Must be Here to Test His Sanity!

In the depths of the night, the moonlight beamed down like water.

The group silently travelled in the desert on their horses.

The talk Su Yang had with Fan Xi put his thought processes in disorder. His head was lowered, and he was feeling gloomy and not wanting to talk.

To him, Fan Xi and Pu Lingyun’s relationship were like a sentence forcibly inserting itself into the script, which completely disrupted all the future plots that he knew of.

When Gu Feidi told him that Pu Lingyun was waiting for Fan Xi to graduate together, he thought that because they studied under the same master, their relationship became more intimate than a classmate, more like best friends. But now, hearing that they were in love with each other, how could he continue the plot? This was too hard!

With Gu Feidi poisoned and Pu Lingyun losing her heroine’s title, what would happen to the detoxifying scene?

A great deal of future trifles involved the heroine accompanying the protagonist, what would happen to them?

Opening more cans of worms, Su Yang snapped his head to look at Pu Lingyun and Fan Xi behind them. He frowned and restlessly grumbled under his breath.

Gu Feidi followed Su Yang’s line of sight, then back at Su Yang’s lowered head. As if sensing his depressed mood, he sighed and laid his chin gently on Su Yang’s shoulder.

Su Yang leaned his head away slightly, ignoring the other man.

Gu Feidi closed his eyes for a moment, and called out in a whisper, “Su Yang.”

“Yes?” Su Yang mumbled a reply.

After a long silence, Gu Feidi asked softly close to Su Yang’s ear, “...Have you ever felt affection toward anyone?”

The faint breeze blew the loose hair on Gu Feidi’s temples gently, making it brush against the crook of Su Yang’s neck. It was a numbing-like itch.

With a voice light as a feather, Gu Feidi asked the same question against Su Yang’s ear. It stirred up a continuous shiver in Su Yang’s heart.

He dodged the question by pushing Gu Feidi away with his elbow.

Asking if he felt affection or not made him more irritated because of his current predicament.

Giving him some breathing room, Gu Feidi changed his question. “You clung to Lingyun so much...Do you fancy her?”

Hearing this question, the gloomy feeling muffled in Su Yang’s heart became more suffocating.

Finally, a chance for him to vent his anger as he breathed out in a vicious tone, “Can you not make such a wild assumption? I have absolutely no desire for that brat! I simply…simply…It’s not like you don’t know! This Young Master likes men! MEN!”

Gu Feidi: “...”

Gu Feidi twisted his wrist to grab the half-opened embroidered pouch, thinking: Please be a little louder.

After a while, he asked again, “Why are you so persistent in taking her back?”

Not answering, Su Yang lowered his gaze.

Without waiting for a reply, Gu Feidi hesitated for a moment before giving his guess, “Is it related to the treatment of my poison?”

Su Yang was in dismay. He didn’t expect Gu Feidi to guess it correctly this quickly.

Watching the reaction, Gu Feidi was certain. “Is it really related to this?”

Su Yang breathed out a long breath. He didn’t nod but didn’t deny it either.

Gu Feidi frowned. “Is the method of extracting the Gu Bug into another’s body? You want to make Lingyun suffer in my place?”

Actually, Su Yang didn’t know the detoxification procedure described in the script.

During his role in this plot, it had always been chasing and blocking the two leading roles. However, from the lines in the later scene, he could speculate that there is a method hidden in the forbidden ground that could help Pu Lingyun to attract the Gu Bug in Gu Feidi’s body into her own body and suppress it somehow. It was only a temporary method, but it kept Gu Feidi alive.

Regarding the procedure, he really didn’t have any idea. But now that he thought about it, if it was mentioned during his time filming, he wouldn’t have cared much for it at that time.

But he shouldn’t be wrong about extracting the Gu Bug.

Near the end of the arc, neither the protagonist nor the heroine was in a life-threatening situation, of that he was certain because the follow-up plot was located at the snowy mountain, which was about eliminating the Gu Bug completely.

So Su Yang said, “Rest assured, even if we move the Gu Bug into her body, nothing would happen to you two. The Gu Bug would be completely removed in the end.”

Gu Feidi smiled dangerously. “Since the person who helped detoxify me would be fine, why does it have to be Pu Lingyun? There are so many guards and servants. Why couldn’t you find a random person to carry the Gu Bug?”

