The Gongzi failed???

Zhu Yue’s nerves had been on tenterhooks for a few days, fearing that Wei Lian would retaliate. However, there was not a single movement from Wei Lian’s side, and she was not summoned to have blame laid on her, nor did she hear any news.

After being tormented by anxiety during that period, she finally breathed a sigh of relief when she received no notice, thinking that she was safe.

Zhu Yue had heard that Wei Lian had returned with his Majesty that day. He was lucky to encounter his Majesty, who was on his way to the Yangshou House—that was how he escaped death. Maybe the fright caused him to forget the palace maid who had left him halfway.

Even if he remembered, she had to dismiss herself for a good reason. Wei Lian’s status in the palace was also unstable, so he might have chosen to avoid causing a disturbance instead.

With that thought, Zhu Yue felt reassured and emboldened.

What was there to fear from the Gongzi of the Chu Empire? So what if he managed to climb on the Emperor’s bed. He was relying on someone’s charity to live, he must be biting down and bearing it.

Zhu Yue’s mind was going through hundreds of thoughts, but on the surface, she was still the palace maid who served his Majesty daily in the morning. Sometimes, she glanced at the sleeping youth on the bed with teeth-grinding hatred hidden behind her heart.

Of course, she dared not show her displeasure in front of his Majesty.

* * *

Then something happened one morning. The Emperor had gone to court, while Wei Lian was still sleeping on the bed. It was customary for a palace maid to enter the room with his clothes when the time arrived, and call Wei Lian to rise.

This job was usually done by Zhu Chu and Zhu Yue. But Zhu Yue did not like to serve Wei Lian, so except for the last time when Zhu Yue was committing her scheme, Zhu Chu had always been in charge of this task. Now, however, Zhu Chu had been called by the head overseer to help on another task, so it was Zhu Yue who came to perform this duty today.

With no one around, Zhu Yue was not as respectful to Wei Lian as before, but she knew the rules and stood with her head bowed, not doing anything out of the ordinary.

The first thing Wei Lian did was to be blind to the hatred on her face, as he lazily sat up. His ink hair dropped over his shoulders like a waterfall, and his half-lidded eyes contained lingering tiredness. He raised his hand from within the blanket to tuck the loose hair behind his ear, and around his snow-white wrist was a silver bracelet. When the accessory slid down, it revealed a ring of red marks under it, which seemed to be caused by being pressed down on the bed by someone.

Seeing it made Zhu Yue taste the sourness overflowing from within, scolding how the man before her was a filthy vixen.

Wei Lian suddenly looked up at her with a pause. “It’s you.”

Zhu Yue's body jolted and her fingers instinctively tightened on her cuffs to hide her inner turmoil.

...Was she still going to be questioned?

While Zhu Yue was mentally flustered, thinking of all of her possible countermeasures in a panic, the youth in front of her slowly smiled. “I remember you, thank you so much for taking me out to see the scenery last time.”

Judging from his tone, it didn’t contain means of retribution.

Zhu Yue uttered, “...Huh?”

In her haste, her gaze fell on his wrist again. Wei Lian seemed to feel her eyes and hurriedly used his sleeve to cover the love marks. A thin blush flushed across his face.

Now Zhu Yue was feeling even worse inside.

“If Gongzi has no other orders, this servant girl will leave now.” Zhu Yue bowed her head and turned around, wanting to leave.

“Hold it.” Wei Lian called out to her from behind.

Her whole body stuttered before turning back. “What order does Gongzi have?”

Wei Lian raised his eyes. “I would like to ask you for a favour.

* * *

Looking at Zhu Yue, who couldn’t conceal her joy as she was leaving, the smile on Wei Lian’s face gradually faded. He gazed down at the red marks around his wrist that were made by him, resulting in a sight that could give anyone a cold shock.

He gave Zhu Yue a chance. If she had been clear-headed enough or less greedy, she could have escaped her fate. Or at least, this fate he wrote for her.

But she was perfectly happy to jump into the trap he had set for her and couldn’t wait to seek her own destruction.

