Those Two Guys Are the Ones Who Stole His Protagonist!

Fan Xi stayed silent for a moment before he restored his radiant smile and reticently replied, “Thank you so much for the compliment!”

This time, it was Su Yang who kept silent.

He thought to himself, Although Fan-Er was transformed from a clown role into a tanned and handsome bro, the dog lackey still retained his bootlicking nature.

In spite of the fact that this was not in line with the plot, this man had appeared, and he couldn’t give his number one minion the cold shoulder, so he smiled toward Fan Xi in response. 

In front of the gate, the originally lively atmosphere immediately died down at Fan Xi’s appearance and Su Yang’s strange state. The background characters each made a small circle with their friends and ceased their pestering of Gu Feidi as they waited quietly for everyone’s arrival.

It wasn’t until the sun was angled in the west, did the woman in white, who had been leaning against the warding stone and reading her book all afternoon, finally stand up straight and roll the book in her hands. She swept her blank stare across everyone present.

“All sixty-six jade bells are accounted for. Let’s start the first assessment.” She declared gently. “The ones with a jade bell can come forward and strike me with your internal energy. I will determine whether you are qualified to enter the mountain.”

Once she finished, the surroundings turned silent.

After a while, there was a wave of murmuring in the crowd.

Someone asked, “Did she ask us to…strike her?”

Someone stated, “Can her delicate and soft figure withstand so many rounds of internal energy attack from us?”

Someone reasoned, “Looking at her, she is not young. But no matter how strong her internal energy is, can she hold out against that demon spawn from the Evil Sect? If she became injured by him and could no longer continue the assessment, we would all practically be eliminated!”

“But her being at full strength, the earliest people to go forward would be at the disadvantage. I'm worried that if I go too soon, I will not pass…”

“Then…let's just wait? I hope the demon spawn doesn’t step forward too early.”

“Even if he doesn’t, there is still Young Hero Gu! His internal energy is also immeasurable…”

Even after everyone discussed long and hard, no one was willing to stand out among the others present.

The assessor was also not in a hurry. She stood quietly in the same spot as she gazed into the distance, looking as if her mind already wandered to another place.

Su Yang’s original intention was to be the first in this assessment, the idea was to finish the assessment quickly and enter the mountain early. But he was actually having second thoughts. This body’s internal energy is terrifically deep. If he disables this soft and delicate girl, it would force the first assessment to a stop which means Gu Feidi wouldn’t be able to enter the House of Jade, then how could the plot continue?

So he couldn’t go before Gu Feidi—he could only wait dutifully.

Hit with anxiety, he unconsciously raised his hand and began to bite his fingernails.

At this moment, Fan Xi approached him, took out melon seeds from who-knows-where, and handed them over to him, smiling. “Young Master, please have these.”

Su Yang: “...”

Is this what it is like to have a loyal follower? Such a pleasant feeling!

The ‘Fan-Er’ of the drama crew would only stir up trouble, for Su Yang it was really too unprofessional. Learn from this enlightening tan-skinned bro!

Not resisting the offer, he reached for a handful of melon seeds from Fan Xi and nibbled them in distraction, and for entertainment.

Fan Xi looked at the woman standing centre stage and whispered in Su Yang’s ear, “This younger sister is not bad! Full, white robe, rich in all the right places. Look at her eyes, they are dark as ink, and the right amount of bewilderment. I dared not lay a single finger on her, for I cannot help loving her at first sight…” He ended with a long sigh.

Having met numerous beauties with various kinds of temperament, Su Yang didn’t feel the same toward the one before them, so he paid no attention to him.

Fan Xi laughed twice, teasing in a low mutter, “Hehe, I forgot, Young Master’s sight differs from others…”

“Since no one is willing to be first, then allow me.”

A crisp and melodious girl’s voice echoed in the crowd. Pu Lingyun straightened out her yellow outfit, rushed before the woman at the gate, and cupped her fists in greeting, “The disciple of Tengyun Pavilion’s Lord, Pu Lingyun, requests this senior to please provide me with advice during this session.”

The woman made a ‘go ahead’ gesture without moving from her original spot, still with the book in her hand, apparently having no intention to enter a defensive stance.

Her stare remained distant, as if it was not worth meeting Pu Lingyun’s gaze. 

Pu Lingyun saw the examiner’s haughty attitude and bit her lips, earnestly set her hands in a fighting stance, brought forth all her internal energy, and flew forward, making the belt on her outfit flutter with a rustling sound.

Fan Xi exclaimed, “Ah! This one is not bad either! An abundance of internal energy and appears to be very energetic. Look at that waist, it is slim but powerful, probably…”

As he listened to this man’s endless chattering, he thought to himself, No kidding! That’s Gu Feidi’s lady, how could she not be outstanding. However, you shouldn’t compete for the protagonist's girl, or else you will have a bad ending. Fan Er, please reflect on  your actions.

“Here I come!”

As soon as she announced this, her figure had already pounded forward like a panther, as she ruthlessly aimed her internal energy at the lady in white.

Her momentum scattered the dust of the mountain path in the wind, and the bushes along the way were rustling, as if they were all cheering her on.

The woman continued to stand motionless in the same spot, only slightly tilting her head, a slight focus in her eyes toward Pu Lingyun.

