“This subject hopes you have mercy.”

Doing nothing on the bed and the pot fell from heaven人在床上躺,鍋從天上來 - Got blamed for something even if the person did nothing. .

Although Physician Wang’s act was done with good intentions, and was more of a hindrance than a help, it was still for his sake. So it would not be very kind to sell the good physician out. 

He wondered if the Qin Emperor would believe him if he said, ‘This jade fell from heaven’. 

Ji Yue was also silent. 

He needed to calm down. 

Naturally, he was not Zhan Huo who sits still and does not get excited. In order not to offend Wei Lian, he intentionally relocated the young man to Zhongling Palace, not wanting himself to lose any more sleep. 

He could not spill his secret, and Wei Lian could not be satisfied. 

It was simply superfluous. 

“Wei Lian, if you had such a need...” The emotions in Ji Yue’s eyes were in check as he suggested slowly, “You can find us instead. Why use such a toy?”

Wei Lian was slightly surprised. 

Find the Qin Emperor?

What are you trying to say?

Do you want to turn a play into reality?

Wei Lian whispered, “This subject is wrongly accused…”

This was beyond being wrongly accused. 

“Wrongly accused?” Ji Yue glanced at the exquisitely carved wooden box with ‘the evidence is clearly displayed’ written across his face.

Wei Lian paused before suddenly asking, “Can this subject really find you?”

Ji Yue: “!!!”

Wei Lian looked relaxed as he leaned lazily at the headboard, saying with a smile, “This subject is ready, requesting for the Qin Emperor to come.”

Ji Yue was shocked. “You—”

“Hurry up.” Wei Lian urged, “This subject cannot wait any longer.”

“Wei Lian, you calm down.”

“This subject cannot calm down.” Wei Lian’s tone was frivolous. “It must be lonely in your chamber. This subject wants to visit Mount Wu 巫山 - Mount Wu on the Changjiang River (Yangtze) by the Three Gorges. Part of the phrase ‘Mount Wu’s clouds and rain’, aka, unite in sexual intercourse.with you and enjoy pleasure in the river魚水之歡 - The pleasure of close intimacy by a couple (idiom), also sexual intercourse.

Ji Yue: “...”

Ji Yue tossed out a “Wish you a speedy recovery!” before bolting. 

On his way out of the palace, he almost tripped over the threshold. 

In terms of the thickness of the skin on one’s face, ten Ji Yues was still less than one Wei Lian. 

Wei Lian watched Ji Yue’s hurried departure and laughed. His shoulders were shaking and upper body rocking back and forth from the laughter, even tears appeared at the corner of his eyes. 

Enhancing the ever heavenly beauty. 

After a while, he said to himself, “Ji Yue, you are much more interesting than others.”

Wei Lian thought that with the thickness of the Qin Emperor’s face, the older man would probably avoid him for many days after running out at noon. What he did not expect was the Qin Emperor making great improvements in his ability to withstand teasing. The one who fled earlier in the day returned in the evening. 

The arrival was so sudden, there was not even an advance notice. 

At that time, Wei Lian was sitting on the chaise lounge while drinking white plum blossom tea. Seeing that the Qin Emperor entered the palace, he did not get up to greet the other man. He took a sip of his tea and said, “Why is your Majesty here again?”

The first sentence out of Ji Yue’s mouth was, “We are here to visit幸 - A visit from an Emperor during the night could only mean one thing... you.”

“Pfff—” The tea Wei Lian drank went down the wrong pipe. 

He coughed violently and wiped the water stains off his lips with a handkerchief. 

Ji Yue saw him coughing and frowned, “Why are you drinking tea, where is your medicine?”

Wei Lian tried to contain his coughing. 

He dumped the medicine soup into the flowerpot.

He did not like drinking bitter medicine. A common cold is not a serious illness. He was not actually poor in health. He only got this cold because he allowed himself to catch it. 

As long as he properly rested for two days, he would get well. There was no need for him to drink the medicine. 

As soon as Ji Yue saw his hesitation, he knew that the medicine was not sitting in the youth’s stomach. 

Last time Wei Lian was ill, he made threats and promises before he finally coaxed the young man to drink a bowl of medicine. He definitely would not trust Wei Lian himself to drink it. 

“Go and prepare another bowl of medicine.” Ji Yue ordered, “The rest of you are dismissed.”

Zhongling Palace’s workers saluted before leaving quietly. 

Chang Sheng and Chang Shou were among the dismissed staff. When they left, they walked with heavy steps. Chang Sheng clenched his fist with forbearance, while Chang Shou’s eyes were wet. 

They did not miss the ‘We are here to visit you’ sentence. 

Gongzi is going to be humiliated by the Qin Emperor again. 