Scheming based on people’s deepest desire was a skill Wei Lian was best at. There were a thousand different ways to easily destroy a person.

He didn’t have to do it himself. He could kill people with only the words coming out of his mouth.

* * *

West pavilion wing

Zhu Chu watched in amazement as Zhu Yue took out all the clothes she had stored deep in her closet and compared them in excitement.

“Hey, do you think this peach one looks good?”

“What happened to you today to make you so happy?” Zhu Chu asked.

Zhu Yue glanced at her with a somewhat arrogant look that made Zhu Chu feel uncomfortable.

Even with the same status, where no one was superior to the other. Why was she looking down on her?

Zhu Yue was so pleased with herself that she didn't care what Zhu Chu thought. After tonight, she would win his Majesty’s favour anyway, and tomorrow she would not be the same as Zhu Chu.

The thought of this made Zhu Yue's ears burn hot, and her face filled with the shyness of a young lady, and a hint of hidden thrill.

Originally, Zhu Yue was reluctant to help Wei Lian out when he asked for a favour. But after listening to the request, all she could think of was, so there was such a thing as waiting for a meat pie to drop out from the sky掉餡餅 - It means to have something fall into one's lap, like served on a platter in a way. .

At first, Wei Lian only asked her how old she was, whether she had parents at home, and how long she had been serving in the Yangxin Palace Hall, all of which were common topics. She answered one by one, feeling slightly impatient inside.

But Wei Lian’s question suddenly took a sharp turn as he asked, “Are you interested in his Majesty?”

She was so caught up with answering his question, she almost nodded on instinct when she heard the question, but she reacted in time and hurriedly replied, “This servant girl would never dare.”

Smart, trying to trick her with his questions.

Wei Lian studied her for a long time before saying, “You don’t need to be afraid, because I can tell. His Majesty is wise and powerful, who wouldn’t fall in love just at the sight of him?”

Zhu Yue really didn't dare to respond, wondering if Wei Lian was displaying his status as a warning.

Wei Lian added, “Would you be willing to...serve his Majesty in bed?”

Zhu Yue was confused.

Ser-serve what?

A faint blush suddenly appeared on Wei Lian's face when he saw her blank stare. He whispered, “It is difficult to speak of this matter. His Majesty dotes on me, and he has been with me night after night. I am humbled by this honour, but it is something that I can’t handle by myself.”

He murmured more softly, “I am not feeling well as of late, but I can't bear to see his Majesty be in distress because of me. His Majesty has mentioned that you are attentive, and you are the only one in the Yangxin Palace Hall who is outstandingly beautiful. Could you...serve his Majesty tonight?”

The translation of this was—’I have been pampered night after night and my frail body can’t bear it, but I couldn’t bear to see his Majesty abstain from sex, so you help me.’

Since the past, there have always been such incidents. The Emperor would call the imperial concubine out to serve, unless she happened to be in her monthly cycle, or if she wasn’t feeling well. Then it would be the palace maid on her side to be sent to serve the Emperor.

In short, the Emperor must not be disappointed.

Zhu Yue listened for a while before she understood, looking stunned and not daring to believe. “Gongzi, this...”

Wei Lian seemed dispirited. “You are not willing? Then I won’t force...”

“No! This servant girl is very willing to share the burden of your worries for his Majesty!” Zhu Yue blurted out. “Gongzi...Did-did his Majesty really mention that I was attentive?”

So his Majesty did remember her!

Wei Lian showed a smile. “It is true naturally. His Majesty has said that the palace maid who serves him every day is very considerate and has a degree of beauty. I wouldn’t have chosen you if that wasn’t the case."

That was false. The Qin Emperor didn’t remember a single thing about this woman. On one occasion, when the Emperor praised his beauty, commenting how Wei Lian had this otherworldly beauty that no one in this realm could rival. He offhandedly joked, “Is the one who dresses you daily not a beauty?” The Qin Emperor pondered it for a long time but could never recall what Zhu Yue looked like.

However, it didn’t matter if it was true or not, as long as Zhu Yue believed it. People would always be more willing to believe false news that was in favour of them, while ignoring the truth of the bad news.

