"I Will Gift it to You if You Like it So Much."

Autumn in the desert wasteland was still blazing hot under the scorching sun. 

With very little shade from trees and virtually no breeze, the desert sand could only be roasted by the bright sun. Invisible waves could be seen in the distance——not from water, but from the excessive heat twisting the air. 

The horses were tired from basking in the intense sun. They lowered their heads, not moving. Occasionally, their ears twitched to drive away the flying insects.

Under the shadow of a large boulder, several champion contenders sat in a row. Some shared their dry rations, some drank from their water sack, while the rest were using fans to cool themselves. 

“This desert wasteland is really not suitable for living.” One of them complained, “If we can’t find the tomb soon, I fear many people will not be leaving here alive!”

“I don’t know what the Sword Sage was thinking, to have his tomb here.” Another chipped in, “How is this place better than the Central Plains?”

Listening to the two’s conversation, an old man next to them stroked his beard and grinned. “This is what neither of you understand. This wasteland is vast, and without distinctive landmarks, making everywhere look identical. Not to mention the extremely ruthless and greedy Phantom City. To find the Sword Sage’s tomb…would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. That’s why the sacred tomb was set up here, so no one would stumble upon it.”

The group of young men immediately nodded in agreement.

The senior then added, “But this legend was spread by the second generation disciple. The map of the tomb was also widely spread in Wulin. I heard that the Tengyun Pavilion and the Village of Mount Qianfeng are also partaking in this hunt. I am afraid we have to move faster for us to seize this opportunity!”

As he finished, a rumble came from the distance. 

Within a short period, the scattered sound of horse’s hooves were approaching. Judging by the sound alone, it could be as many as ten.

When the horses were hurtling past the dimly visible road in the desert wasteland, the crowd realised that the leading rider had a horse with a pure white coat. A strong and healthy handsome horse with shiny hooves. The individual on the horse was a slender person, wearing a very pale blue, form-fitting garment. To stay protected from the wind and sand, a silk scarf was wrapped around the person’s head and face, revealing only a pair of dark eyes as bright as stars.

A chestnut and a yellow dun horse followed this rider. A pair of a man and a woman, whose faces were also covered, were fully concentrated on following their leader as they rode along the path.

Behind the three was a group of solemn looking escorts, all were acting in a well-trained manner. At first glance, anyone could tell that they were not a normal group of travellers. 

The group soon disappeared in front of those that were resting under the boulder’s shade and gradually became a black spot at the junction between the earth and the sky.

During the afternoon, the wasteland’s sun was even deadlier. It was really not a good time to hasten one’s journey. 

But fortunately, this desert wasteland was not a completely dead land. Occasionally between the dry gravel and boulders, there were a few creeks. As long as there was water, the surrounding plants would grow tenaciously, even providing some small comfortable shade.

After running for about the time to burn one incense stick, or half an hour, they arrived at an oasis with a small pool. The leader gave an order for a rest. The other party members immediately dismounted from their horses, straightened out their bags, and led their mounts to the pool to drink and eat grass. 

One bodyguard came forward with a water bag, drew water from the pool, and carried it back under a tree and handed it to the young man dressed in pale blue. 

Gu Feidi took off his silk scarf and took a sip from the water bag. He said, “If there is no mistake in the map, we are still two days away from the great oasis in the hinterland of the wasteland. The closer we get, the more scarce the vegetation and game will become. Are there enough dry rations?”

The guard replied, “As long as there is water, we have enough dry rations to last us for more than a month.”

Gu Feidi nodded. After a moment, he added, “I just don’t know if the tomb is really at the oasis. Not only that, I don’t know whether the oasis on the map really exists.”

Xu Yunzhan beside him also took off his scarf and gave an encouraging smile. “Nothing is really growing in this desert, void of life everywhere. If the Sage really built his tomb here, it would require an ideal location where he could survive as he constructed his resting place. If it’s not at an oasis, it could be at an underground river or a canyon. We are well prepared. We will find it even if we need to search each location.”

