History Repeats Itself...

The Miracle Doctor’s courtyard was built on the mountain. It had the same architectural design as the House of Jade, white walls and black tiles. But because of the snow, it had a more pure-white appearance.

It was very clear that this was the summit of the snow-capped mountain. There were some green treetops in the distance beyond the courtyard, using some unknown method to decorate the top of the mountain with a hint of spring.

Su Yang came down from Gu Feidi’s back as both of them straightened out their luggages and clothes. They walked forward side by side and knocked on the door.

Soon, a young disciple opened the gate and asked, “Please state your names and purpose of this visit.”

Su Yang was not very good at dealing with this kind of dialogue. Luckily, Gu Feidi was there to guide him by cupping his fist and stating, “This one is the son of an old friend, coming to visit.” Then, he motioned Su Yang to present the hairpin.

“This is a keepsake entrusted by my family’s elder. Please deliver it to Miracle Doctor Luo.”

With hesitation on the young boy’s face, he accepted the hairpin and studied Gu Feidi. “Please wait here.”

With that, he turned away and closed the door.

Suddenly, Su Yang was feeling nervous.

He could not say the cause for his nervousness, but he was feeling more and more uneasy.

He felt a hand covering his own, followed by a light squeeze, and turned to face Gu Feidi, whose eyes were firm with encouragement.

Those eyes were like a piece of stardust falling into obsidian, calming his pounding heart.

“Don’t be afraid.” Gu Feidi comforted him. “No matter what happens. I’ll stay with you.”

Su Yang clenched the other man’s hand in return and gave him a placid smile. “Yes, I know.”

After about an hour, the gate was soundlessly pushed open again.

The same young disciple stood behind the door and saluted the two, announcing, “Two travelling Young Heroes, my apologies. The Master said that the rule he set was not to treat people of the Jianghu. Even if the person is the son of an old friend, please leave and seek another qualified man.”

Su Yang and Gu Feidi glanced at each other, and the latter said, “This younger disciple, what the elder of the family means, is that only Miracle Doctor Luo could treat this illness. This is indeed life-threatening. Please pass the message.”

They didn’t disclose the Blood Gu to the messenger. With more clarity, their credibility would only greatly decrease.

Sure enough, the disciple heard what he said and gave a polite smile that could refuse anyone. “Two travelling Young Heroes, my apologies. The Master is not willing to see anyone.”

Gu Feidi and Su Yang would never really plead for help. After being rejected twice, for a moment, neither of them knew what to do.

The young boy had a good temper. Seeing their helpless expressions, he softened his voice. “Although the Master is known as the Miracle Doctor, there are many good doctors in the village down the mountain who have been taught by the Master. Since these two have learned the Master’s final decision, why not leave a bit earlier to seek treatment from famous commoner doctors? Don’t delay treatment for the illness.”

Just as Gu Feidi was about to argue again, he was interrupted by a voice coming from the inside of the courtyard.

“Why are you wasting time talking to them, do you even know who that one is?” The voice carried a hint of a smile. Although the words weren’t the kindest, nothing was said in hostility. “The Evil Sect’s Young Master who was rumoured to regard anyone’s lives like weeds is actually seeking help?”

As the voice sounded, the volume stayed the same even after the person was walking closer to the gate. He obviously empowered it with his internal energy. Once the man finished, he was by the gate.

Then, a middle-aged man stepped out. His eyes immediately landed on Su Yang. The boundless momentum and powerful internal energy pressed down on Su Yang, who stepped back from the force. Su Yang raised his hand and pressed down on his chest, doing his best not to kneel on the spot.

It startled Gu Feidi. He stepped forward to protect Su Yang. Using his internal energy to confront the middle-aged man.

The disciple acted as if nothing was wrong between the three men and cupped his fists. “Qin-shuUncle.”

Qin Jianyue’s eyes shifted to Gu Feidi. He raised his eyebrow with great interest, turned to the disciple and instructed, “Leave this to me. You go on ahead.”

The disciple left as ordered.

Qin Jianyue leaned against the stone wall at the courtyard gate, smiling. “The Tengyun Pavilion’s…Young Lord?”

Gu Feidi had long guessed that the newcomer would recognize him the moment he witnessed the other’s profound internal energy. He cupped his fists and saluted, “Gu Feidi greets this senior.”

