“Is the kitten thinking of spring?”

Ju Yue indeed possessed the natural innate ability to be a ruler. 

No one was more suitable for this position than him in distinguishing right from wrong and weighing pros and cons. 

“So,” Wei Lian asked a third time, “Are you really going to let him go?”

Ji Yue gazed into his eyes. 

Wei Lian’s calm eyes. 

In a short while, Ji Yue yielded and lightly snorted, “Of course not.”

“We have already ordered his death. We did not want to pursue him openly. It has nothing to do with the Qin Empire if he dies halfway on his journey home.” Ji Yue said with a headache, “Can’t even hide this from you.”

In fact, he did not like to show his dark side of killing and plotting in front of Wei Lian. He even regretted firing an arrow at the palace maid in front of Wei Lian, not because of killing the person, but the possibility of scaring Wei Lian. 

Although later facts proved that Wei Lian was probably not so easily frightened…

Ji Yue is a man with blood on his hands, but he wanted to be spotless when facing Wei Lian. 

He did not care whether he was deceiving the other for his own benefit or knowing that Wei Lian and him were the same. Even if the two were covered in mud and associated together, they would not drag each other to sink together. They would carefully wash themselves before embracing each other. 

Even if his back was covered with blood and dirt, at least the side that I hold you is clean and could not stain you.

“You are a vindictive man, how would you be merciful?” Wei Lian had long known.

“Do you understand us that well?” Ji Yue raised his eyebrows. 

Fortunately, their relationship was not what it used to be. If it had been a few months earlier, Ji Yue would have condemned him for speculating about his thoughts. 

But even a few months earlier, Ji Yue was helpless when it came to Wei Lian.

Between the two of them, Ji Yue maintained his might in the first three days, before losing his face each day afterward. 

This showed Wei Lian’s ability. 

“Not well.” Wei Lian suddenly leaned over and gently touched Ji Yue’s earlobe with his lips. “It is a little deeper than well.”

I can hear your unspoken words, I can decipher your unspoken meaning. 

This is the chemistry between us as it should be between loved ones or confidants.

* * *

After the Xia and Chu Empire were also gone, the huge Qin Emperor palace suddenly became empty. Wei Lian had healed from his injuries for a month. All the best medicine in the palace was sent to Zhongling Palace. Anyone would be saved even if they were at death's door, let alone some flesh wounds.

Ji Yue healed sooner than he did as the older man’s injuries were less severe. 

That day when Wei Lian left his Zhongling Palace before he was healed, Ji Yue scolded and ordered him to be good and stay in his palace after their encounter. Otherwise, if Ji Yue spotted him wandering around once more, he would make Wei Lian drink medicine all day without giving him sweet treats, even if the medicine was very bitter. 

This threat was so cruel that Wei Lian really did stay in the house for a month. Ji Yue would come to visit him in the evening, leave after a short chat, giving him a reminder  to recuperate. 

One day, when Ji Yue came to visit him once more, Wei Lian complained, “If you don’t let me go out, I am going to die!”

Ji Yue was unyielding. “Then you should die on the bed instead. We will choose a good coffin for you. Do you want a gold or a silver coffin?”

Wei Lian could have anything he wanted, except leaving that door.

Wei Lian raised his eyes in disbelief. “Why are you so ruthless?”

Ji Yue smiled and said lazily, “Choose one, do you want to die on the bed now or later?”

Wei Lian thought for a moment. 

Die on the bed now or later.

Later meant…

Being killed on the bed by Ji Yue. 

Wei Lian shook his head violently. “I don’t need to go out anymore.”

Out of fear of certain events, Wei Lian would really stay in the house until he recovered. 

But halfway through, he regretted it. 

He would rather be killed by Ji Yue on the bed than staying in the house any moment more. Unfortunately, he promised Ji Yue so he could not go back on his word.

Wei Lian was so bored out of his mind as he counted the days. He even regretted adding the two injuries on himself that increased his recovery time. 

If he had not met Ji Yue before, Wei Lian felt that every day was boring, but this was how he lived in the past, with nothing special. 

Later, when he met an interesting person, he soon found how unbearable boring days were. 

The day the imperial physician confirmed that he had recovered, Wei Lian immediately went out the door and could not wait to inform Ji Yue the good news. 

