Which Immortal Did He Offend?

In the end, Gu Feidi couldn’t hold out against Su Yang. He promised that if he could get permission from Luo Yu, he would take Su Yang down the snowy mountain and back to the House of Jade.

However, although the two came to an agreement, Luo Yu was determined, and wouldn’t allow the two to leave.

“Since you two have come to plead for treatment from me. I have graciously removed the Gu Bug and am healing Su Yang. He is still my patient.” Luo Yu played the doctor’s card and dismissed them firmly. “Since he is my patient, he has to listen to my orders.”

No matter how much Gu Feidi and Su Yang tried to move the unmovable doctor with emotion and reason, he wouldn’t change his orders, which was more difficult than when the two were getting the cold-shoulder treatment.

“Senior, is there any other reason you’re stopping us from going down the mountain other than preventing me from putting myself at risk?” Gu Feidi stared into Luo Yu’s eyes. “Senior mentioned that he would not let us go down the mountain. I noticed a change in your eyes…Could there be something happening below the mountain? What is happening in the Wulin that you are hiding from us?”

This question stunned Luo Yu as he narrowed his eyes.

“Isn’t ‘I don’t want you to die’ enough of a reason?” He scoffed and said to Gu Feidi, “Even if I allow you two down the mountain, with Su Yang’s current state, he won’t survive the winter storm. Not to mention the harsh mountain path. I feared Su Yang would be on his deathbed before you two reach the House of Jade.”

Gu Feidi insisted, “I trust that the senior can help him. Even if you can’t end the Apparition and Half-Withered Crimson’s torment, you must have a way to temporarily suppress his intense cold internal energy.”

Luo Yu humphed, “What if I do have a way?”

Gu Feidi was at a loss for words.

Waving his hand impatiently, Luo Yu dismissed them again. “If you requested me here for this matter, I don’t think I need to stay any longer. You two can rest without worry here and stop overcomplicating things.”

With that, he got up to leave.

Su Yang blocked Luo Yu’s path and planned to use an old tactic. “If the senior refuses us passage, we will have no choice but to leave without your consent.”

However, Luo Yu was not as easily threatened as Gu Feidi. 

Studying Su Yang, Luo Yu uttered with a not-so-genuine smile, “Oh, disregarding the doctor’s order? Sure! Be my guest. I know you’re not afraid of death anyway. But I don’t know if Gu Feidi is ready to face the consequences of your action…” 

Gu Feidi was certainly not willing to be apart from Su Yang, so such a threat couldn’t convince someone like Luo Yu.

Luo Yu flung his sleeve and went around Su Yang. As he was one foot out of the door.


Suddenly came the word that he thought he would never hear that quickly.

Luo Yu paused and turned back in surprise at his nephew. 

Su Yang reached out and gently grasped the corner of Luo Yu’s sleeve. His tone was soft as he pleaded, “...There is no one who is not afraid of death. We are just trying to survive, to have more time to be together.” 

After a while, Luo Yu sighed, “Do you know Gu Feidi will be the one paying the price for what you are seeking?”

Su Yang nodded. “I know, and I don’t want him to sacrifice anything for me. However, if I was in his position…I don’t want to give up on any possibility of saving someone I love, even if that possibility will end up hurting me. So I don’t want to make the decision for him. If there’s any karma waiting for us in the future, I’ll share the burden with him.”

Saying nothing, Luo Yu frowned at Su Yang.

Su Yang took a deep breath and added, “...As a doctor, you must understand that the longer an illness is delayed, the more serious it will become. Some opportunities, if not seized in time, may never happen again in the future. I understand how Gu Feidi feels…He would rather bear the consequences for his own choice than regret the opportunity he missed.”

He ended with a whisper in a soft tone, “Uncle…”

Luo Yu’s eyes lowered slightly as he sighed again. “Is it worth it?”

Su Yang grinned. “Actually…I don’t know, but I can assure you that when I return to the House of Jade, I’ll ask my shijie and shizun for advice. If they don’t agree with Gu Feidi practising the intense sun mental skill, I’ll try everything to stop him.”

“Su Yang…” Gu Feidi murmured anxiously. 

“If that set of mental skills is really harmful to you, how can I let you practice it?” Su Yang glanced at Gu Feidi. “That’s why I must go back with you so that you don’t make stupid decisions.”

Watching the two young men interacting in front of him, Luo Yu reluctantly sighed again.