Su Yang also followed his example. But he made a face in the dark, muffled his coughing, and swallowed the blood in his mouth.

Studying their appearance, Qin Jianyue sighed and murmured, “...History repeated itself again.”

This command had no beginning or end. Neither Su Yang nor Gu Feidi understood what he meant.

Qin Jiangyue didn’t need them to understand anything. He changed the subject and said, “Luo Yu won’t treat Su Yang. The flower hairpin is a relic of his old friend. Since it’s inconvenient to return the keepsake, he asked me to escort you two down the mountain as an apology. If you two would follow me, please.”

Seeing that things didn’t turn for the better, Gu Feidi bit his lower lips and urged, “Senior, please wait a moment.”

He turned his head and took the jade pendant left by his father from Su Yang, handing it to the older man and said respectfully, “The elder of my family has entrusted us with this. Could you please deliver it to the good doctor…”

With the jade pendant on display, Qin Jiangyue’s expression suddenly turned serious, and his body that was leaning against the stone fence went upright.

His gaze moved from the second keepsake to Gu Feidi and asked, “Is this really entrusted to you by your elder?”

Gu Feidi’s heart trembled under that stare, but he didn’t hide from it. Instead, he looked directly at the other man and answered, “Yes. It is indeed entrusted by my elder.”

Qin Jianyue was silent for a long time. In the end, he reached out and took the jade pendant away. Before he turned and left, he commanded with an indifferent tone, “Wait.”

In the warm study, Luo Yu was engrossed with the flower hairpin in his hands.

His shoulders jumped when Qin Jianyue startled him by opening the door. The hairpin fell on the table, which he quickly picked up and carefully inspected for damage.

“You really refuse to see Su Yang?” Qin Jiangyue sat at the corner of the table and lowered his face toward Luo Yu, who was rarely distracted.

Seeing that the other man wasn’t talking, Qin Jianyue continued with a smile, “I saw him just now. I’m sure his biological mother is Jin-er. I know he is Su Huaizhou’s son, but he is also yours…”

“He is not one of mine.” Luo Yu glanced at Qin Jiangyue. “I know Jin-er’s temperament. Although there were many uncertainties about what happened years ago, she never liked Su Huaizhu. She was forcibly taken away to the Evil Sect by that despicable man. With her temperament, she would never willingly give birth to a son for that man.”

Then, he examined the flower hairpin and whispered, “Also, she is gone. Judging from the time, it should be shortly after Su Yang’s birth. Presumably, she never looked forward to the birth of this child. Why should I save him now?”

Qin Jianyue said with a smile, “As a doctor, you sure are cold-hearted.”

Luo Yu hissed, “I never call myself a doctor. My only interest is to study herbal medicine. Travelling down the mountain to see patients was also a means to survive…If I really want to help the world with my skills, why would I continually hide on this peak as someone endowed with talent to govern and to serve?”

Qin Jianyue laughed again. “You have the talent, but you don’t have the heart to save people. But you should do what you promised.” 

This question was strange. Luo Yu lifted his head and looked Qin Jiangyue in the eyes. “What promise?”

Qin Jiangyue placed the jade pendant on the table and smiled. “When Gu Ruohai helped you go into hiding from the E’Luo Gui Faction’s search party and hid your whereabouts. You made him a promise, remember?”

Luo Yu’s eyes fixed on the jade pendant with his fists, and teeth clenched.

Suddenly, he got up unbearably and slapped his hand on the table in rage. “Where did Su Huaizhu get the face to make Hai-ge use this jade pendant on Su Yang!!”

Qin Jianyue rushed forward to comfort him, “Hey, don’t be like that. Since Su Yang had this jade pendant, it must be Gu Ruohai who gave it to him.”

“That’s why I’m angry!” Luo Yu was fuming. “When we were in the House of Jade, Hai-ge was very close to him. Their affection would make anyone envious. This you knew. But what happened later? In order to roam Jianghu with him, Hai-ge didn’t hesitate to contradict his father and rebel against his family…But the path he walked, only betrayal was waiting for him!”

They were both aware of who ‘he’ was. 

Each word increased the flame inside the doctor’s heart, as he grumbled through his gritted teeth, “Now that his son is ill, he went to Hai-ge for the jade pendant. This is unbelievable! If it was me, I would have seized Su Yang and forced him to confess his sins and get his apologies. If he doesn’t come, I’ll let his son pay his debt!”