As soon as he finished, a woman handed a fully filled water bag to him. “Husband, have some water.”

He reached for the water bag and soothed, “You should have some water and a rest as well, let them handle the heavy lifting.”

The woman waved her hand generously. “There is no harm in helping.”

Gu Feidi looked at them and suddenly smiled.

“Village Chief Xu is really something, you are newlywed, and he was willing to request both of you to accompany me to this desolate and uninhabited place.” He teased, “What’s wrong? Is the old man not in a hurry to dote on a grandkid?” 

Xu Yunzhan lifted his foot and lightly kicked Gu Feidi’s leg, laughing grimly. “Mocking me now? When you take a wife, I will also find a treasure map and urge Wulin Alliance Leader Gu to send you and your wife out.”

Gu Feidi curled his lips and did not take the bait.

Xu Yunzhan continued, “Furthermore, my wife, Huo Ying, is also a heroic martial artist. Her skill is on par with Lingyun. If only she was lucky enough to find a jade bell in time. She might have had a chance of being our fellow disciple. You never know.”

Gu Feidi countered haughtily, “I don’t know about that…She could be like Lingyun, unable to complete her apprenticeship at the same time as us. Would that mean she would miss her opportunity to marry you?”

Xu Yunzhan was stunned speechless by his rebuttal. 

Huo Ying chuckled a few times and inched close to her husband and whispered something in his ear. Then Xu Yunzhan shook his head with a smile, looking relieved. 

Once the group enjoyed some food under the tree and the horses had their fill and being away from the increased temperature, they decided to rest until it became a little cooler in the later afternoon.

The guards divided into several groups to stand guard around the perimeter. Gu Feidi shut his eyes against the tree trunk while Huo Ying took an afternoon nap against Xu Yunzhan’s shoulder. Everyone was quiet and conserving their strength to prepare for their journey in the dusk and nightfall.

After less than two hours’ rest, a guard suddenly reported that a group of over ten people were charging toward the pool. Based on their clothes, it looked like a small group from the Evil Sect was chasing a lone rider. 

In surprise, Gu Feidi exchanged a look with Xu Yunzhan, who pursed his mouth with a hint of complicated feeling in his expression. 

Gu Feidi commanded the guards, “Don’t initiate, be on guard and out of sight for now. As for the person they are chasing…let's wait and see if we need to save them or not.”

After his order, he stayed seated and covered his face with the silk scarf. He leaned against the tree trunk, holding his sword. His gaze downcast, as if completely unmoved. 

Seeing his appearance, Xu Yunzhan also put on his scarf and helped Huo Ying with her veil. She drew her trembled fingertips into her palms but her face remained calm.

Gu Feidi suddenly whispered, “It might not be him, but I would rather it be him.”

The rumours regarding the Evil Sect in the Central Plain were never good, like how their actions were absolutely unrestrained. It was not unusual for someone from the Evil Sect to pick a fight after one weird look from an outsider, even if the outsider was someone that was difficult to deal with.

But the truth was, they were actually trespassing, the Evil Sect’s territory being so deep in the wasteland. Although the wasteland was really vast, they didn’t know if the Evil Sect would take this as a provocation from the Central Plain Wulin. Otherwise, why would they hunt and pursue a solitary man?

As soon as the guards set up a defensive formation in stealth, a red figure from afar sprinted closer to their location. 

Once the figure got closer, the people at the edge of the pond realised that the light movement skill they used was the Evil Sect’s signature move, Cherished Flower Step

“Young Lord, please be careful. I don’t know what trick they are using.” One guard warned at once. 

Gu Feidi narrowed his eyes slightly, and his hand hovered close to the hilt of his sword. He was prepared to react any time. 

The one in the red, form-fitting garment carried no redundant decoration. His hair was cut short to the neck. If he wasn’t using Cherish Flower Step, no one would tell that he was born from a sect where they focused on soft and complicated decoration beauty. 