“Even if that’s the case, I still can’t…”

Before he could finish, he was suddenly interrupted by Qin Jianyue, who entered inside the courtyard without announcing himself. 

“A-Yu.” Seeing the dignified expression on Qin Jianyue as he moved beside Luo Yu in the blink of an eye, he used his internal energy to whisper in Luo Yu’s ear only. “During my time buying food supplies at the foot of the mountain, I received a message from Wang Ke that demanded our presence.”

Luo Yu was surprised and asked, “Wang Ke? Why did he suddenly call us for a meeting?”

Wang Ke was their fellow disciple who joined the House of Jade the same year they did. Two years after he left the House of Jade, he returned and stayed to provide guidance to future shidi and shimei. 

Although they left each other’s contact information, Wang Ke had never contacted them, even after so many years. Now, for the first time, he sent them a message, the reason still unknown. 

Qin Jianyue glanced at Gu Feidi and Su Yang. He was about to continue their conversation through internal energy, but Luo Yu pulled him back.

Luo Yu gave Qin Jianyue the look and turned to the other two. “Something came up. You two go rest.”

With that, he dragged the other man away from the hot spring courtyard, leaving the two confused younger men behind as they looked at each other.

* * *

...Once they returned to the main courtyard, Qin Jianyue waved away all the disciples, and made sure there was no one within earshot.

He explained, “In Wang Ke’s message, E’Luo Ying, the third son of the former ruler of the E’Luo Gui Faction, E’Luo Xu, actually escaped from E’Luo Jue’s clutch. Now he goes under the alias name of ‘Luo Yin’ to enter the House of Jade. And he is about to complete his training there.”

The shock in Luo Yu’s eyes was undeniable, as he uttered in disbelief, “That's the elder brother’s son…Wasn’t there a rumour about how E’Luo Jue murdered all the remaining royal line and their supporters?”

Qin Jianyue mumbled, “Wang Ke didn’t elaborate, but…the House of Jade must have investigated. With Shizun’s ability, no one could deceive her, so this must be true. E’Luo Ying turned twenty that very same year and already had the ability to sneak out of the faction.”

Luo Yu frowned and the shock in his eyes slowly faded and was replaced by a very obvious worry.

“He had suffered so much. Once he is out of the House of Jade, I fear that…he is going to take revenge.” He said. “But now the whole Royal Court is under E’Luo Jue’s hands, and his success in taking the throne had to be thanks to the help of Baiwu Tower White Shaman Tower and Heiyu ArmyBlack/ Dark Feather Army.…Coupled with the personal guards of the Royal Court…Even if E’Luo Ying wanted to assassinate him, the odds of success are not in his favour.”

Qin Jianyue commented, “I think Wang Ke wants your help.” 

Luo Yu smiled bitterly. “I’m simply a lone doctor. How is there for me to help?”

Qin Jianyue was silent for a moment and wondered, “Wang Ke knew your relationship with me. Maybe he wants me to…”

Hearing this, Luo Yu shook his head violently. “No, there’s no way. I won’t let you go to your brother for help. You had run away from home for so many years. Can you even escape your family’s clutches a second time?”

Qin Jianyue laughed. “It’s been twenty years. Even if my brother, the emperor, is still angry, I doubt he would act upon it."

Luo Yu’s face still showed unwillingness. 

Qin Jianyue uttered, “If the Tengyun Pavilion assembling everyone in the Wulin to annihilate the Evil Sect is related to the E’Luo Gui Faction, I think we might need to join hands with the imperial court. After all, the imperial court has always wanted to get rid of the disease called the E’Luo Gui Faction. You didn’t want to return to the Royal Court years ago, now, why don’t you hand this important task to E’Luo Ying?”

Luo Yu remained silent as he glanced sideways at Qin Jianyue, then he sneered, “You still think of yourself as a prince?”

Qin Jianyue couldn’t resist the urge to chuckle as he shook his head. “Whatever the case, I’ll write to my brother first to see what his plan will be. As for you…why don’t you pay your other nephew a visit?”

Luo Yu felt the start of a headache.

It seemed that since Su Yang and Gu Feidi came to his home, his ordinary and comfortable days were completely flipped upside-down.

First, he learned that Su Yang was dying from the Blood Gu, and then the Blood Curse on the younger man’s back, a heartless gift from his mother. Then, he heard of the incoming war between Gu Ruohai and Su Huaizhu after their twenty years of peace…Now, the internal struggle between the Royal Court that was forced in his face, which he couldn’t turn a blind eye to.