When she left, she was all smiles, thinking she was about to become a phoenix on top of the branch飛上枝頭變鳳凰 -This is the saying of a swallow (someone of low status) thinking that they could become a great phoenix (someone of high status) just by flying out of their nest made out of mud and to a branch.
. But what she didn't know was that not just anyone could rest on the parasol tree’s branch. If one couldn’t become a phoenix, they would also be engulfed in flame. 

Of course, she could have safely escaped her death—if only she had refused.

But was this an offer she was willing to turn down?

Never, she would never let it go.

 * * *

That night

Ji Yue was in the imperial study, reading his memorials, without Wei Lian beside him. They were, after all, not inseparable. It was just a few rounds of performances for outsiders. There was no need to cling to each other all the time.

At this time, Wei Lian was bathing in the Tangquan Pavilion. The steam concealed his beauty, blurring the scenery above the water’s surface.

The pale and smooth skin was clear of impurities as the wind blowing through the pavilion carried a subtle, pleasant fragrance.

Without the Qin Emperor beside him, watching over him like a hawk, he leaned against the white porcelain wall, dousing himself with hot water, a rare pleasure.

* * *

Yangxin Palace Hall…

When Ji Yue returned to the bedroom after finishing his work, he saw a moving figure behind the heavy bed curtains.

An emptiness in his heart was suddenly filled.

These days, he had grown accustomed to having Wei Lian around him. When they were together, there was no feeling that something was off, but when they were separated, there was always the feeling of something missing.

Walking forward, Ji Yue lifted open the curtain. The first thing he saw was not a young man in white leaning on the bed reading a book, but a palace maid in heavy make-up and dressed ostentatiously.

Ji Yue's eyes suddenly darkened slightly for a few moments.

Instead of asking for her identity, he directly ordered, “Drag this insolent thing out and cane her to death.”

Climbing up on his bed to gain status, Ji Yue could not think of a second reason except forfeiting her life.

The smile that blossomed on Zhu Yue's face since she thought she would be favoured by the Emperor, froze the moment she heard the death sentence.

She hurriedly got off the bed and knelt on the ground, sobbing and begging for mercy, “Your Majesty, please have mercy!”

Ji Yue didn't bother to give her a second look. Attendants had already filled the room, ready to drag that person away.

Zhu Yue's arm was lifted up, she was out of her wits in a panic. But she suddenly thought of something as she shouted, “Your Majesty, please have mercy! It was the Gongzi, it was Lian Gongzi who told this servant girl to do this!”

Ji Yue commanded faintly, “Halt.”

The attendants holding Zhu Yue immediately released her.

As if she had grasped hope, she crawled over to him on her hands and knees. “Your Majesty, it was Lian Gongzi who informed this servant girl today that he couldn't handle the pleasure night after night, so he requested this servant girl to stand in his place! How could this servant girl have the guts to climb into your bed without permission, your Majesty! Please have mercy on this servant girl...”

Ji Yue’s eyes turned dark as he said out through his gritted teeth, “Wei, Lian.”

Zhu Yue cried and begged, “This is all because of Lian Gongzi's order, this servant girl knows her mistake and will never dare to do it again!”

Ji Yue cast her a glance, his face expressionless. “Drag her away.”

She was still going to die, whether it was under Wei Lian’s order or not. If she wasn’t so delusional and gave birth to an unrealistic dream, she wouldn’t have taken the bait so easily.

“Your Majesty! Your Majesty!”

The cries of the palace maid soon disappeared from his ears. Ji Yue rubbed his temples and asked, “Where is Wei Lian?”

Li Fuquan replied without missing a beat, “Lian Gongzi is at the Tangquan Pavilion.” He also muttered in his heart, how could someone as smart as Lian Gongzi could do such a thing to anger his Majesty...

Ji Yue sneered, “Arrange our ride to Tangquan Pavilion.”

Authors Corner

The author has something to say:

It’s impossible for Wei Lian to fail, it’s more like a test run.



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