She came forward like an ear-shattering lightning strike, but unexpectedly, suddenly Pu Lingyun’s figure stopped when she reached one meter away from her target.

It was like bumping into a wall that couldn’t be seen or touched. It forced Pu Lingyun to retreat several steps from her own strength, and her internal energy also dissipated in an instant.

“—You!” She looked up at the woman, eyes filled with confusion.

The assessor blinked her eyes slowly, and as her eyes landed on Pu Lingyun she said, “Acceptable, you can enter through the gate.”

After the enraged face, came an expression of surprise from Pu Lingyun,  “I-I passed?”

The examiner slightly turned aside, opening a path through the gate which, lead to a deeper part of Mount Mei Zhu.

Su Yang turned to Fan Xi and couldn’t hold back his teasing, “What did you say just now? You dared not lay a single finger on her, for you cannot help loving her at first sight?”

Fan Xi: “...”

“How is your internal energy compared to Pu Lingyun?” Su Yang nudged.

Fan Xi covered his face in shame. “Young Master, please stop…”

Having passed the first assessment, Pu Lingyun reluctantly walked toward the gate. She glanced back silently at the field on top of the mountain path stairway and made two hand gestures to Gu Feidi, as if urging him to hurry.

Gu Feidi returned Pu Lingyun’s glance but did not take further action. Somehow, he subconsciously gazed toward Su Yang by the cliff. He focused on Su Yang’s face, while he secretly clenched his teeth, tightly pursing his lips.

Following Pu Lingyun’s example, other young fighters began to move restlessly.

Soon, the second person came forward to take the assessment. Same as before, he was forced back by the woman’s internal energy, but he also passed and was granted entrance to the mountain gate. 

Not soon after, more and more people were eager to start their assessment. Each attempted to obtain their prize, neither giving way to the other competitors who gradually shifted to the edge of their seats. Even if some were eliminated because of their poor internal energy, it did not block everyone’s enthusiasm. 


The assessor's disorientated eyes landed on a candidate in black with a sharp chin and hollow cheeks. She said softly, “You don’t have a jade bell, please step back.”

The thin man stretched out his hand and pulled the fat man out from the crowd, acting severely, without listening to reason. “My brother and I have never been separated since our journey in the Jianghu, even the community treated us as one person. We share a jade bell, why can’t we enter the mountain together?”

These two in black, one fat and one thin, were the ones who heavily injured Gu Feidi in the dense forest.

When Su Yang saw the two men, he scowled thinking, These two are the ones who stole his scene with the protagonist and destroyed the plot. So annoying!

The examiner remained unaffected. She said indifferently, “One jade bell can only be used by one person. Even if you were blood-related brothers, the House of Jade would not acknowledge it.”

Hearing this, the first man turned his head and signalled his companion with his eyes. The two secretly held their palms against each other, coursing their internal energy through the hollow of their palm.

Whatever martial art these two practiced, when they joined hands using their internal energy, they were practically an entity, blending into one another, not obstructing the slightest. The internal energy circulated by two people was much more powerful than that of a single person, completely surpassing all the previous examinees who took the assessment.

Suddenly, the two figures overlapped, the thin man leading with a thunder-like attack, followed by the fat man with the wind whistling under his feet—rushing toward their prey with fierce momentum. 

For a moment, the great strength they carried sent sand flying about and stones hurtling through the air before the mountain gate, and countless shrub leaves were blown away, stirring and withering like the autumn leaves. 

It frightened the spectators when witnessing these two’s battle formation.

Even Su Yang hurriedly straightened up from the cliff wall, performing Cherish Flower Steps and trying to assist the examiner in stopping the attack.

On the other side, Gu Feidi also rushed forward and summoned his internal energy. He drew out his long sword and attempted to stop the two troublemakers.

Who knew that without waiting for Su Yang and Gu Feidi’s help, the woman in white frowned slightly, casually raised her book, and waved it gingerly.

In the next moment, the two black-clad rogues seem to have been hit by something large and fast. They flew backward and passed the people who hadn't taken the assessment yet, fell on the mountain path in the distance and passed out wordlessly.

The powerful wind from their internal power suddenly vanished, the whooshing sand and stones fell to the ground in a crack and rattle, the whirling leaves also slowly dropped to the ground.

The whole field was silent.

On the left of the woman stood Su Yang and on the right stood Ge Feidi. They stopped only three steps away from her and exchanged a look of surprise.

Now the shock brought by this scene was not enough to dispute the boundary set against the protagonist and antagonist. But faced with this unbelievable turn of events, even if their pig-headed enemy was in close proximity, they exchanged a look, as if confirming that they were not seeing an illusion or going insane.

The woman raised her hand.

Both Su Yang and Ge Feidi stepped back quickly.

She wasn’t going to hurt them, only to pick up the fallen jade bell in the middle of the field with her internal energy, storing it into her sleeve.

“Disqualified from the selection for provoking the House of Jade.”

Her gaze looked distracted, and she announced, as if her thoughts were wandering in the sky, “Let us continue…”

Not receiving a response for a while, she tilted her head doubtfully and blinked her seemingly innocent big eyes in a daze. Her line of sight circled from Su Yang to Gu Feidi.

“You two, who will come forward first?”

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Su Yang: You just said that this younger sister isn’t bad.

Fan-Er: …Please spare me!


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