’s foundational mental skill. It must be built up with an existing cold nature mental skill. This was the only way to learn the skill.

But, that was not right.

The two foundational mental skills Pu Lingyun learned were Layers of Feathers and Vanishing Three Falcons, mental skills of a pure fundamental way, or the neutral mental skill! How could she ever learn about the Half-Withered Crimson to save Gu Feidi in the script?

Had a BUG…appeared in the plot?

He could confirm that out of everyone in their group of fellow disciples, which even included Fan Xi, he was the only one who studied the cold nature mental skill.

Moreover, the Blooming of the Nine Glacials and the Six Night Flower Burial together laid a solid foundation for the cold nature skill. One could say they were tailor-made for Half-Withered Crimson. As if...

As if the person destined to detoxify Gu Feidi should have been the Evil Sect’s Young Master all along!

Authors Corner

The author has something to say: 

Su Yang frowned as he found that everything was not as simple as it seemed.


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