Qin Jianyue was still smiling. He reached out and patted the other on the shoulder and sighed, “As long as it has nothing to do with practising medicine, you get so impatient. I know you had a good relationship with them in the past, so you couldn’t accept Su Huaizhu’s betrayal. But…this is an old grudge. What happened between them and Jin-er was still hidden by Su Huaizhu, who didn’t breathe a word to anyone.”

Then, he sighed again, “You really shouldn’t be angry with the innocent junior because of your old grudge with Su Huaizhu.”

“Why do you keep persuading me to see him?” Luo Yu glanced at Qin Jiangyue. “You seldom oppose me like this.”

Qin Jiangyue advised, “Whatever the case, Su Yang is your nephew. Blood is thicker than water. I don’t want you to regret that you didn’t save the child Jin-er left behind...”

Luo Yu was silent.

Qin Jianyue shared, “I’ve tested Su Yang with my internal energy. He had a hard time dealing with it. He didn’t appear like someone who completed training in the House of Jade. And, in my judgement, he may have suffered a serious internal injury. You…really don’t want to save him?”

After a moment’s silence, Luo Yu sat back down on the chair behind his desk, raised his hand to rub his forehead and said weakly, “I’ll think about it again…You can return this jade pendant. I don’t want to use my promise with Hai-ge on anyone but him.”

Qin Jianyue picked up the jade pendant, pondered for a moment, and brought up, “In fact, it may not be irrelevant.”

Luo Yu was confused. “What do you mean?”

Qin Jiangyue explained, “Gu Ruohai’s son accompanied Su Yang. Just by looking at their manner and expression, they are rather close. Just like…Su Huaizhu and Gu Ruohai during their time in the House of Jade.”

“Tsk.” Luo Yu frowned. He said irritably, “Su Huaizhu betraying Hai-geOlder Brother was more than enough, he even instigated his son to harm Hai-ge’s child?!”

Qin Jianyue was helpless. “A’Yu—”

Luo Yu scratched his hair and gave in. “You should return the jade pendant first. I’ll…think about it…”

Seeing it was pointless to say more, Qin Jianyue patted Luo Yu on the shoulder, grabbed the jade pendant and walked out of the study.

Outside the courtyard, Su Yang and Gu Feidi didn’t expect that the answer they were waiting for was still a decline for a meeting.

Qin Jianyue returned the jade pendant. He glanced at the clasped hands and back at Su Yang’s eyes.

Su Yang didn’t dare to look his senior in the eyes, so he immediately lowered his head, looking slightly uneasy. Gu Feidi gently squeezed his hand, while Su Yang tightened his fingers, his brow relaxed gradually. 

Qin Jianyue grinned. “You are completely different from what I imagined.”

Su Yang didn’t know how to answer, so he turned to Gu Feidi for help.

Gu Feidi spoke on his behalf. “There are so many misunderstandings about him. Su Yang…is actually nothing like the Jianghu rumours.”

Qin Jiangyue raised an eyebrow and turned his attention to Gu Feidi. “I’m just another hearsay then.”

Seeing the other person seemed to be carefree, Gu Feidi asked, “I don’t know what we should do to get Miracle Doctor Luo to see us. Could this senior provide us with some advice?”

Qin Jianyue thoughtfully shared, “I personally feel that he is already wavering, but there is still some unsolved matter that gnaws at his mind. There is an old friendship that existed between him and both of your parents. If you two could show him your sincerity…and friendship. Maybe he will remember the old times and cave in.”

Gu Feidi glanced at Su Yang, and instantly saluted the other man. “This one is very grateful for the senior’s advice.”

As soon as he finished, Gu Feidi with his large robe, knelt down on the cold stone slab in front of the courtyard, incomparably calmly and solemnly.

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  1. Muggelschmuggel

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    Aigo~ xD

    Thx for the ch ٩(。˃ ᵕ ˂ )و

  2. C H

    Damnit. The dads’ past is very intriguing. I need to know more despite how angsty it is.

    Also, I’m here for Gu Feidi showing off his love and praise for Su Yang every second of the day to convince Doc Luo. Annoy him with how much you’re in love, Feidi! He’ll surely let you in and heal Su Yang just to quieten you down.

  3. Lemon

    I’m really dying to know about their fathers’ past. The mystery is achingly intriguing.

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