He was so quick that he threw off his ‘pursuers’ far behind him, a little distance until he would reach the pool, however, it didn’t look like he was slowing down. Instead, he ran straight toward the pool as if the next second he would step on water and into Gu Feidi’s group. 

The guard’s expressions were grim, and they were ready to draw their blade if they saw the smallest misstep from the newcomer.

But to witness the man—who indeed stepped onto the water surface—and then fell into the pool with a splash. He created a large water flower lotus and disappeared.

Gu Feidi suddenly stood up, frowned, and stared at the undulating waves in the pool.

For a long time, no head emerged from the water.

The uninvited guest startled a few horses by the pool and as they backed off a little. But after seeing the water gradually calming down, they returned to the edge in twos and threes, lowering their heads to continue drinking. 

Suddenly, a figure popped out near the bank, splashing the water and yelling very loudly. This action scared the horses to death, as they whinnied and turned, attempting to run away from the person. 

The guard split up without delay to halt the horses, preventing them from running off with their food and luggage.

Gu Feidi: “...”

Xu Yunzhan: “...”

Su Yang looked very proud of himself for frightening the horses. 

Standing in the middle of the pond with one arm on his waist, and his other hand combing back his dripping wet hair. He spoke toward his audience by the shore cheerfully. “It’s rare for us to receive guests from the Central Plains. Say, should I hold a banquet? The horses you guys brought looked mighty and fat. I think their meat must be delicious, how about…we host a banquet and use them as an entrée?”

—This was his line from the script, and Su Yang recited it without pressure. He even stayed in character, looking every inch like the Young Master’s title suggested. 

Seeing that the newcomer was not friendly, the guards around Gu Feidi immediately drew out their swords and stood in a defensive posture. 

Smiling brightly, Su Yang stood in the pond without a care in the world. 

The water on the bank was shallow, reaching below his waist. Being drenched from head to toe did not give him a sorry state of appearance. On the contrary, it enhanced his unusually seductive charm.

His hair was so short that when he combed them back with his fingers, a few strands fell back, framing his face. Droplets from the loose strand of hair left traces of water on his cheek to his neck, and under the reflecting sunlight, the image dazzled everyone. 

A red mole in the corner of his eyes moved when he raised his eyebrow, and a mischievous grin appeared on his sweet lips. Even with his radiant beauty, he was against every reason, not effeminate, but dangerous. 

Xu Yunzhan unconsciously stepped back and shifted his attention a little, as if he lost his courage to look directly at Su Yang. 

On the other hand, Gu Feidi’s gaze locked on Su Yang.

The silk scarf covered his face, and only his eyes were visible in the shadow of the cloth. The emotion in them was concealed, his mood unclear. 

Su Yang tilted his head slowly in a slight surprise. 

Why weren’t these people from the Central Plain enraged by his declaration? 

What method must he use to provoke, injure, and capture this group by the pool? To attract Gu Feidi’s attention so he would come and rescue them?

Just go for it?

Otherwise, if these guys didn’t want to start a fight with him, that would mean the plot that he worked so hard to get back on track would run off again!

That meant he would need to be more aggressive.

Internally, Su Yang rubbed his hands to plan his next approach, and spotted the snow-white horse standing beside the leader dressed in blue as he turned his head.

Brows raised in delight and eyes laughing, he promptly asked, “Look at how beautiful this white horse is! It must be more delicious than those dull-witted horses! How about…”

Sure enough, when he exclaimed this, one guard immediately shouted, “Disgraceful! How dare you covet our Young—”

“If you like it so much, I will gift it to you.”

Gu Feidi calmly interrupted the guard.

Guard: “...”

Su Yang: “???”

Authors Corner

The author has something to say:

Su Yang: So frustrating!! _(:з」∠)_ Why did I meet another script changer? I demand to know your name!?


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