Su Yang was flabbergasted.

This…Gu Feidi had a good point.

But what was the chance that the method was not something that anyone could practice? What if only females could practice it?

Su Yang didn’t offer a firm answer for a long time. Gu Feidi closed his eyes and opened them back up. He looked over Su Yang’s shoulder. Because at night time, it was hard to see the outline of the Phantom City, but the trail signs were definitely getting more evident.

He sucked in a faint breath, and nimbly rummaged through the pouch with his bound hands, touching what he was looking for. A pair of tiny and extremely delicate scissors were pulled out of the pouch. It was very common for Pu Lingyun to carry scissors for needlework when she travelled to mend rips in clothing—just now it became handy enough for his plan.

The scissors were thumb size, but with a sharp enough blade. Soon he made a cut on the rope around his wrists.

Feeling the rope suddenly loosening, he bit down and whispered into Su Yang’s ear, “If you want to involve my Xiao Shimei in this, I would rather die from this poison…”

He then took advantage of Su Yang’s shock and used his internal energy to break the rope around his body. He jumped off the horse abruptly and broke his momentum by rolling on the ground.

Making continuous movements, he leapt and knocked down a petal retainer. He took the petal retainer’s sword and dashed to Fan Xi’s side. Raising the sword in his hand, he cut off the rope.

Finally regaining his senses, Su Yang turned pale as he reined in Fei Lian, and yelled with fright, “Are you crazy! Stop using your internal energy!”

The Poisonous Gu Bug was already disturbed as the pain caused Gu Feidi’s expression to turn sickly, but he clenched his teeth, not showing any sign that he was in a great deal of pain.

“Go save Lingyun, I will stop Su Yang.” He quickly instructed Fan Xi. “Take her away, don’t worry about me.”

He then placed the sword in Fan Xi’s hand with several pieces of fragmented token strung together in one piece. “Pass this to my pavilion.”

Fan Xi took the token and the sword, immediately following Gu Feidi’s instructions in this stressful situation.

The petal retainers were quick to respond as they swarmed to the escaping prisoners and trapped Fan Xi in the centre.

Even with his dexterous body, the number of petal retainers overwhelmed Fan Xi. He only had enough lead to cut Pu Lingyun’s rope before they were surrounded. He struggled to parry everyone.

With no weapon in hand, Pu Lingyun could barely avoid being captured as she dodged an attack with Fan Xi. It looked like escaping was impossible.

Su Yang was already questioning if what he was doing was right, but now, being provoked by this event, the doubt was forgotten as fiery rage ignited in his mind.

As he was about to assist his petal retainers in retaining Fan Xi and Pu Lingyun, when Gu Feidi from out of nowhere blocked his way after defeating a petal retainer.

Su Yang waved his sword and roared, “Gu Feidi!”

Handing the only weapon he had to Fan Xi, Gu Feidi could only stop the blade barehanded. Blood immediately flowed down to his elbows.

Frightened by the sight of the blood, Su Yang at once ceased sending internal energy to his sword, and asked in fury, “What do you think you are doing?!”

Gu Feidi said nothing. His dark eyes were fixed on Su Yang.

He grasped on to the thin sword tightly, to the point where even Su Yang dared not to draw back the blade. He could only stand in place, glaring daggers at Gu Feidi.

It was an awkward and strange scene, but Gu Feidi showed a faint confusion and flutter in his eyes. He didn’t expect Su Yang to have such a reaction, and worried about the consequences of his actions.

Upon seeing this, Mei Shisan broke off from the group surrounding Fan Xi and Pu Lingyun, and turned his blade toward Gu Feidi.

Su Yang unconsciously released the handle of his sword, reached out to grab Gu Feidi’s wrist, and helped him avoid Mei Shisan’s attack.

“Mei Shisan!” He snapped. “You…”

However, before he could say the next word, he saw Gu Feidi toss his sword away and bypass Mei Shisan using his internal energy. He jumped into the encirclement of petal retainers, attempting to help Fan Xi and Pu Lingyun in escaping.

The petal retainers witnessed the value that their Young Master placed on Gu Feidi as they exchanged a look with each other. None of them dared to hurt him.