Wei Lian did not want to know what kind of fantasy his two attendants had made up this time. 

Helplessness appeared in his eyes as he pleaded, “Your Majesty, this subject doesn’t want to drink medicine.”

Ji Yue asked, “Do you want to get better?”

Wei Lian shook his head, “No.”

Ji Yue raised his eyebrow. “Do you want to go outside of the palace?”

Wei Lian nodded. “Yes.”

“Then drink the medicine.”

Wei Lian was struggling for a moment before posing, “This subject can get well even without the medicine.”

“If you don’t drink, we won’t take you out of the palace.”

“...” Wei Lian hmphed.

The youth’s appearance when fuming was quite cute. Ji Yue could not hold back his smile. “You are a grown-up and still afraid to drink medicine? Do you not care for your dignity?”

Wei Lian was unhappy. “If this subject drinks the medicine, can we stay outside of the palace for longer? Better if we can stay the night somewhere?” There was suddenly excitement in his voice. 

“You are still trying to settle an account with us?” Ji Yue pinched his cheek. “Don’t even think about it.”

Wei Lian was beyond baffled. “Did you just pinch my face?”

He forgot to use his honorific title as well as the formal ‘you’. 

Nobody. Had. Ever. Treated. Him. This. Way. Before!

Ji Yue narrowed his eyes and pinched both of the young man’s cheeks with his two hands. “There is no rule or crime against us pinching your cheeks. Why?”

Even if Wei Lian was a slim individual, his face was plump and soft. Felt very good when pinched. 

Ji Yue was only teasing, but he became addicted to pinching the youth’s cheeks. He wantonly squeezed and rubbed the young man’s face around, pinching it and flattening it. “Wei Xiao Lian, you belong entirely to us. Us playing with this face is nothing.”

It was like a fire ignited inside of Wei Lian’s eyes. 

This dog-of-an Emperor was asking for death again!

Fortunately, the palace worker entered with the medicine and saved Wei Lian. 

It also rescued Ji Yue, who was only a second away from death. 

“Your Majesty, here is the medicine you have requested.”

“Put it on the table.” Ji Yue immediately withdrew his hands and maintained his ‘noble and majestic Emperor’ appearance in front of the outsider. “Leave.”


Ji Yue tested the temperature of the medicine, scooped up a spoonful and blew on the hot liquid. 

“Drink.” He moved the spoon next to Wei Lian’s mouth. 

The Emperor was personally feeding the youth medicine. This treatment was much better than last time. 

Sadly, Wei Lian did not appreciate it. 

His face was full of reluctance as he tightly closed his lips, looking as if he was faced with torture. 

Ji Yue stressed, “The Lantern Festival.”

The rosy lips struggled to open a seam. 

Ji Yue took the opportunity to shove the spoon into the other’s mouth. 

Wei Lian lowered his eyes, his eyelashes trembled slightly and his Adam’s apple bobbed. 

He looked completely full of grievances. 

Ji Yue said without thinking, “You were swallowing our stuff happily, why drink the medicine like you’re choking?”

His voice suddenly turned an octave lower, “Was our stuff much tastier than the medicine?”

Wei Lian was stunned. 

What about your stuff?

What is your stuff??

What did I eat???

Countless question marks flashed through Wei Lian’s mind for a moment. 

He found that his extremely powerful brain could not comprehend the Qin Emperor’s words with any sort of profound meaning.

Wei Lian remained calm. “This subject does not understand.”

Ji Yue said slowly, “Of course you won’t understand.”

Wei Lian: “?”

Just wait, once he was filthy rich, he would buy one Qin Emperor who could speak without riddles. 

Ji Yue just gazed at him meaningfully. “Don’t get drunk in the future.”


Wei Lian picked up the key word. 

He was drunk only once. A day and a night he had no memory of.

The Qin Emperor said that he had slept through everything. 

So that was a lie!

What did he do?

Swallow the Qin Emperor’s stuff

Wei Lian’s eyes widened incredulously. 

Could he have served the Qin Emperor with his mouth

So that was why the Qin Emperor’s attitude towards him was so strange the few days afterward. There was always this awkwardness and tenderness


Absolutely impossible

Wei Lian was so upset that he stopped caring about the bitterness from the medicine. 

Ji Yue was unaware that the young man with spotless appearance in front of him was picturing what happened that night in a very charming and gentle manner. 

He seized the chance to start feeding medicine. 

Spoonful by spoonful, the young man lost in his thoughts drank quietly like a good boy. 

Ji Yue was very satisfied. 

When he put down the empty bowl, he suddenly remembered something. He gradually put on a stern appearance that was without expression. 

He firmly said, “Serve us on the bed.”

Wei Lian looked up blankly. “Ah?”