The feeling of regaining freedom was so wonderful that he forgot to ask Ji Yue if it was convenient to meet now. 

“Ji Yue!” When Wei Lian pushed open the door, several people in the room immediately shutted up and turned around. 

The commoners were stunned and looked at the gorgeous young man in white who suddenly burst into the imperial study. 

If they did not hear it incorrectly…did that man just call his Majesty by name?

Wei Lian also glanced at them very quickly.

An elegant and pale-faced young scholar.

A handsome youth with thick bread.

And another one…looked very familiar. 

Ji Yue leaned against his imperial chair with very guarded eyes, not looking in a very good mood. He just looked up at Wei Lian with a trace of helplessness.

Wei Lian quietly withdrew while closing the door, opened the door again, this time, he very politely greeted, “This subject greets your Mastery.”

The three commoners: “...”

Fine, they would treat it as if they were blind and deaf just now. 

Ji Yue covered his lower face with his fist and held back the joy in his eyes. “You three are dismissed.”

The three uttered, “...Understood.”

The last man could not help throwing another glimpse at Wei Lian.

Wei Lian glanced over, the man quickly looked away and quietly left the room.

When the door was closed again, Wei Lian said, “Did I interrupt your official business?”

“No.” Ji Yue replied, “They are the three scholars in today’s palace examination. We were just appointing their new duties.”

“One of them looks familiar.” Wei Lian shared. 

“He was the one trying to be friendly with you on the night of the Lantern Festival. His surname is Zhang, name Xuwen, courtesy name Enba. Third place.” A trace of sourness entered Ji Yue’s tone. “You still remember him?”

“I just have a good memory. Did you not also remember him?” Wei Lian came forward and boldly sat beside Ji Yue, who shifted to make room for the younger man. 

There was more than enough room for two on this large chair. 

“At that time, I saw that he was very ambitious and pretentious. I thought he could be second if not first. How could he be third?” Wei Lian asked.

Wei Lian’s ability to read people’s hearts was very high. He could see through people just within a day of meeting. 

“His writing is good, but his heart is not good and needs experience.” Ji Yue said, “We have sent him to Qingping, Jiang Province, to be a county magistrate. He would naturally be promoted if he could display good track records. If mediocre, he would just stay there the rest of his life.”

The Qin Empire was populous and affluent, but not the whole country. There were always backward places, like Jiang Province, Qingping even more so.

“Oh.” Wei Lian uttered, “You sure you are not doing it for yourself?”

“Are we such a person?”


Ji Yue uttered, “...Fine, we are.”

If it wasn’t for Zhang Xuwen’s original intention to get close to Wei Lian, Ji Yue would not have sent such a top candidate to Qingping. But Zhang Xuwen was indeed talented, but without enough experience. Such a transfer was not humiliating. 

“Don’t mention him anymore.” Ji Yue examined him. “Since you came here, it means you are healed?”

Wei Lian confirmed, “I have long healed.”

Ji Yue made an affirmative sound, lowered his head to approve the memorial while saying, “We just received the news. The assassination failed. Wen Heng escaped as well as killing two shadow guards.”

“He escaped?” Wei Lian was surprised. “So he has some skill.”

“If he was not skillful, he would not dare to set up such a game in our palace.” Ji Yue was not surprised. “His life or death had no impact on the overall situation. The people cannot enjoy peace and freedom if the county is in chaos. We can clear up the Xia Empire in the future. If not, where else could he run to?”

As Ji Yue finished, he put the approved memorial to the other side and took another one from the pile. 

Wei Lian quietly watched him. 

“If you are free, grind our ink for us.” Ji Yue suggested while still working. 

Wei Lian rested his cheek on one hand and half-heartedly ground the ink ingot with the other. “Ji Yue, will you come to Zhongling Palace tonight?”

Although he was annoyed by the other overdoing it at the beginning, it was all a little awkward between lovers. 

He had to admit that after a month of abstinence, he was…missing Ji Yue a little. 

Ji Yue did not look up. “Not coming, it is bad for your health.”

Wei Lian huffed, “I am in good health.”

“That would not do, you suffered serious injuries that will take a hundred days to heal. Only one month had passed, you still require two more months of recovery.”