In merely a flash, an opening was torn in the blockade. Under Gu Feidi’s cover, Fan Xi quickly retreated with Pu Lingyun and finally beat a hasty retreat.

As Mei Shisan was about to go in pursuit, disappointedly, he heard Su Yang’s order, “Come back, don’t give chase. Everyone, stop.”

The petal retainers followed his order and quietly sheathed their weapons. They turned around and gathered around Su Yang, awaiting his next command.

Su Yang walked back to pick up his thin sword from the ground first and gazed down at the bloodstain on the blade in a daze. Then he looked back at Gu Feidi, who was walking toward him.

“You freed Pu Lingyun and Fan Xi. Why didn’t you escape with them? You have the energy to break from the rope, why didn’t you flee sooner?” The more he asked, the angrier he became. As his anger sharpened each word. “Oh, was it because the poison was still in your body? Did you come back so you will have me treat your poison?”

Gu Feidi’s complexion was ghost white, his attention was focused on the sword in Su Yang’s hand. Lost in a moment, before he peered into the furious eyes.

“Su Yang…” He whispered. “You…”

Before he could finish speaking, he suddenly bent over and coughed violently.

He coughed out blood foam, and it spattered to the ground. The dark-red blood was faintly visible in the dark night.

The fire in Su Yang’s eyes was immediately extinguished.

He rushed forward and supported Gu Feidi, asking anxiously, “What’s wrong?”

Gu Feidi coughed aggrievedly, so much so he could hardly breathe. He had to kneel on his knees and lean into Su Yang arms. He clutched on Su Yang’s robe, trembling.

It took a long time for the Poisonous Gu to cease its torment. Gu Feidi wiped the sweat beads collected on his forehead, and his breathing gradually slowed down.

Su Yang looked at his sorry appearance. His expression changed several times, and he finally sneered, “You only have yourself to blame! I keep telling you not to use your internal energy. You think you are so good, actively causing us problems! Won’t you say that you brought this on yourself?!”

Gu Feidi closed his eyes and rose from Su Yang’s arms.

Opening his eyes, he locked gazes with Su Yang and asked, “Just now…why did you pull back?”

Startled by the question, it took a while for Su Yang to recall what Gu Feidi was asking about.

When he saw Gu Feidi grabbing his sword barehanded, it frightened him to death. How could he continue to fight after that?

He didn’t know what this boy was thinking. Stopping a sword with his hand. Did he not feel the pain?

Exhaling the negative air inside of his body, he scolded, “You are poisoned. You already can’t use your internal energy. How could I fight you? This whole thing is all your fault. Urgh! you drive me insane!”

Gu Feidi silently stared at Su Yang.

Feeling confused and slightly uncomfortable under his stare, Su Yang swallowed and murmured, “Fine, the heroine…since you freed Pu Lingyun, I will find another way to detoxify you.”

Hearing this, Gu Feidi smiled at the corner of his mouth and asked, “Why do you still wish to save me?”

Su Yang snapped, “Or else what? Watch you die for real?”

Gu Feidi looked Su Yang in the eyes, not saying a single word.

After a mutual silence, Su Yang reached out and grabbed Gu Feidi’s wrist. He turned the injured hand over and tried to inspect the wound.

Gu Feidi quickly clenched his palm, hiding the cut inside his hand and whispering, “Don’t touch it.”

Su Yang huffed, “Can’t even show me the wound?”

Gu Feidi said helplessly, “With the Blood Gu, I don’t know whether or not my blood is safe. It’s better if you don’t touch my blood. You should…give me some medicine instead if you are concerned?”

Rising to his feet, Su Yang humphed, “Who is concerned about you! Go suffer in pain!”

And then he left without looking back.

Gu Feidi watched the Young Master’s proud attitude and couldn’t help chuckling.

Not long after, Su Yang came back and whacked a bag of wound sealing powder in Gu Feidi’s face.

Gu Feidi raised his hand to catch the bag, smiled brightly and expressed, “Thanking the Young Master for his kindness.”

Su Yang: “...”

Just let me die already.

He was now certain that Gu Feidi must be a Transmigration Great God sent to test his sanity.

Otherwise, why did everything that happened to him always result in unpredictable changes?!

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