Ji Yue glanced at him. “Did you not pose the concern that our chamber is lonely? And how you wanted to visit Mount Wu with us?”

“You have our permission.”

He said this with a calm face, voice not quivering at all. 

As if he was saying a very ordinary thing. 

Wei Lian was surprised. 

It had only been half a day, how did the Qin Emperor train his face to be so shameless and thick?

Was this the same Qin Emperor who was always blushing so lovely and  innocently?

Wei Lian spoke his mind bluntly, “Did you take the wrong medicine?”

The corner of Ji Yue’s lips twitched upward, breaking his hold on keeping the expression off his face. 

When he ran away from Zhongling Palace earlier today, he realised one thing. 

He lost face in front of Wei Lian, for the nth time!

This was humiliation beyond words!

Wei Lian was pretty much the bane of his existence. No matter what he said or did, Wei Lian could deal with it calmly. He was the one who always came out losing. 

There was no reason for such failure, this was simply out of his control. 

And Ji Yue disliked that feeling. 

He flipped through books on the art of war, historical texts, and the Empire’s rules and policies. He could not find the answer he wanted. 

Obviously, if he came across any confusion in the past, he could find the solutions by flipping through these books. 

This time, his usual method did not work. 

Until he opened up some romance literature. 

There was a passage in the text, which was written in the style of the prior dynasty. Ji Yue could faintly grasp the meaning of the passage. 

If you are a headstrong lion, but you are willing to put away your claws and fangs in front of another person and allow him to abuse you by pulling your mane, you have anger bundled inside of you yet you still refuse to show your sharp fangs—

It means you care for him.

Ji Yue read the book of wisdom carefully, spending his whole afternoon inside of his imperial study. 

He cares about Wei Lian. 

He was indeed interested in Wei Lian…or rather, very interested

But this interest should not affect his rationality. 

He was never one to act in an unwise manner, but now he met with such a nuisance. He would often get so angry after a few words that it prevented him from thinking clearly. 

He wished he could strangle the other to death as well, but was unable to proceed with the deed. 

This information in this book was a terrible thing for an Emperor who was not supposed to have any weakness. 

He began to consciously curb his feelings and restrain his attention to Wei Lian to within a controllable range. 

But love and wisdom are the most conflicting things in the world. Rationality clamoured for self-control, but feelings spread madly like weeds. 

At dusk, Ji Yue closed the book and finally made a decision. 

He wanted Wei Lian. 

According to the book, the more the object of interest is unintentional, the more the desire for the object of interest. 

Maybe he was always preoccupied with Wei Lian because he had not obtained the other yet. Once he did, he would soon lose interest. That was his thought process. 

This is how human nature works. Not getting it would only fill one’s head with it, feeling anxious. But as soon as one got it, the interest in the object would soon turn dull. 

As long as he could lose interest, his rationality would return and he would once again be in control of his feelings. 

This idea was equivalent to discarding the person as soon as the person’s body was used. It was such scum male behaviour that it would raise anyone’s hackles. 

But for the Emperor, it was the most rational and correct decision. 

Who would dare to call an emperor  scum? Even if an emperor had a harem of three thousand beauties, it was all a matter of course, feelings should never be involved. 

Ji Yue was an excellent Emperor. 

He always had been. 

His plan tonight was very simple. 

Bed Wei Lian, and once his interest in the young man faded. He would support the youth in the back palace as if he was raising any other unconcerning person. 

He would spoil the young man, but never love Wei Lian. 

It was a very cold approach. 

The thing missing was a long psychological preparation. He made mental preparation as well as practising his speech the rest of the afternoon. But as he stepped into Zhongling Palace and heard Wei Lian cough, he forgot everything. 

It was not until he supervised the ill to finish drinking the medicine that he finally remembered the reason for him being here tonight. 

—Did you not pose the concern that our chamber is lonely? And how you wanted to visit Mount Wu with us

—You have our permission.

Without changing his expression, Wei Lian replied, “Your Majesty, this subject was kidding.”

Ji Yue said in a deep voice, “We are not kidding.”

Wei Lian paused and saw the seriousness in the other’s eyes. 

The Qin Emperor really wanted him. 

He smiled softly. “Your Majesty still remembers the agreement with this subject?”

They were only acting. 

Ji Yue showed a sarcastic smile. “We are still the Qin Emperor while you are only a hostage prince. Do you really think the agreement between you and us can be equal?”

He had the final say to this. 

The Qin Emperor wanted Wei Lian, what else could Wei Lian do?

“We were just playing along with you at first.” Ji Yue lowered his eyes, hesitating but still uttered out the next part. “We just got tired of playing, that was all.”

The warm atmosphere from before dropped to freezing point in an instant. 