He didn’t know which immortal he offended for this eventful year. 

Luo Yu stretched out his hand to hold Qin Jianyue, put his head on the other’s shoulder for comfort and whispered, “I escaped my old life, but now it’s returning, one event after another with a vengeance.”

Qin Jianyue smiled and patted the other on the back to give comfort.

“Fine, just in time too.” Luo Yu straightened up, viewed the distant mountain outside the door. “Those two brats are planning to go back to the House of Jade for a mental skill. Since they are going to Mount Mei Zhu, I’ll escort them along the way.”

As he spoke, he chuckled, “Su Yang, this child, really has the gift of the gab, it’s really hard to reject the kid when he is acting very vulnerable.”

Qin Jianyue reassured, “What are you worrying about if what they need is in the House of Jade? Gu Feidi was secluded inside the Hidden Pearl Pavilion before. He is Shizun’s direct disciple. In any case, Shizun will not treat his life like a joke.”

Luo Yu nodded, remained silent for a moment before he started to plan. “Then, I need to draft up another prescription to help Su Yang resist the cold for the journey. I’ll have to trouble you again for another medicine supply trip.”

Qin Jianyue chirped, “It’s no bother.”

* * *

Two days later, Luo Yu came to the pavilion by the hot spring, as usual, to check on Su Yang’s pulse.

Su Yang finished the herbal soup, let his pulse be checked and as he was about to start another session of pestering Luo Yu to allow him and Gu Feidi down the mountain, but suddenly the voice in his throat was stopped by Luo Yu’s next order.

“Today, remember to dual cultivate tonight.”

Luo Yu’s orders were soul shocking.

Su Yang: “!!!”

Gu Feidi: “???”

After a moment of shell shock, Su Yang was in disbelief and lost his ability to form sentences. “...Huh?”

Luo Yu appeared calm with a profound expression. He turned to Gu Feidi, calmly said, “For the dual cultivation tonight, remember to give as much internal energy to Su Yang as possible…but not too much, just make sure he can resist the harsh weather tomorrow.”

Then he took out a porcelain bottle and put it on the table, instructing Su Yang, “These are the Core Warming Pills I created today. Take it first thing tomorrow. After the first pill is melted, take a second one and hold it in your mouth. Before morning, A-Yue and I will come to take you two down the mountain.”

Before Su Yang could react, Gu Feidi suddenly smiled and asked in surprise, “Is what the senior trying to say is that he is allowing us to travel to the House of Jade?”

Luo Yu confirmed, “A-Yue and I happen to need to stop by Mount Mei Zhu. We can go together, but I am setting three rules.”

Gu Feidi respectfully said, “Senior, please share them with us.”

“The journey will be long and far. We’ll ride the whole way to hasten our journey. We might need to stay only in a farmhouse between mountains or a desolate court-side, which could be inadequate for Su Yang’s state.” Luo Yu went on. “I’ll try my best to relieve him of his pain and safeguard his life. Gu Feidi, you can’t use his body as an excuse to delay the journey.”

Gu Feidi took a deep breath and promised, “I put my trust in the senior.”

“Alright.” Luo Yu continued. “Second, no matter what news you two hear along the way, our destination is the House of Jade at Mount Mei Zhu, there will be no detour.”

Gu Feidi replied, “Yes, I understood.”

“Third,” Luo Yu stared into Gu Feidi’s eyes. “Once you two reached the House of Jade, if Shizun doesn’t allow you to learn the intense sun mental skill, you must heed her words.”

Gu Feidi was silent toward the last one.

Su Yang stepped forward, took Gu Feidi’s hand and promised with a smile, “Uncle, if Shizun doesn’t allow him, then I won’t let him learn the mental skill even if it kills me. Don’t worry.”

Luo Yu raised his hand to flicker Su Yang’s forehead, but it was blocked by Gu Feidi.

“I’ll listen to the senior’s words.” He lowered his gaze as he replied. 

Luo Yu nodded with satisfaction, took the empty medicine pot and turned to leave.

Before he stepped out of the door, he turned to look at the two people in the room and smiled brightly. “Don’t forget. Dual cultivation. Tonight.”

Gu Feidi: “...”

Su Yang: “…”


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Volume 3: The Cold Plum Flower Acting as the Warm Spring’s Messenger [End]

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