Wei Lian was shocked. 

Two months?!

He will die

He is young, vigorous, has a lover, both with a healthy body, and has tasted the flavour of lust. This was supposed to be the sweetest period of infatuation. 

One month was already very cruel. He would not allow himself to endure for two more months. 

Wei Lian tossed away the ink ingot, got up and said, “Ji Xiao You, you have to go to Mount Wu with me.”

Ji Yue poofed, “Pff—”

Thankfully, he wasn’t drinking, otherwise he would have sprayed it everywhere. 

Ji Yue turned to Wei Lian with a smile. 

The young man with an exquisite appearance stared at him with straightforward, bold and warm eyes. 

It was not that Wei Lian did not know how to be reserved and restrained, but what was the point for him to hide his desires in front of his beloved?

Ji Yue also quietly looked back, not speaking. 

Under his long gaze, the young man finally learned what it was like to feel shy as his white earlobes turned pinkish. 

Wei Lian lay on Ji Yue’s arm, enough to prevent the older man from moving as he murmured, “...Please?”

Something like taking an initiative in courtship, even with Wei Lian’s thick skin, it was still unbearable. 

He could only bear to say such a shameful word once.

Ji Yue looked at his piteous and lovely appearance and almost agreed without thinking. 

But at this critical moment, his logical side took over, “No.”

He had been waiting for this day for a long time. 

Ji Yue was always very angry that Wei Lian treated his body as a joke, but with no way to voice it. 

Only by Wei Lian learning his lesson could he truly bear in mind never to harm his body in the future.

But what kind of lesson? If he could not say it up front and did not have the heart to force. 

After a long thought, Ji Yue decided to use the way of inflicting damage to his enemy while suffering a smaller but comparable level of damage. Both of them will abstain from going to Mount Wu.

On the ground it will take one hundred days to heal and not give into Wei Lian's desire. Only by letting Wei Lian experience this heavy hardship would he not dare to commit it again next time, a good punishment for Wei Lian. 

Ji Yue thought the plan was perfect, even though he was also punishing himself…

But now, seeing such a cute and lovable young man in his arms, looking at him with eyes filled with hope… Ji Yue felt that his plan might fail on the first step.

Absolutely not!

He could not be soft-hearted!

If he was soft-hearted to Wei Lian, then Wei Lian would never do the same to his own body.

Ji Yue hardened his heart. If his right arm was held down by Wei Lian, then he would just write with his left arm, ignoring Wei Lian’s request. 

Each word was as powerful as ever. 

Wei Lian stared at the scene with disbelief.

His charm lost its effectiveness?

Did he become old and faded??

Did he lose favour before he got old???

Wei Lian grabbed the memorial and felt he was wronged. “Do you really plan to spend your time with these memorials?”

Ji Yue said positively, “Wei Xiao Lian, you said it from the start. Take—a—hundred—days—to—heal.”

Wei Lian immediately denied, “I never said that.”

Ji Yue uttered, “Oh.”

Wei Lian buried himself in the older man’s arms and rubbed against him like a soft little kitten. “Ji Xiao Yue~”

Ji Yue teased him, “Is the kitten thinking of spring思春 A more correct translation would be ‘yearning of love’. But since he mentioned kittens, I kept thinking of spring. Because a cat’s oestrus cycle starts when the weather gets warmer, like spring.

Wei Lian poked his head out and nodded.

Ji Yue said coldly, “Our answer remains no even if you are thinking of spring. A hundred days means a hundred days. Not two hours less.” See if you dare to hurt yourself next time. 


Wei Lian stood up expressionless and threw the memorial back into Ji Yue’s arms. 

“What use do I have for you?”

The young man angrily walked away with a flick of his sleeve. 

Ji Yue: “...”

He put away his memorials and went to the window to watch Wei Lian leaving. 

The flowers outside the window were gorgeous and vigorous, and new buds grew out of the willow branches. The warm wind blew as the grasses grew tall and the nightingales flew high in the air. Enhancing the already beautiful figure. 

Spring was coming.


Translator's Corner

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Teo: That is the end of volume two, [Yu Tang Chun (玉堂春)] or [Spring at the Royal Palace].



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