Wei Lian stared at him without saying a word. 

The emotion in his eyes was very quiet. 

It was as if all Ji Yue’s thoughts had nowhere to hide under those clear eyes. 

After a long time, Wei Lian chuckled briefly. 

The dog-of-an Emperor wanted to draw a line with him

As a very smart individual, he could see through people’s hearts with a glance. There was no reason for him not to guess the purpose of the Qin Emperor when it was so poorly hidden. 

The Qin Emperor was afraid of being attached to him, and when there was no way to extricate himself, he chose to make a clear distinction with him. 

But the Qin Emperor could not go through with it at the same time. 

So once the Emperor got him, this interest would fade faster. 

The Qin Emperor was still the same in the end. Smart, ruthless, and selfish. 

Who understood how to stop a loss before it got even greater. 

He laughed softly, with a slight sneer. 

He actually really enjoyed the fireworks last night. 

Although the breeze was very cold, his inner heart was warm. 

When the fireworks bloomed, his heart followed the flourishing display. 

But how could he forget that fireworks were perishable, and people’s hearts were not static. 

Besides, with an immovable heart like the Qin Emperor’s, how could it be easily moved?

He almost fell into the trap. 

Fortunately, he hadn’t taken the final step. 

When Ji Yue heard the young man’s mocking laugh, he thought the other would refuse. 

Outside of his expectation, the youth actually unfastened his belt the next moment as layers of clothes fell to the ground. 

That skin as white as snow could blind people’s eyes. 

Ju Yue unconsciously wanted to widen his eyes. “You…”

Wei Lian raised his eyes calmly. “On the couch then.”

Ji Yue was shocked. 

He never thought Wei Lian would be so obedient. 

Could Wei Lian endure to this degree?

Ji Yue suddenly felt melancholy. 

Wei Lian did not care about anything. 

Including his own body. 

What kind of past did he have to go through to have this…ferocious will

No, Wei Lian could still react

The moment the young man removed his clothes, the softness around him that Ji Yue was used to seeing was gone. 

It was enclosed in a thick, cold shell. 

The emotion in Ji Yue’s eyes flickered, but he did not flinch this time. 

He forced himself to remain calm and replied, “All right.”

Veiled in the shade of hibiscus, it was flowery and fragrant in the chamber. 

The young man was lying on the couch. His inked and silky hair was messy, revealing a snow-white neck as he supported himself using a jade pillow. 

He frowned and bit his lips. His delicate face seemed to be stained with rouge as he held back his voice. 

It was dead silent from the beginning to end as the Emperor undressed and moved towards the couch. 

Only when Ji Yue extended his slender fingers and was about to start, did the young man whisper, “Your Majesty.”

Ji Yue stopped his movement. 

Is he going to yell 'stop'?

…He himself did not want to go through with this. 

This did not feel comfortable in the slightest

“...This subject is afraid of pain.” Wei Lian whispered such a sentence after a very long time as he lowered his eyes. 

The long dark eyelashes covered the young man’s eyes, his entire being displaying this trembling vulnerability.

“This subject hopes you have mercy.”

Ji Yue’s eyes fell on the young man with a complicated look. 

The youth’s waist was thin and soft, his skin was fairer than snow, and his black hair fell down like a waterfall. The glistening in those eyes only added further enchantment to the beautiful appearance, it would be especially lovely during the heights of pleasure. 

But this was not the Wei Lian that Jie Yue was familiar with. 

The person he admired was not like this at all. 

Wei Lian should carry himself as ‘the subject who never admits defeat’, should have ‘this subject is among the most stunning talents currently’ attitude, and should be ‘there is nothing of you for me to be afraid of’ manner.

This subject hopes you have mercy’ should never have come out of the youth’s mouth. 

Ji Yue stared at the young man’s tense back. It was Wei Lian’s silent resistance. 

The young man’s entire body screamed disagreement. 

He was not willing. 

Wei Lian waited for a long time before the other person suddenly backed away. 

He opened his eyes with suspicion. “Your Majesty?”

“We do not enjoy forcing someone to do something.” Ji Yue took a deep breath, hurried off the bed, picked up each article of clothing and put it back on. 

Once he got up and finished buttoning up his collar, he said in a low voice, “Wei Lian, we will wait for the day when you are willing.”

After a pause, he added, “...We apologise for tonight.”

Wei Lian was surprised. 

The arrogant Emperor actually apologised?

That night, Ji Yue fled from the chamber again. 

In one day’s time, he stepped into the same pit trap again. 

Wei Lian sat on the bed and looked blankly at the direction where Ji Yue had left.

He looked away and whispered, “Ji Yue, right now…”

Laughing loudly suddenly, he covered his eyes. 

“I seem to have started to like you a bit.”


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